Meadow rue - Thalictrum

Meadow Rue – Thalictrum Meadow Rue Plants

Meadow Rue STRUCK, by the way, a group of herbaceous perennials shot up in late spring, the Ancient Greeks called them Thaliktron, from thallein, to bloom, sprout or flourish. The Romans Latinised this as Thalictrum, which remains...
Hummingbird Bush

Hummingbird Plant – How to Grow Dicliptera

Hummingbird Plant Dicliptera suberecta, commonly known as a firecracker or hummingbird bush plant, is quite a mouthful for such a graceful specimen. Velvety and soft, the gray-blue leaves are accented by coral-colored tubular flowers that...

Trachyandra – How To Grow Trachyandra Succulents

Trachyandra If you're searching for a more exotic plant to cultivate, try growing Trachyandra plants. What is a Trachyandra? There are few species of this plant found throughout South Africa and Madagascar. The following article contains Trachyandra...
Dischidia Plant

Dischidia – Care and Grow Simple Tips

Dischidia Plant Dischidia are epiphytic plants native to Southeast Asia rainforests and can be hardy by nature, zones 10 and 11 in the U.S, or grown as a houseplant anywhere. These plants are otherwise known as...
Cat’s Claw vine Plant

Cats Claw Vine And 1 Surprising Medical Use

Cats Claw Plant  And Cat’s Claw Vine Care What is a cats claw vine plant? Cat’s claw (Macfadyen unguis-cati) is a prolific, fast-growing vine that produces tons of bright, vibrant flowers. It spreads quickly and is...
Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris – Useful Growing And Care Tips

Japanese Iris When looking for an easy-care flower that is fond of wet conditions, the Japanese iris (Iris ensata) is just what you need. This flowering perennial is available in various colors, including purples, blues, and...
Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats

Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats – Truth Or Myth?

Are Orchids Poisonous For Cats Orchids are not poisonous for Cats, and also this is valid for other pets. There is a lot of misinformation going around the internet with ludicrous claims that the Orchids...
Types of Yucca Plants

Types Of Yucca Plants And Yucca Plants Origins

Types Of Yucca Plants Yucca is one of the most important economic plants in the American Southwest. It is widely used as an ornamental, and one species, Yucca elata , serves as the state flower of...
Baby’s Tear Plant

Baby’s Tear Plant – How to Grow Baby’s Tear Plant

Baby’s Tear Plant The Helxine soleirolii is a low-growing plant often found in terrariums or bottle gardens. Usually referred to as the baby’s tear plant, it may also be known under other common names such as...

Verbena: 14 Species And Cultivars Of Verbena

Verbena Treated as annuals in our cooler climate, verbenas provide rich color in summer and beyond. In the hot climates of the sub-tropical and tropical Americas, Verbena flourishes. But in cooler, wetter climates, they tend to...

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