10 Amazing Orb Lamps Will Make Your Home Décor Shine


How To Start Orb Lamps With Less Than $100

Orb Lamps

Orb lamps have stolen the spotlight, following in the footsteps of the LED light strips that illuminated Gen Z venues last year.

These unusual globe-like shapes in a variety of finishes and materials can make a statement in practically any location, from bedrooms to entryways, bathrooms, and even the pool (yes, some are waterproof).

Orb lamps are having a moment, according to Jane Hanson, a home remodeling and lifestyle consultant in Dayton, Ohio. “Unlike a standard A19 light bulb, orbs can cast a lot of light in a pleasant, flirty way,” she says.

“Orb lamps have a familiarity to them, like basking in the brightness of the moon or sun. Because it is a shape we see every day, this lighting is a somewhat timeless home fashion.”

Mark Stone, the co-founder of the home furniture brand and design firm Industry West, concurs. “Orb illumination is being noted in novel ways. It’s a classic shape linked with many materials that work with practically any aesthetic.”

We scoured the internet for the best orb lamps to help you bring these beauties into your home.

1. Verdo Table Lamp

Verdo Table Lamp

This table lamp draws its design from “nature’s balanced asymmetry” and goes above and beyond the ordinary.

As the centerpiece, a dimmable globe atop a black metal pole holds the court, while the metal mesh sphere can be filled with foliage (think air plants or artificial boxwood) or left empty. There are additional chandelier, pendant, and sconce versions.

The Verdo Table Lamp is available for $242 at Industry West.

2. Delia Frosted Globe Table Lamp

Delia Frosted Globe Table Lamp

The frosted glass shade of this Urban Outfitters-exclusive orb lamp provides a dazzling and comfortable glow atop a brushed, tubular gold or ivory base.

Change the white bulb for a colorful one to add even more personality. The majority of customers who purchased this lamp used it to decorate their bedrooms, while a few others used it to create pleasant living spaces.

The Delia Frosted Globe Table Lamp is available for $79 at Urban Outfitters.

3. Plug-In Integrated LED Color Dynamic Outdoor Floating Light

Plug In Integrated LED Color Dynamic Outdoor Floating Light

These orb lamps, which come in two sizes, emit mild light in your preferred color. The basic design is a fantastic addition for indoors or out, whether you leave the shade static or decide on a gradual transition (the light gracefully blends from one hue to another).

The lightweight orbs last over six hours when charged, and one customer adds, “They appear like they’re floating and offer a fantastic atmosphere.”

Amazon has the Plug-In Integrated LED Color Changing Outdoor Floating Light for $58.99.

4. Table Lamp

Plug In Integrated LED Color Dynamic Outdoor Floating Light

This unique twist on the orb lamp would look great in any modern decor. Two white globes sit on top of its asymmetrical U-shaped brass tube base, creating striking creative accent light. The lamp is UL certified and has a dimmer feature.

Table Lamp for Bedroom costs $42.99 at Amazon

5. Imikeya Shell Pearl LED Accent Lamp

Imikeya Shell Pearl LED Accent Lamp

Because of its adaptability, styling with an orb means the world is your oyster. This light takes it a step further by encasing the little sphere in a shell-shaped container (remove the orb, and it transforms into a trinket tray).

Customers describe the ceramic pearl lamp, which comes in pink or white shells, as “beautiful and mermaid-esque,” with several noting its ideal position among beachy décor.

Amazon has the Imikeya Shell Pearl LED Accent Lamp for $39.99.

6. Simple Designs Light Mosaic Stone Ball Table Lamp

Simple Designs Light Mosaic Stone Ball Table Lamp

This orb has a cracked surface that gives a moon-like aspect, similar to a large bowling ball with a wonderful weight. “It reminds me of photos of Earth taken from space,” one buyer adds.

The light, which is available in six hues, glows brilliantly through the “texture,” and the globe has an unexpected smoothness. Several customers described the orb as “a statement piece” after it received hundreds of 5-star ratings.

Amazon has the Simple Designs Light Mosaic Stone Ball Table Lamp for $31.62.

7. Globe Ambient Lamp

Globe Ambient Lamp

To complement your decor, this 12-inch gold-tone rectangular-block metal base is topped with a white globe shade (and your light).

The dimmer effect allows you to change the quantity of light to suit your mood. Several users said they would recommend it to a friend, and one said it was an “excellent lamp for the price.”

“It’s cute and modern, throws off a gentle, diffused glow – it’s exactly what I wanted,” one says of the lamp’s modest footprint.

Target has the Globe Ambient Lamp for $35.

8. Loftek LED Night Light Ball

Loftek LED Night Light Ball

Whether you put it in your pool or on your nightstand, this orb with over 2,000 ratings adds a soft glow to your house.

The remote is easy to use and customizable, with 16 static RGB colors, five brightness changes, and four dynamic lighting modes, while the four sizes (up to 20 inches) lend freedom to your location.

The somewhat flat bottom allows the globe to sit securely, which buyers appreciated. “They add a lot of ambiances,” one customer adds, while others appreciate the USB charging and color-changing capabilities.

Amazon has the Loftek LED Night Light Ball for $42.99.

9. Maxim Satin White Glass Orb Wall Sconce

Maxim Satin White Glass Orb Wall Sconce

You don’t have enough table space? The solution is this 6-inch blown glass globe sconce. The orb is hardwired into your wall and comes in natural brass, warm oxidized brass, or black oxidized brass with a gloss or matte surface.

“Holy moly – these are even more stunning in person,” exclaims one customer, while many others comment on the orb’s and base’s outstanding quality.

Maxim Orb Sconce is available on Amazon for $84.

10. Fado Table Lamp

Fado Table Lamp

This orb lamp, dubbed “simplicity at its best,” emits the ideal amount of ambient light for any room.

The base is nearly invisible, so when used as a reading light on a table, one customer says, “It’s like having a full moon at your elbow.

” Another user changed the supplied LED light with a smart bulb that allows for color changes, calling the modification “a complete game-changer.”

Amazon has the Fado Table Lamp for $62.99.