Clematis Montana Pruning

4 Clematis Montana Simple Pruning Advices

CLEMATIS MONTANA PRUNING ADVICES   Clematis Montana requires little pruning. If you do need to prune, it must take place immediately after flowering. Don't prune as part of your autumn tidy-up, or the following year's flowers will...
Creeping Avens

Creeping Avens: How to Grow Geum Creeping Avens

Creeping Avens Creeping avens, otherwise known as Geum reptans, can provide a cheery supplement to any home garden.  The yellow blooms grow as a natural ground-cover and thrive well in smaller areas with regular maintenance. What are Geum reptans? A...
How To Grow A Cactus From Seed

How To Grow A Cactus From Seed: Step By Step Guide

How to Grow A Cactus from Seed Cacti are exciting to grow from seed – their plump seedlings appear quickly, and they’ll begin to develop their characteristic spines in under a year. Cactus seeds are available from...
Hummingbird Bush

Hummingbird Bush: What Does a Hummingbird Bush Look Like?

Hummingbird Bush The Hummingbird Bush, also known as Flame Acanthus, Wright’s Honeysuckle, and Wright’s Anisacanthus, is native to the Edwards Plateau's rocky regions west-central Texas. This shrub to shrub-like grows to 3 to 4 feet vertically...
Scindapsus Pictus Plant

Scindapsus Pictus Plant: Striking Tropical Plant

Scindapsus Pictus Plant Botanical Name: Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus.' Scindapsus Pictus is just as easy to grow as its relative, golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum). Keep it warm and take care not to overwater this house plant. Cold drafts and...
Climbers Plants

Climbers Plants: Colorful Climbing Blooms

Climbers Plants By sowing seed now, you can enjoy colorful climbing blooms this summer. We test and reveal the 6 best performers here. We all fantasize about plants that we can easily start from seed on...
Blooming Life

Blooming Life: Blossom Time is Highlight of Spring

Blooming Life One of the most uplifting experiences in the natural world is the sight and, sometimes, Blossom's scent. Whether you live in the heart of the city or the countryside, you are bound to come...
are spider plants toxic to cats

Are Spider Plants Toxic To Cats: And Can It Be Harmful?

Are Spider Plants Toxic To Cats Cats and Spider plants, The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) has been a favorite houseplant and a typical fixture at hanging baskets. If it has to do with plants and cats'...
Cigar Plant

Cigar Plant How To Grow And Care

Cigar Plant, What Is It? What is a cigar plant? An annual in most USDA plant hardiness zones, the cigar plant is a tender perennial. In other places is known as the firecracker plant or...
pothos yellow leaves

Pothos Yellow Leaves Causes and Solution

Pothos Yellow Leaves Pothos yellow leaves often indicate rot of root. Pythium root rot is indicative, causing mature leaves to yellow and fall; the appearance of roots is blackish and soggy. The pothos plant is deemed...

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