The 3 Best Non-Slip Bath Mat On Amazon 2022


Non Slip Bath Mat

If you want to avoid tripping over your bath mat while taking a bath, you should purchase a non-slip bath mat.

Whatever your bathroom priorities are, we researched many selections to help you find the perfect bath mat.

Here are the best bath mats:

  • Best overall: West Elm Organic Luxe Fibrosoft Bath Mat
  • Best microfiber bath mat: Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat
  • Best memory foam bath mat: Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat
  • Best cotton bath mat on a budget: Luxury Cotton Hotel-Spa Tub-Shower Bath Mat Set
  • Best bamboo bath mat: InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat

Updated on 8/20/2022 

These mats are available in various colors and designs and are easy to clean. The best way to keep your mat clean is to wash it regularly.

Rinse it thoroughly weekly to remove any traces of soap, shampoo, and other residues. You can also hand-wash it if needed and hang it to dry.

Many people die in the emergency room every year because of bathroom-related injuries. A wet bathtub is a common culprit due to its slick and slippery surface. 

By simply placing a non-slip bath mat in your bathtub, slips and falls can be significantly reduced.

Non-slip bath mats provide a grippy surface that prevents slipping on the tub’s bottom. 

Almost any tub can be fitted with a non-slip bath mat because they come in various sizes and shapes. 

Do your homework before you buy, as adhesion methods and unique features such as drainage holes can vary from model to model. 

Featuring a reversed suction design, the Original Refinished Bathtub Mat is suitable for both textured and refinished tubs.

Before Buying A Non-slip Bath Mat, Here Are Things To Know

Bathtub texture and adhesion

In addition to providing slip resistance, some bathtub surfaces are textured for aesthetic purposes. However, textured bathtubs rarely offer complete slip resistance, so adding a non-slip bath mat is still a good idea.

Traditional suction cups, however, don’t always stick properly to textured surfaces, and strong suction cups may even damage the surface. Choose a flexible mat that will settle quickly over any surface if you have a textured tub. 

Non-slip bath mats can also be made from naturally grippy materials, such as silicone and rubber.


Before you buy a non-slip bath mat, be sure to check the measurements. Too small models often expose dangerous slippery areas. However, you are more likely to trip or stumble when they are too large. 

When properly fitted, the mat should cover the entire floor of the tub without creeping up the sides or blocking the drain.


Non-slip bath mats are more critical than you think because of their color. With young children, blending a mat with the tub color can prevent curious fingers from trying to pry corners or sides off. 

Colorful mats can help the elderly see better, especially around corners and edges, reducing the possibility of a misstep.

Nonslip Bath Mat Properties

Adhesive Type

Non-slip bath mats are usually held by suction cups, weights, or self-adhesive backings.

Suction Cups

Non-slip bath mats are commonly attached with suction cups. Generally, they work well on smooth surfaces but not on textured or refinished tubs.

 A mat with many suction cups is usually the most reliable and sticks well to most surfaces.


Regarding delicate finishes or textured tubs, weight is the best natural adhesive. Despite their lack of security on smooth tub floors, they tend to shift very little.

Self-Adhesive Mats

The backing of self-adhesive mats has a glue-like substance that adheres firmly to smooth bathtub floors.

Mats with self-adhesive backing should not be used if your tub is textured or reglazed, as they can damage your finish. 

Remember that these mats may be challenging to remove and often leave marks where the adhesive was applied.


It is common for non-slip bath mats to have drainage holes to prevent water from pooling. 

As a result, slippery puddles are prevented, and mold and mildew are inhibited from growing.


It can take some time for thick and heavy non-slip bath mats, such as those recommended for textured tubs, to completely dry. 

For drying, foldable or highly flexible models are easier to hang. It is worth looking for non-slip mats made of mildew-resistant materials, but they will likely require a thorough cleaning. 

Consider choosing something that can be machine washed if you want the easiest cleaning experience. Silicone or rubber mats can crack or melt when exposed to high temperatures, so wash them on low settings.

How Much Does A Non-slip Bath Mat Cost?

A non-slip bath mat priced under $10 is usually a simple model with fewer suction cups or adhesive backings. 

Various styles are available in the $10-$20 price range, often with drainage holes. 

Premium mats with many suction cups, weighted models for textured tubs, and those with desirable features like drainage holes and machine-washable construction can cost from $20 to $30.

FAQs About Non-slip Bath Mats

Is it necessary to clean non-slip bath mats frequently?

A. It is necessary to clean non-slip bath mats regularly. The buildup of body oils, grime, mildew, and bacteria can quickly result in odors and fungi. 

In addition to creating an unhealthy bathing environment, this can also make your mat slippery and slick.

What are the best ways to clean my non-slip bath mat?

A. There are specific care instructions with most non-slip bath mats to prevent any damage during cleaning.

Some mats are machine washable, while others must be hand washed.

What Is The Best Non-Slip Bath Mat To Buy?

The Best Non-slip Bath Mats

The Original Refinished Bathtub Mat: buy on Amazon

Our opinion: This premium non-slip bath mat features an innovative reversed suction cup design suitable for all bathtubs, including those with textured or refinished floors.

The reverse suction cups provide grip and security without damaging the finish of your bathtub. It is constructed of 100% natural rubber.

 A reverse suction cup gently massages your feet and body. Works well on textured tubs. Grime-resistant and relatively easy to clean.

Cons: It’s a bit pricey. Hand washes only.

The Best Non-Slip Bath Mat For The Money

TIKE SMART Extra-Long Tub and Shower Mat: buy on Amazon

Our opinion: A highly functional, affordable, and spacious non-slip bath mat.

Con: The large size provides fuller coverage, reducing the possibility of slips and falls.

With 200 suction cups for superior grip and 174 drainage holes, this product dries faster. The textured surface provides an additional layer of safety.

Suction cups are incompatible with textured, tiled, or refinished bathing surfaces.

For fuss-free cleaning, machine washable.

Third Option

EPICA Anti-Slip Bath Mat: Buy On Amazon

Our opinion: This simple non slip bath mat adheres well to smooth surfaces and blends seamlessly with most bathroom decor styles thanks to its 200 suction cups.

We like: There are 200 suction cups to ensure a good grip. It is lightweight and easy to lift and handle. 

Cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the machine-washable material. The price is very reasonable.

Cons. Lack of drainage holes, Textured bathtubs should not be used.