Variegated Monstera Deliciosa: 1 Expensive Plant

Variegated Monstera Deliciosa There are 22 species of monstera, but the best known is split-leaf philodendron (Monstera deliciosa), which produces corn-cob-shaped green fruit that tastes like a combination of banana, mango, and pineapple. Monstera's leathery, dark-green...
Calla Lilly

Calla Lily Info – 3 Tips On Growing Calla Lily Now

Calla Lily Info Calla lily can be grown in warm climates as perennials. However, they must be pulled and brought inside, just like gladiolas and dahlias. Unlike its clunky botanical name, Zantedeschia, the calla lily is...

Anthurium Info On Growing In The Garden Or Home

Anthurium Information on Anthurium Anthurium can grow to 12-18 inches in height. Each stem is topped by a bright red, palette-shaped flower. The tail grows from the center and has a long, buff tail.  Although anthuriums were once...
Bed Bugs Vs Cockroaches

Bed Bugs Vs Cockroaches: 2 Basic Differences Between Bed Bug and Flea Bites

Cockroaches Vs Bed Bugs The main difference between bed bugs vs cockroaches is their Size. Cockroaches are large insects, whereas Bed bugs are tiny flat insects. Bed bugs feed exclusively on the blood of animals...
Secrets of Good Soil

Secrets of Good Soil: Understanding Soil

The Secrets of Good Soil I have believed that ‘improving’ the soil was the holy grail of gardening for most of my life. Lick it into shape, and your garden will inevitably become better too. I...

Podocarpus Plant: Find Out More On Amazing Podocarpus Yew Pine Trees

Podocarpus Plant Among exotic conifers found in local landscapes are podocarpus and weeping podocarpus, Norfolk Island pine and other Araucaria species, Japanese plum yew, arborvitae, Arizona, and Italian cypresses, and, finally, tree, shrub, and groundcover...
Wood Fern

Wood Fern: 1 Of Many Bonus Fern Varieties

Wood Fern Like all ferns, the wood fern reproduces itself by spores. Large, round spore clusters form directly on the leaves in parallel rows on either side of the center vein. The spores mature during the warm months between April...
Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion And 4 Essential Care Tips

Calathea Medallion Calathea medallion, also known as Calathea Veitchiana, is one of the most eye-striking low-light plants. Because of their large, medallion-like leaves, which have a bright green top and deep burgundy underside, are very...
Flame Tree

Flame Tree Is The Brightest Tree In The World: 8 Most Spectacular Trees In...

What Is A Flame Tree? One of the brightest trees in the world is the flame tree, often known as the Royal Poinciana or the flamboyant tree. The tree bears clusters of enduring orange-red blooms...
Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox Info Plus 7 Colorful Varieties

Creeping Phlox Creeping phlox is one of the early perennials that springs forth from our gardens. There's a creeping variety for every climate. You can get a good idea of the color by looking at...