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Electric Blanket

Many inventions have taken the chill off beds in winter. Bedwarmers and hot-water bottles are among the comforts of the past that electric blankets have replaced.

Wires running in parallel lines from top to bottom create the even distribution of heat in an electric blanket.

In most electric blankets, the heat is zoned. Standards today require double wound elements, which continuously monitor for hot spots.

If a hot spot occurs, the whole blanket shuts down. Blankets do not become warm to the touch. Their function is to slow the escape of the sleeper’s body heat, as well as provide warmth.

Most blankets reach their maximum temperature in 15 minutes. The controls on an electric blanket range from three heat switches to various electronic switches.

Inspect the controls of a blanket before you buy it. You should make sure the markings are big enough to read easily.

Most modern electric blankets blend polyester, acrylic, and wool. Polyester is a sturdy fiber that lends strength to the fabric, while acrylic provides softness.

Electric blankets require respect and should be used with care. Do not fold or bunch the blanket when it is in use.

The blanket must be tied down to prevent folds from occurring. When making the bed, ensure none of the blanket‘s wired parts are tucked under the mattress.

Most blankets cannot be laundered, although spot cleaning can be done if necessary.

Before an e. blanket is stored for the summer, inspect its wires, plugs, and controls to ensure everything is in good shape.

If something is amiss, the manufacturer’s tag, usually sewn to the blanket, should tell you where to send the appliance for repairs. I recommend having e. blankets checked by a qualified firm specializing in this work.

When storing a blanket, avoid kinking the wires. It would help if you rolled a blanket up for storage.

A comfortable, inviting bed makes it much easier to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest.

If you’re looking for a way to stay warm without piling on extra duvets or throws, an electric blanket might be precisely what you need.

Electric blankets are designed to bring warmth without the bulky layers. What’s better is that most electric blankets come with various controls that allow you to personalize your heating experience.

To keep you updated on electric blankets, we’ve taken a closer look at popular models to hit the market.

In addition to two of our returning favorites, we’re sharing a new arrival that’s become a crowd favorite for its availability in six neutral colors.

Best 3 Electric Blankets Of 2022

1. Perfect Fit’s SoftHeat Luxury Microfleece Heated Blanket: Our favorite remains a top seller for its ultra-cozy microfleece.

2. Sunbeam’s Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket: We include this electric blanket from the trusted brand Sunbeam on our shortlist for its budget-friendly price.

3. Biddeford Blankets’ Comfort Knit Heated Blanket: A newcomer to our list, this comfy model offers 10 different heat settings.

Scroll down for the total reviews of these products.

What you need to know before buying an electric blanket

If you’ve never used an electric blanket before, it’s worth taking a moment to weigh the alternatives. 

Electric blankets are an easy way to eliminate bulky bedding if you share the bed with someone who prefers lighter duvets or sheets. 

They’re also an energy-efficient way to regulate and customize the temperature in your immediate area, mainly when you use a space heater or crank up the heat.

Unfortunately, electric blankets aren’t for everyone. Some people get far too warm with them, even when using them on low heat settings with an auto shut-off feature. Keeping electric blankets clean also poses somewhat of a challenge.

With sewn-in heating elements, they can’t be immersed in the washing machine, which means your only option is spot cleaning.

If you’re sold on an electric blanket, the first feature you should examine is construction. Newer electric blankets are designed with fleece or other warm materials.

Many models now list their GSM (grams per square inch) rating, which measures insulation. The higher the GSM rating, the warmer and thicker the electric blanket.

The majority of electric blankets have between three and a dozen heat modes. These are controlled by a remote that’s either wireless or attached to one corner of the blanket.

Auto shut-off is essentially a timer that turns off the blanket. It’s a premium feature, so you spend more money on it.

Like any device you buy, it’s essential to know how to use your electric blanket safely. For one, keeping the electric blanket as the outermost bedding layer is best.

Added pressure or weight — including that of your own body — can corrupt wiring and pose a shock hazard.

Avoid using the maximum heat setting when possible, particularly if you have sensitive skin or underlying health issues. It’s also important to keep electric blankets away from kids and pets.

Electric blankets cost between $60 and $350. Smaller blankets with lower GSM ratings are the most affordable, while high-quality models from well-known brands come at the top of the spectrum.

Mid-range electric blankets priced between $100 and $150 remain the most popular for their well-rounded assortment of settings and safety features.


Q. Are electric blankets available in different colors?

A. Yes, but you won’t find a wide variety of colors. The average electric blanket is available in three to four colors, though some high-end ones come in as many as a dozen colors or prints.

Q. How much do electric blankets weigh?

A. Electric blankets can weigh as little as three pounds or six or seven pounds. The added weight might also aid in lulling you to sleep as it creates a light compressive experience, a popular feature of weighted blankets.

