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Top 7 Hanging Planters Indoor For 2022


Hanging Planter

Indoor Hanging Planter

The botanical trend is still going strong, with more of us inviting greenery into our homes. If you’re not naturally green-fingered, hanging planters are a great way to start small and give you the courage to grow your plant assortment at home.

Indoor hanging plants are one of the most low-maintenance methods to bring freshness and elegance to your living space.

They’re simple to use, don’t take up much room, can be hung away from dogs, and provide more light. They can also assist to filter the air and relieve tension as a bonus.

They also make a feature in small living spaces or those that lack outdoor space.

Healthy, glossy indoor plants, without a doubt, make a significant difference in a room, adding mood and personality.

Trailing houseplants such as ferns, spider plants, and a string of pearls, look most attractive in hanging pots but they could be used for small cacti or succulents too.

Natural materials like jute give a retro vibe – this trend is a big nod to Seventies interiors – but marble and metal pots give the look a more contemporary spin.

Ceramics also make beautiful pairings with foliage – there are plenty out there which look like collectible studio pottery, but come at a reasonable price.

Hooks are rarely included, so you’ll need to make a separate purchase suited to your ceiling type. Planters also look effective in groups: hanging from beams, the corners of porches, or high shelves.

All of the hangers we’ve included are intended for indoor use unless stated otherwise.


LA JOLIE MUSE Hanging Planter: $27,99 Amazon

LA JOLIE MUSE Hanging Planter

Dimensions: 10”D*4.7”H

Modern concrete look hanging planters with marble patterns, unique texture, and distinguishing features, is an ideal way to enjoy your favorite hanging plants and flowers. You will love them adorning outdoor areas such as your patio, deck, or garden or indoors in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

They look more like vintage market finds than shop buys. The finish on these hanging pots is beautifully textured and speckled in a mix of grey and white.

The straps run outside and through the pot to make an elegant detail, and the length of the whole piece is easily adjusted.

JERIA 4-Pack 10 Inch Hanging Planter: $29,99  Amazon

JERIA 4 Pack 10 Inch Hanging Planter

Dimensions: 13.5cm by 15cm

This ceramic pot has a basic shape with a smooth finish. It comes in earthy green, black or white – all of which contrast well with the three rough straps.

The straps hold the pot with simple knots, so you can adjust the length to suit. It’s on the small side but looks good hanging in a group. There’s a smaller size too.

Wandering Nature Macrame Plant Hangers: $14,39 Amazon

Wandering Nature Macrame Plant Hangers

Dimensions: 14cm by 18cm

This is a quirky little stoneware pot that matches textured stoneware. The pot itself is engraved to give it a diamond pattern and left with a cracked glaze that has a rustic look and vintage appeal.

The rope is a modern twist on macramé – a decorative knotting technique that was first popular in Victorian times and enjoyed a revival in the 1970s.


Mkono 3 Pcs Small Hanging Glass Terrarium – Amazon

Mkono 3 Pcs Small Hanging Glass Terrarium

Dimensions: 26cm by 33cm

Nail two trends at the same time with this hanging terrarium. Terrariums let you create your own miniature garden, usually with gravel, moss, and succulents.

This handmade version has a geometric style, with plates of glass held in a zinc frame. It’s a good size for fitting in a variety of plants and keeping things interesting over time.

Boskke Medium recycled plastic Sky planter: from $33,95, Amazon

Boskke Medium recycled plastic Sky planter

Dimensions: 9.5cm by 13cm, 14cm by 19cm (medium), 18cm by 25cm (large)

The Sky Planter makes a striking feature of your houseplants by turning them upside down. It’s easy to set up and maintain: plants and soil are secured with a disc before inverting, and a reservoir helps water the plant gradually over two weeks.

It’s particularly useful for herbs in the kitchen. This version is made from recycled plastic, but there’s a ceramic option too, and it’s available in three sizes.

Orla Kiely large ceramic hanging pot: $33, Amazon

Orla Kiely large ceramic hanging pot

Dimension: 16cm by 10cm

Orla Kiely’s signature motifs are found on everything including tea towels, bags, and clothes. This large green ceramic planter has just the imprint of her popular Sixties stem design, which gives a retro feel without overpowering.

It’s shallower than most, which suits a wider variety of plants. Two adjustable cords are included. It’s weather-resistant, too, so you can hang it outside in decent conditions.

Marble double hanging pot: $37,99, Amazon

Marble double hanging pot


Dimensions: 12cm by 60cm

This double hanging pot is a modern take on tiered planters, with two marble pots held by a thick leather strap and fixed with copper studs.

Lush, messy foliage makes the perfect complement to the simple shapes and luxurious materials. The strap can’t be adjusted, however.

The Verdict

The indoor hanging planters are timeless and should be a piece to treasure long after the trend for botanicals is over.

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