Ficus Tineke

Ficus Tineke: 6 Essential Tips For Growing And Caring For Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is one of the most well-liked and simple-to-grow tropical indoor plants (Ficus Tineke). Their big, glossy green oval leaves are striking in any bright, cozy environment.  Choose the widely available cultivar ficus...
Hoya Obovata

Hoya Obovata: How to Grow and Enjoy this Rare Blue Flower

Hoya Obovata is a rare blue flower that grows in the jungles of Java and Bali. It's often difficult to find, so you may need to search for it online or at a specialist...
Banana trees

6 Crucial Steps To Growing Healthy Banana Tree

The trick to growing healthy banana tree is choosing a sunny spot in your garden. Banana trees are among the most popular fruit trees found in the home garden. In addition, they are relatively...
Philodendron Spiritus Sancti

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti

Spiritus Sancti is a species of philodendron whose name, at least in these circles, is typically spoken of with a reverent hush. Philodendron Spiritus Sancti is very close to becoming extinct in its natural habitat;...
blue hydrangea

How To Have Blue Hydrangeas: 6 Secrets To Growing Beautiful Blue Hydrangea Flowers

What is the secret to blue hydrangeas? The answer is acid soils with available aluminum will change pink hydrangeas to deep blues. When the planting becomes pinkish, it's a good bet the soils are...
Best Potting Soils

Calla Lily Plant: How to plant and take care of it?

Being a plant parent is not just a hobby; you also need to invest time and affection for them to be able to bloom accordingly and beautifully. Plants nowadays are not just for outdoor...
yellow watermelon

What Is Watermelon Origin? Plus 1 Ultra Tasty Yellow Watermelon

It's impossible to say when or where we first began cultivating watermelons. However, archaeological evidence suggests that specific drawings found in tombs in the Nile Valley, which date to around 4,300 years ago, represent...

Avens Flower Is Rose Family Perennial

Avens, often known as geum, is a genus containing over fifty perennial flowering plants belonging to the rose family (Rosaceae). Most of the species grow in either the northern or southern temperate zones or...
Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden: 4 Easy Steps To Design Miniature Bonsai Garden

Bonsai gardening is a method by which we can render scenery in a pot according to one’s tastes. However, even if you have some experience with bonsai, making landscapes calls for a different approach. No...

Can Marigolds Ward Off Garden Pests? 4 Amazing Benefits Having Marigolds In Your Garden

Marigolds are well-known for their beautiful blossoms and fragrant aroma, but are they indeed capable of deterring pests from your garden?  Can marigolds keep garden pests at bay? There are four significant advantages to planting...