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Hummingbird Bush

Hummingbird Bush: What Does a Hummingbird Bush Look Like?

Hummingbird Bush The Hummingbird Bush, also known as Flame Acanthus, Wright’s Honeysuckle, and Wright’s Anisacanthus, is native to the Edwards Plateau's rocky regions west-central Texas. This shrub to shrub-like grows to 3 to 4 feet vertically...
Scindapsus Pictus Plant

Scindapsus Pictus Plant: Striking Tropical Plant

Scindapsus Pictus Plant Botanical Name: Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus.' Scindapsus Pictus is just as easy to grow as its relative, golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum). Keep it warm and take care not to overwater this house plant. Cold drafts and...
Butterfly Bush Pruning

Butterfly Bush Pruning – Butterfly Bush Prune Method

Butterfly Bush Pruning Butterfly Bush, A Controversial plant surrounded by many questions regarding aggressive re-seeding issues, finally breeders managed to develop sterile, near-sterile cultivars. Those are known as "summer lilac," and further on, we will discuss...
Climbers Plants

Climbers Plants: Colorful Climbing Blooms

Climbers Plants By sowing seed now, you can enjoy colorful climbing blooms this summer. We test and reveal the 6 best performers here. We all fantasize about plants that we can easily start from seed on...
Blooming Life

Blooming Life: Blossom Time is Highlight of Spring

Blooming Life One of the most uplifting experiences in the natural world is the sight and, sometimes, Blossom's scent. Whether you live in the heart of the city or the countryside, you are bound to come...

Mowers: Best Mid-Priced Models of 2021 Season

Mowers The traditional mower market is undergoing a quiet revolution, with innovations such as battery-operated models turning mowing into a neighbor-friendly pursuit. Do you have a lawn that’s bigger than a tennis court? Are you fed...
Lime basil

Lime Basil – How To Grow Lime Basil Plants

Lime Basil Lime basil is another hybrid that's generally hard to find; it has a sturdy lime odor that becomes especially evident once it's minced or chopped. Even the peppery-lime taste can complement many tasty dishes...
are spider plants toxic to cats

Are Spider Plants Toxic To Cats: And Can It Be Harmful?

Are Spider Plants Toxic To Cats Cats and Spider plants, The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) has been a favorite houseplant and a typical fixture at hanging baskets. If it has to do with plants and cats'...
Cremini Mushrooms

Cremini Mushrooms: A Couple of Mushroom Truth

Which Exactly Are Cremini Mushrooms? A Couple of Mushroom Truth We've been buying plenty of cremini mushrooms recently. They are from the bin alongside the familiar small white button mushrooms, plus they are slightly more expensive...
Can Dogs Eat Honeydew Melon

Can Dogs Eat Honeydew Melon Safely

Can Dogs Eat Honeydew Safely The answer is YES!, Honeydew melon gives a handful of benefits for dogs, including vitamins B6 and C, potassium, and dietary fiber, which in return improves digestive health. Honeydew melon has...