In-depth Reviews For The Best Electric Blankets

Best of the best

Perfect Fit’s SoftHeat Luxury Microfleece Heated Blanket

What we like: This low-voltage model features an easy-to-operate dial and automatic shut-off. Exceptional customer service and a five-year warranty are included. Solid reputation for even heating head to toe.

What we dislike: Blanket’s electrical connection unplugs easily.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat | Luxury Micro-Fleece Heated Electric Warming Blanket with Safe & Warm Low-Voltage Technology, Queen, Natural
  • INCLUDES: (1) Electric Heated Blanket
  • MATERIALS: Made from luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece with built in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution without the bulkiness. Made from Soft brushed 100 percent polyester luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece with built in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution without the bulkiness
  • FEATURES: Patented Safe & Warm non-hazardous low voltage technology is safe in the presence of moisture, will not harm pets, and emits no EMFs. Our patented low voltage technology is the only electric mattress pad technology that is certified as non-hazardous. Single control automatically shuts off after 10 hours for convenience. Giant backlit display with auto dimming feature for night time adjustments with out having to turn on the lights
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash in warm water and tumble dry on low setting
  • DIMENSIONS: Queen blanket measures 84" x 90"

Best bang for your buck

Sunbeam’s Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

What we like: Affordable option from an established brand with quality to boot. The blanket is 160 GSM per side for a plush, luxurious feel. Equipped with 10 heat settings plus a 10-hour automatic shut-off.

What we dislike: The wires are more noticeable in this electric blanket than in others.

Sunbeam Heated Electric Warming Blanket Quilted Fleece Queen Seashell
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – Never climb into cold sheets again. Electric Heated Blanket in ultra soft comfortable Fleece Fabric. Twin and Full size include 1 controller. Queen and King size include 2 controllers. 100% Polyester.
  • THERAPUETIC FULL BODY RELIEF WITH ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS – The cozy blanket has ultra-thin heating wires for added comfort. The Controller Includes 10 Hour Auto-Off and 5 heat settings.
  • SAFETY - ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – The controller includes an auto shut-off timer for safety and reliability. All Sunbeam Blankets are tested and approved by a 3rd party (UL or ETK Intertek) to comply with industry safety standards.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE and EASY CARE – The blanket is machine washable and dryer safe for your convenience. Make sure to disconnect and remove controllers before washing. Do not use an extension cord or power strip for these blankets.
  • WARRANTY - 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Choice 3

Biddeford Blankets’ Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

What we like: Budget-friendly option available in several neutral colors to match the bedding. Unlike most low-price models, this one has an impressive 10 heat settings. Comes with dual analog controllers for queen and king sizes.

What we dislike: Some reports of faulty wiring and controls feel flimsy.

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Electric Heated Blanket with Analog Controller, Queen, Taupe Brown
  • QUEEN SIZE: SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – Never climb into cold sheets again Electric Heated Blanket in ultra soft comfortable comfort knit fleece fabric Twin and Full size include 1 controller Queen and King size include 2 controllers 100 Polyester
  • THERAPEUTIC FULL BODY RELIEF WITH ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS – The cozy fleece blanket has ultra-thin heating wires for added comfort The Digital Controller Includes Auto-off and 10 heat settings
  • SAFETY - All Biddeford Blankets are tested and approved by a 3rd party (UL or ETK Intertek) to comply with industry safety standards
  • MACHINE WASHABLE and EASY CARE – The blanket is machine washable and dryer safe for your convenience Make sure to disconnect and remove controllers before washing Do not use an extension cord or power strip for these blankets
  • WARRANTY - 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty

King Size Electric Blanket With Two Controllers

This King Size Electric Blanket With Two Controllers will be a perfect wedding gift.

Or, You can surprise your parents with it. The choice is yours.

Degrees Of Comfort Heated Blanket King| Dual Control W/ Auto Shut Off | Micro Plush| Electric Blankets for Bed | Machine Washable | UL Certified - King,Ivory
  • Safety First - UL Certified heated blankets specifically engineered to release the lowest possible EMF emissions while heating up to warm comfort with guaranteed peace of mind.
  • Adjustable Heat Settings – Find your perfect warmth with 20 different heating levels using our LCD display control. Dual controller available only for queen, king, and California king sizes.
  • Designed for Comfort - 12.5ft Long power cord provides plenty of length to connect to outlets without poking at night and the conveniently placed 6ft controller cord can easily be reached and tucked away as well.
  • Easy Care - Disconnect the controller and power cables and place the blanket in the washer. Use cold or lukewarm water only and put it on a slow agitation cycle. Then move it to the dryer on low heat or let it air dry. Do not use bleach or other fluids except for all-purpose cleaning detergent. Tested to stay soft and plush after multiple washes.
  • 5 Year Warranty - We honor our 5-year warranty on all of our heated blankets so every purchase is protected. If at any time you experience an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Size - KING 100x90"

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