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Sycamore Tree

Sycamore Tree: Esthetic Pleasure of Trees

Sycamore Tree The sycamore tree is one of the most prominent trees at this time of the year. Because the magnificent bark is not as visible now, it can be seen from a distance. The outline is...

AeroGarden: 4 Tips For Productive Use

AeroGarden This indoor "smart" garden requires no growing skills. It is almost entirely automated. That said, AeroGarden costs about $150. That would buy a lot of fresh herbs over the course of three or four months, the...
4 Leaf Clover

4 Leaf Clover Mystery And History Explained

4 Leaf Clover The 4 leaf clover...there is so much to say about this oddity of nature. While some people spend their entire lives searching for the lucky 4 leaf clover, others (like my children)...

Celosia: How To Grow And Care For Celosias

Celosia Celosias make a striking addition to any garden. The flower colours of celosias are stunning, no matter what variety you choose. They practically glow in the garden even when it is raining. The most common...

Tomatillo: 1 Delicious Recipe With Tomatillo

Tomatillo The tomatillo looks like a tomato. It tastes like a tomato that's been sprinkled with lemon juice. Its name means "little tomato" in Spanish. But even though its monikers include the husk tomato, Mexican green...

Bougainvillea: How To Grow And Care

Bougainvillea The Bougainvillea grows in the Amazon rainforest in South America, like Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. 9 Varieties of Bougainville I Prefer Bougainvillea Alba is a vigorous, woody, evergreen climber with short thorns and...
Hanging Succulents

Hanging Succulents: 4 Vibrant Plants To Hang

Hanging Succulents Many people choose to create a hanging succulents garden to add color to their backyard. Colorful succulents and ferns are the most popular variety of hanging gardens. Succulents of vibrant gold, blue and green,...
Purple Waffle Plant

Purple Waffle Plant Information Details

Purple Waffle Plant Hemigraphis alternata, also called the purple waffle plant. It makes a thick ground cover 4-6 inches high with wavy leaves with purple undersides. Scientific name: Hemigraphis Alternata "Exotica." High light: Produces a rich purple color...
Moss Pole

Moss Pole: Your Houseplants Will Thank You

Moss Pole for your Houseplants Moss poles can be used to encourage your plants to grow up instead of down or horizontally. This plant care guide will show you how to use a Moss Pole...
Lime Tree

Lime Tree: Planting And 4 Easy Care Tips

Lime Tree LEMON trees are great houseplants and decorations in the garden during warmer months. But how do you grow one? The British lemon trees and other citrus plants don't have the ability to withstand extreme...