Black Friday 2022: Dates, Expert Tips And Predictions of Deals


Black Friday 2022

BLACK FRIDAY 2022 is approaching soon, and the global shopping event will see thousands of brands drop to super-low prices.

Here is all the information, predictions, and deals to know ahead of the event to guide you to the best sales.

Black Friday 2022: Tips, And Predictions

Black Friday is the most important sales event in the world, and it’s just around the corner.

It began in America and has since become a cultural phenomenon that encompasses all brands in tech, lifestyle, cosmetics, furnishings, cooking, fitness, cuisine, and other categories.

Black Friday remains the most affordable shopping day and is more cost-effective than Amazon’s Prime Day, which was held earlier on July 12 and 13, 2022.

Although Black Friday in 2022 will be on November 25, bargains will likely appear much earlier.

Beat the rush by preparing and gathering all the data, expectations, and professional advice you’ll need to obtain the most incredible deals.

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Exact Time It Starts

This year, Black Friday was anticipated to take place on November 25, 2022, with Cyber Monday falling on November 28, 2022, at the same time as last year.

What Happened Last Year?

In 2021, most retailers began extending deals in early November and maintained doing so through Cyber Monday.

Global supply chain problems substantially impacted Black Friday sales, leading to low stock levels for discounted goods.

Most customers lost hope in obtaining a PS5 or Xbox Series X, and merchandise quickly sold out.

However, those problems have been resolved and won’t have a significant impact this year. Despite stock shortages in 2017, Black Friday sales reached £9.2 billion, a 15% increase over the prior year.

It’s just going to get bigger this year.

The Biggest Takeaways From 2021 Black Friday

  • Initiate your buying early since the most important lesson from last year was that more than half of brands and stores start their sales earlier than usual.
  • According to a survey, seventy-six percent of customers save money a month before Black Friday deals begin.
  • To avoid feeling broke on Black Friday, it is a good idea to save aside some money now.
  • Last year, most new launches and releases sold out right away because of supply chain problems.
  • Even if most of that has been resolved this year, it’s a good idea to purchase new releases as soon as they go on sale.


Most retailers don’t share whether they’ll participate in Black Friday until the month before.

However, shoppers can expect huge sales from Amazon, Dell, eBay, HP, Apple, and others.

Tips And Tricks From Experts

Here are some purchasing tips and methods to help you buy that long-awaited air fryer or iPhone while giving you the best value possible.

  • Create a budget and wish list.
  • Making sure you know what you’re looking for is the simplest method to get what you want. Determine your shopping list first.
  • You might need a new TV if you recently moved in or wish to buy Christmas presents early for loved ones. After determining your budget, determine how much you can spend.
  • Make a list of the items you want to buy for yourself or as gifts so you won’t get overwhelmed by the variety of offers.
  • Additionally, doing this helps you avoid purchasing things you don’t need or want.
  • It’s a good idea to research the best-reviewed models available in advance if you don’t know exactly what product you want but are aware of the type of item you need, such as an air fryer.
  • This will enable you to hunt for deals and prevent you from paying full price for an air fryer that performs poorly.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

To be the first to shop for Amazon’s Black Friday sale, you must be an Amazon Prime member. 

Amazon Prime offers members exclusive 30-minute access to all Lightning Deals, hot products that are discounted for a few hours.

You can sign up and enjoy a free 30-day trial here if you’re not an Amazon Prime member. 

One of the best times to sign up for Prime before the Black Friday shop opens is at the start of November. 

Plus, you can always cancel the trial after the event if you don’t want to enjoy Amazon Prime’s benefits.

So, If You are not already an Amazon Prime member, now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity of snagging even more significant Black Friday discounts.

Research And Bookmark Products

Once you know what product or deal you’re looking for, research all the sites to see where it’s sold and has those bookmarked. 

The major retailers tend to price match each other, but some will offer more incentives like gifts, free shipping, or bundles during Black Friday. 

Older Releases Have The Best Savings.

Black Friday is a time that retailers used to shift out the last of this year’s stock, and while it’s a good idea to get a discount on new items, it’s also wise to buy products that were launched last year as older releases will be discounted for lower prices. 

For example, Shark launched the new Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum earlier in February, and it’s fantastic for all home cleaning. 

However, the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is almost as good but more likely to have a more significant discount on Black Friday, making it the better saving.

Check Cash Back

You can sometimes get cash back available to Black Friday deals but check with your credit or debit card. 

It’s a good idea to shop on Black Friday as it’s time you’ll be spending more money, but it’s also suitable for online shopping.