Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats – Truth Or Myth?


Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats

Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats

Orchids are not poisonous for Cats, and also this is valid for other pets. There is a lot of misinformation going around the Internet with ludicrous claims that the Orchid plants can kill Cats or even Dogs, rest assured, your pets are completely safe around the Orchids.

A cougar with a taste for orchids was released in rugged terrain near Sundre late Wednesday morning.

The big cat ventured into a northwest Calgary neighborhood Tuesday evening. It was tranquilized and removed for observation, then released 200 kilometers northwest.

Cougar loving Orchids

“We monitored and watched him for a while,” said conservation officer Gerry Filipchuk. “He’s a very healthy cougar. He’s quite satisfied, and he’s quite comfortable.”

Arbour Lake resident Norman Ng, 25, found the 45-kilogram male cougar growling under his deck at about 5:45 p.m. Tuesday. He initially thought a jackrabbit had been nibbling his prized orchids until he locked eyes with something a little bigger.

“I was scared,” Ng said. “But it was sort of awesome, too.”

The two-year-old animal was released Wednesday in an area with a high deer population, Filipchuk said.

Cougar numbers are strong in Alberta, he said. Therefore the animal will not be tracked or followed.

The above story illustrates that even Big Cats are safe with Orchids.


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