philodendron micans

Philodendron Micans And Other Indoor Types

Philodendron Micans And Other Indoor Types Philodendron Micans, also known as Philodendron hederaceum var. or hederaceum. What makes philodendron micans special is their beautiful velvet finish. In fact, the common name for the philodendron micans is...
pothos yellow leaves

Pothos Yellow Leaves Causes and Solution

Pothos Yellow Leaves Pothos yellow leaves often indicate rot of root. Pythium root rot is indicative, causing mature leaves to yellow and fall; the appearance of roots is blackish and soggy. The pothos plant is deemed...
Cranesbills Geranium

Cranesbills Geraniums: How To Plant And Care For

Cranesbills Geraniums Ask me to name the most dependable, resilient, and versatile plants in the garden, and my answer would be cranesbill geraniums. Some years are good for roses and others for delphiniums, but every growing...

Foxglove Plants -Growing And Care Tips

Foxglove Plants - Digitalis Purpurea If your garden needs a little height, foxglove plants are easy to grow. These eye-catching and colorful plants can grow to be over a meter tall and look great in...

Verbena: 14 Species And Cultivars Of Verbena

Verbena Treated as annuals in our cooler climate, verbenas provide rich color in summer and beyond. In the hot climates of the sub-tropical and tropical Americas, Verbena flourishes. But in cooler, wetter climates, they tend to...
Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia Care And Full Information

Angel Wing Begonia The shape of the angel wing begonia's leaves is what makes it so popular. There are many varieties of these houseplants. They come in many sizes and heights. Begonia x coralline is...
Baby’s Tear Plant

Baby’s Tear Plant – How to Grow Baby’s Tear Plant

Baby’s Tear Plant The Helxine soleirolii is a low-growing plant often found in terrariums or bottle gardens. Usually referred to as the baby’s tear plant, it may also be known under other common names such as...
Sun Star Plant

Sun Star Plant Growing And Caring Tips

Sun Star Plant Sun star plant, (Ornithogalum Dubium), is a South African flowering bulb plant. It can be cultivated in USDA zones 7 to 11 and produces beautiful clusters of bright orange flowers. Orange Star Plants...

Hydrangea Seeds: Planting And Growing Tips

Hydrangea Seeds How to Grow Hydrangea from Seeds The first step to growing hydrangeas from seeds is to collect them. It is not as simple as you might think. Each hydrangea flower is actually a combination of tiny,...
Devils Backbone Plant

Devils Backbone Plant: Growing Simple As Hell

Devils Backbone Plant The approach of Halloween prompted this devilish article. Although considered the most powerful of all evil, mythical figures, the devil -- also known as Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Old Scratch, and the Prince...