Nemesia Plant Is Number 1 In Flamboyant Color Varieties

Nemesia Plant Information Any cool-season garden benefits from the vibrant presence of nemesia. Recent advances in breeding have led to the development of far more heat tolerant plants with lovely bicolor blooms and pleasant fragrances. It's...

What Is Marcescence: Retention Of Dead Standing Plant Biomass

Some Trees Retain Their Leaves All Winter Marcescence is characteristic for trees such as beech (Fagus L.) and oak (Quercus L.), but to date, the ecological consequence of keeping dead biomass aboveground is not well...
Cyclamen Plant

Cyclamen Plant Care Plus 5 Reblooming Tips

Basic Cyclamen Plant Care The correct temperature is the first step in cyclamen care. Cyclamens thrive in cool, damp settings in the wild. Your cyclamen will slowly wilt if the temperature inside your home exceeds 68...

5 Signs You Have Termites In Your Home

What Are Termites?   An insect that eats wood or anything containing cellulose is called a termite. Inspect your home for signs of termite infestation, such as mud tubes and wood damage. While this article...

Growing Astilbe Plants: 5 Essential Growing Tips

Information About Astilbe Plants The False goat's beard, or Astilbe, is a perennial that can be planted year-round. Decorative flower plumes in white, pink, or red will rise cheerfully above the ferny foliage. This plant thrives...
Giant Ragweed

Giant Ragweed And 3 Important Symptoms Of Ragweed Allergy

What Is Ragweed   It is a weed (41 species worldwide) that grows most commonly in the U.S. in the Eastern states and the Midwest. A plant lives only one season. Pollen-producing and seed-producing flowers grow on...
Greenworks Leaf Blowers

Greenworks Leaf Blowers Vs. Sweepers Vs. Vacuums

Choosing the right Greenworks Leaf Blowers, Sweeper, and Vacuum from Greenworks. Lawn care requires the right tools for the job, just as any other task.  Most of the time, choosing the right tool is straightforward...
Lawn Aerator

What Is Lawn Aerator And 4 Tips When To Use It

If you're wondering what is lawn aerator, here's a quick explanation. It is a tool for making holes in the soil to promote grass growth. They improve soil drainage and encourage the growth of...
How To Prevent Spiders Coming In The House

How To Prevent Spiders Coming In The House – 5 Fragrant Smells Spiders Hate

The first step in preventing spiders from entering your house is to tidy up and keep your home clean. Regular dusting and cleaning can prevent spiders from making their webs and the insects they feed...
Prayer Plant

How to Care for a Prayer Plant: 4 Easy Steps To Propagate Prayer Plant

The prayer plant (Maranta) was named for its response to light and dark. During the day, the broad, oblong leaves spread out flat in the full ornamental display. With darkness, the leaves fold upwards into...