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Citronella Plant

Citronella Plant: 1 Effective Mosquito Repellent Or Is it?

Citronella Plant It won't take the bite out of a mosquito, but a whiff of this ugly citronella plant may tell the annoying insect to...
Thai Bazil

Thai Basil Kicks In Some Wild Flavor To Your Kitchen, Garden

Thai Basil THAI BASIL is a member of the Ocimum basilicum family, including the bright green varieties used for pesto. With its purple stems...
Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger Information And 1 Easy Growing Tip

Wild Ginger Not every plant needs to be a show-off to qualify as a valuable addition to your garden: European wild ginger (Asarum europaeum) will go about its...
Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper is 1 Important Part Of Our Landscape

Virginia Creeper Vines are an essential part of our garden. Our neighbor's grape vine grows over the fence and unnamed vines send their tendrils up...

9 Easy Steps To Grow Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks 9 Growing Tips For Hollyhocks 1. There are many different ways to sow flower seeds - whether perennials, annuals, or biennials. I'm planting hollyhocks, but...


Peacock Plant
Peacock Plant Calathea makoyana peacock houseplants are often part of indoor collections. However, some gardeners claim they can be difficult to grow. These simple tips will...

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