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Pigweed: 1 Green You Should Not Dismiss As A Weed

Pigweed is also known as Common Purslane it might seem odd to make such a humble weed this article power plant, but you may be...
Slugs In Garden

Slugs In Garden: Pests Or Perhaps Not?

Slugs In Garden Slugs are often the most damaging of all the garden pests to a wide variety of garden plants, particularly in the seedling...
Container Gardening

Container Gardening And 10 Detailed Tips How To Do It

Container Gardening Many annuals and tender perennials make excellent plants for container gardening. Grown in pots, window boxes, or even a pair of old boots,...
Cuban Oregano

Cuban Oregano: Is It Same As Authentic Oregano?

Cuban Oregano Succulents are easy to develop, aromatic, and attractive. This is the case with Cuban oregano. What's Cuban oregano? It's succulent in the Lamiaceae family,...
Pachysandra Terminalis

Pachysandra 6 Detailed Highly Effective Tips on Growing

Pachysandra 6 Detailed Highly Effective Tips on Growing Many gardeners appreciate ground covers as practical alternatives to turfgrass. Used under trees and shrubs, ground covers eliminate...

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Scindapsus Pictus
Scindapsus Pictus 'Argyraeus' is a Pothos family plant, easy to grow vining plant with the light green foliage of silvery tone, reflective variegation spots. The heart-like shape...

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