Growing Avocado

Growing Avocado Tree In 5 Simple Steps

Whether you eat avocados as a side dish, in your salad, or with toast, they make a terrific addition to any meal. Why not try growing avocado trees at home? It is an easy...

You Won’t Find Pistachios On A Pistacia Tree

The Pistacia tree is not the most impressive but is vital to the Mediterranean woodlands' ecosystem. Don't expect to find pistachio nuts growing on the local varieties of pistacia trees, called atzei ela in Hebrew. Like...

What Is Marcescence: Retention Of Dead Standing Plant Biomass

Some Trees Retain Their Leaves All Winter Marcescence is characteristic for trees such as beech (Fagus L.) and oak (Quercus L.), but to date, the ecological consequence of keeping dead biomass aboveground is not well...
Lavender Vs Russian Sage

Lavender Vs Russian Sage: 1 Obvious Difference You Need To Know

Differences Between These Subshrubs The main difference between Lavender Vs Russian Sage is the flower color. The flowers of Russian sage are primarily blue with a hint of purple, while the flowers of Lavender can...
Flame Tree

Flame Tree Is The Brightest Tree In The World: 8 Most Spectacular Trees In...

What Is A Flame Tree? One of the brightest trees in the world is the flame tree, often known as the Royal Poinciana or the flamboyant tree. The tree bears clusters of enduring orange-red blooms...
Jasminum grandiflorum

Jasminum Grandiflorum: 1 Best Jasmine To Grow

The Best Jasminum To Grow In Your Garden Jasminum Grandiflorum The vine-forming species of Spanish jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum), from which jasmine perfume is made, is indigenous to the Himalayas. It is produced commercially in southern France, close...

How To Grow Illusive Groundnuts In Gardens

Tasty and Ready to Harvest Groundnuts, Apios americana, also known as Indian potatoes, wild beans, and hopniss, have a long history in the east. They were an important part of the diets of both Native...
Passiflora Caerulea Passionflower

Passiflora Caerulea Passionflower: 21 Types Of Passionate Passiflora

Blue Passionflower The Passiflora Caerulea Passionflower is a native flowering plant of South America. Also known as blue crown passionflower and common passionflower, it grows on a vigorous tendril vine up to 10 m high. Its blue...
Century plant

Succeed With Century Plant In 24 Hours

Agave Americana  Century plant, Agave americana, is a Big growing succulent that is a very common landscape specimen in the warmer sections of the desert Southwest but grows equally well in Florida. The common name comes...
Shrimp Plant

Shrimp Plant: Justicia Brandegeeana Is 1 Shrimp Resembling Plant

The Plant With Ambiguous Name The shrimp plant or Justicia brandegeeana is an herbaceous evergreen perennial shrub. It is a member of the Acanthaceae family in the genus Justicia. This genus, Justicia, contains more than 400...