Codiaeum: 1 Colorful Favorite Of The Tropics

Codiaeum - Croton Plants The Codiaeum, or croton, has leathery leaves that are variegated in a spectrum of yellows, greens, purples, bronzes, maroons, reds, and pinks—all on one plant. And the best part is, that...
Plant Stand Indoors

Plant Stand Indoors: 3 Great Indoor Plant Stands

Indoor Plants And Indoor Plants Stands Plant lovers like to use plant stand indoors for a fresh, leafy look that brings the outdoors inside and injects oxygen and color into the room. Make sure you...
Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe Vera Plants: How To Make Your Own Magic Aloe Vera Shampoo

How To Grow Aloe Vera And Treat The Skin When most folks hear the word "aloe," they think of skin lotion or shampoo. Even gardeners tend to focus on Aloe vera plants, a Canary Islands...
Chinese money plant

Chinese Money Plant: 4 Easy Houseplants To Propagate

Pilea Peperomioides  Mystery surrounds the origin and distribution of the Chinese money plant, commonly known as a U.F.O Plant. Botanist George Forrest collected a specimen from Southern China for the Scottish herbarium in 1906. The dried,...
Aphelandra Squarrosa

Zebra Plants: Tropical But Easy To Grow

Zebra Plant Indoors There are few plants as stunning and handsome looking like a zebra plant. Its distinct stripes set it apart from all other houseplants. Aphelandra squarrosa is known as the zebra plant because...
Hanging Planter

Top 7 Hanging Planters Indoor For 2022

Indoor Hanging Planter The botanical trend is still going strong, with more of us inviting greenery into our homes. If you’re not naturally green-fingered, hanging planters are a great way to start small and give...
Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm: How To Grow And Care For A Majestic Palm

  How To Grow And Care For A Majesty Palm • Majesty palms are one of the substantial indoor houseplants, despite their limited growth rate. • Majesty palms are native to Madagascar and are fond of a...
Monstera adansonii

Would You Pay $3,000 For A House Plant? Why Monstera Adansonii?

Why Monstera Adansonii? Monstera adansonii is a charming plant with a lot of personalities. The heart-shaped leaves appear to have been used by Matisse to form his cutouts – it’s simple to understand where one...
Christmas cactus

Christmas Cactus A Winter-Bloomer You Will Treasure For Decades

Christmas Cactus The Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) is both a favorite colorful houseplant and a favorite Christmas gift. Because they're easy to grow, they can live for years. They're even more special if they have been...
Mint Growing

Mint Growing And Planting Tips

Mint Growing Information Mint is one of the genuinely versatile herbs in the garden; it's fresh, fast-growing, and green, and it can be applied in a variety of drinks and foods. If you've ever tried to...