Purple Passion Plant

Purple Passion Plants Care And Information

Purple Passion Plant Purple passion plants (Gynura Aurantiaca) are unique and beautiful houseplants that can be grown indoors. This young purple passion plant is a perfect choice for hanging in a basket. It has velvety leaves,...
Bell Flower

Bellflower – Campanula: Bellflower Care

Bellflower Bell Flower "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" could easily be applied to describe the lovely bellflowers. The genus Campanula comprises nearly 300 species, most of the herbaceous perennials. Campanulas have been knocking around...
Lithodora Diffusa

Lithodora Diffusa Growing And Care Tips

Lithodora Diffusa What is Lithodora? This ground cover, botanically known as Lithodora diffusa, produces large quantities of star-shaped, tiny flowers intensely blue from late spring through most of the summer. Lithodora grown in gardens can reach...
Are Bulbs good for Pollinators

Are Bulbs good for Pollinators and Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall

Are Bulbs good for Pollinators There is no other way for Pollinators to thrive and do their job if there were no Bulbs. These varieties are several of the first food resources for bees, beetles, and...
Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia Care And Full Information

Angel Wing Begonia The shape of the angel wing begonia's leaves is what makes it so popular. There are many varieties of these houseplants. They come in many sizes and heights. Begonia x coralline is...
Dragon Wing Begonia

Dragon Wing Begonia Care And Growing Tips

Dragon Wing Begonia The Dragon Wing Begonia is not your average begonia. There's more. When it comes to heat tolerance, the Dragon Wing begonia, named after the mythological beast of literature and movies, is a...
Chinese evergreens

Chinese Evergreens – Growing And Caring For Chinese Evergreen Plants

Chinese evergreens Chinese evergreens (Aglaonema) have been a staple of my interior landscape for more than 25 years, and I continue to appreciate these wonderfully versatile plants. They are one of the easiest plants...

Gladiolas Information And 4 Tips On Growing

Gladiolas Tall and graceful, the gladiolas have been adding beauty, color, and form to American gardens for more than 175 years. The gladiolas were introduced to horticulturists of African origin during the early 1800s by trading...

Hyacinth Growing And 5 Essential Care Tips

Hyacinth Pre-cut hyacinth bulbs can now be purchased at nurseries and garden centers. Many gardeners love to grow them for their strong scent. Plant them from July to August to ensure they are in bloom...
Meadow rue - Thalictrum

Meadow Rue – Thalictrum Meadow Rue Plants

Meadow Rue STRUCK, by the way, a group of herbaceous perennials shot up in late spring, the Ancient Greeks called them Thaliktron, from thallein, to bloom, sprout or flourish. The Romans Latinised this as Thalictrum, which remains...