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Growing Avocado Tree In 5 Simple Steps


Growing Avocado

Whether you eat avocados as a side dish, in your salad, or with toast, they make a terrific addition to any meal. Why not try growing avocado trees at home? It is an easy task.

Follow these five simple steps to grow an avocado tree from a stone.

Avocados are popular now and go great with salads, sandwiches, and breakfast dishes.

Some people might prefer to produce their avocados at home even though they are simple to purchase from the grocery store.

With the help of a store-bought avocado, it is pretty simple to grow avocados at home.

You can develop an avocado tree using the core pit, which is accessible by cutting through any avocado.

Using a large chef’s knife, cut lengthwise around the avocado to chop it neatly.

After twisting the two halves, remove the avocado from the peel with a large spoon.

You can start growing your avocado tree as soon as you have the avocado stone.

Growing Avocado From Seed, You Will Need

1. When you have the avocado pit, wash away any leftover dirt.
After letting it dry, insert three to four toothpicks halfway up the pit’s side.

2. The pit should be suspended by being placed with a broad end down in a glass or jar.

Then, fill the container with up to a third of an inch of water, covering the seed’s base.

3. The glass must be placed in a warm location from direct sunlight.
Regular water changes should also be made, after which, in two to six weeks, roots and a sprout should start to appear.

You should start with another seed if you don’t see any growth after six weeks.

4. When your sprout reaches about six inches tall, you can start cutting it back.

It may seem counterintuitive, but you should cut your sprout back to about three inches. As a result, more roots will grow.

5. Once the avocado stem has begun to develop, place it in a 10-inch container. Rich potting soil should be used in the pot.

Growing Avocado From Seed - Step By Step

Final Word

  • It is possible to buy older trees from garden centers or even online if these steps seem too overwhelming.
  • Put your avocado plant in a sunny location to care for it.
  • It is crucial to keep the soil moist, so water it lightly but frequently.
  • Pick it whenever the fruit reaches full size and becomes lush and dark green.

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