How To Clean Silver Jewelry: 7 Simple Products You Can Use At Home


How To Clean Silver Jewelry


Often people search for tips on how to clean silver jewelry at home. One of the most common problems when buying silver-plated products (such as cutlery, ornaments, or small antique products) is preserving the luster of the first day over the years.

Lack of time and misuse are usually factors that wear the exterior coat of silver and tarnish its look, specifically in those parts that are not 1st law silver and do not have any antioxidant treatment.

If you have ever asked yourself how to clean the silver that turns black or how to shine it without leaving the house, you have discovered the proper article.

We have asked for advice from jewelry experts with pervasive experience in the guild of jeweler artisans.

They have advised us on what cleaning products we should employ to clean the silver swiftly and safely, besides presenting valuable ideas to prevent the much-feared rust process from developing.

How To Clean Rusty Silver Jewelry

As we have pointed out, including some routines for cleaning our jewelry and renewing its original shine, besides sanitizing it, will take us very little time to pursue these simple techniques and the products you require.

Clean silver jewelry with neutral soap. Always avoid contact with bleach or aggressive chemicals, such as ammonia. Dry them well with a flannel cloth.

These expert jewelers told us that we must mix warm water and hand soap for gold-plated pieces. Then, rub them (using a soft-bristled brush or a sponge). Immerse them in this blend for about 30 minutes.

If you need to give an excellent review of the jeweler’s pearls, you should be careful with the moisturizing agents. As far as you can, avoid contact with salts, chlorine, cosmetics, perfumes, or lacas.

To proceed with their cleaning, the ideal is to use purified water and submerge them for half an hour.

A Batch Of 12 One-Size-Fits-All Gloves – 100% Cotton

A Batch Of 12 One Size Fits All Gloves 100 Cotton


Although it may not seem so, the fingers and hands (also the nails) can scratch the surfaces of the ultra-delicate jewelry. Therefore, nothing better than getting gloves like the ones in the image. They absorb the moisture hands produce and adapt well by being elastic.

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Grisi Neutral Hypoallergenic Soap Bar 3.5 Oz (Pack of 12)

Grisi Neutral Hypoallergenic Soap Bar 35 Oz Pack of 12

This soap pill regulates PH levels on the skin, especially in intimate and sensitive areas. Therefore, it will become an excellent ally for undertaking the cleaning of our silver-plated products. Its formula does not contain detergents.

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Liquid Hand Soap Refill, Soothing Aloe Vera, 1 Gallon

Liquid Hand Soap Refill Soothing Aloe Vera 1 Gallon

The firm Softsoap offers this liquid hand soap rich in fatty acids and mixed with glycerin. The container is 1 Gallon. It holds a very high 5-star rating on the platform (5 out of 5 stars) and more than 2 thousand positive ratings.

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Microfiber Suede Cloth, 8Pack Streak Free Lint Free Large

Microfiber Suede Cloth 8Pack Streak Free Lint Free Large

One of the most acceptable allies in cleaning a good deal of jewelry, since it is the accessory being most in contact with jewelry to remove accumulated grit. The cloth has a dry impregnation that helps remove oxidation and dark spots. It is made of 100% cotton.

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Bamboo Toothbrush – Micro-Nano Extra Soft Bristles

Bamboo Toothbrush Micro Nano Extra Soft Bristles

If we wish to evade any unwelcome imprints on our jewelry while rubbing the most unreachable nooks and crannies. Ultra-soft, micro-nano bristles are extra fine allowing for an efficient cleaning we must take hold of a toothbrush like the one in the image. Accessible in a collection of four, its bristles are smooth and flexible, ideal for this task.

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Flannel Dusting Cloth

Flannel Dusting Cloth

Flannel is a delicate cotton fabric that will bolster our silver jewelry while dealing with the cleaning process. In addition, its dual-clear absorbent capability will absorb the lingering moisture and water from the process.

These clothes have an optimal size for this task (25.7 x 16 cm) since they do not drop lint or decline color.

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What is one of the leading reasons for silver turning black?

One of the natural materials that feel worse on silver-plated products such as chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings, or necklaces is, without a doubt, moisture.

Thus, we are advised by experts that this jewelry dry before storing it. And they boost: It is desirable to keep them in jewelers’ boxes covered with a textile or boxes stuffed with the cotton underside. Here we have three ideas to keep moisture at bay in such sensitive items.

W. J. Hagerty Hagerty 10120 Silversmiths’ Silver Polish

W J Hagerty Hagerty 10120 Silversmiths' Silver Polish

Lotion cleans and protects the pieces of silver and those bathed in this material. You can quickly clean the rust back to its original appearance, and it’s great for polishing trays, frames, or other opaque items.

It must be rattled thoroughly before use and applied with a sponge or damp cloth. After it works its magic for a minute, rub thoroughly with a soft cloth.

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*All prices included in this article are current as of May 20, 2022.