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Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics Gardening and Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponics is a kind of gardening that uses no soil, but instead grows plants in a solution of nutrients and water. A hydroponic system can grow crops and vegetables faster as well as year-round. Plants...

Bloodstone 1 Stone And 1 Gorgeous Plant

Bloodstone Heliotrope flowers were once worn fresh, alone or with a bloodstone, with the belief that they had the power of shielding a person from detection, as Dante alludes to in his Inferno: "Amid this horrifying...
Flax Plants

The History of Flax Plants: From Ancient Civilizations to Modern Marvels

The humble flax plants, with its delicate blue flowers and slender stalk, hides a multitude of uses. Its fibers have clothed civilizations for millennia, its oil nourishes bodies, and its seeds add a nutty...
Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant: Amazing Mini Pixie Dwarf Arrowhead Plant

Amazing Dwarf Arrowhead Plant When I discovered this micro-miniature arrowhead plant, my mind was a little bit blown. It is the cutest little houseplant. ‘Mini Pixie’ looks just like any standard juvenile arrowhead plant but with...
Snow Queen Pothos

The Ultimate Guide to Snow Queen Pothos Care in 2023

Snow Queen Pothos is a beautiful addition to your home and offers numerous benefits. Learn more about the top benefits of Snow Queen Pothos and how it can improve your health and well-being. Benefits...

Coleus Growing Information And Care Tips

Coleus Information Coleus belongs to the genus of herbaceous tropical plants, with most of our cultivated species originating in Southeast Asia, Java, and Malaysia. It falls into the mint family, along with nettles and other...
Dragon Wing Begonia

Dragon Wing Begonia Care And Growing Tips

Dragon Wing Begonia The Dragon Wing Begonia is not your average begonia. There's more. When it comes to heat tolerance, the Dragon Wing begonia, named after the mythological beast of literature and movies, is a...

Planting Sedum – 3 Easy Steps To Install Sedum Mat Carpet

Planting Sedum There are very few plants more forgiving of sun and bad soil than sedum plants. The Magic of Groundcover Underneath perennials, or in the absence of grass, it is perfect to fill in...
Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant Is 1 Carefree Houseplant That Grows In Any Soil

Cast Iron Plant Cast iron plants are able to withstand dust, poor conditions, and general neglect. You will need patience as it takes a long time to get an Aspidistra to the right size. This tropical-looking...
Bee Balm

Bee Balm Plant: Growing Monarda Didyma

Bee Balm Monarda didyma, commonly known as Bee Balm is a showy and fragrant group of plants indigenous to northeastern North America. Monardas have long been prized for their medicinal and culinary properties and showy flowers,...