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4 Creative Ways How to Get Wax Out Of Candle Jar


How To Get Wax Out Of Candle Jar

After your candle has burned down, don’t throw out the glass container. These easy ways will help you remove wax from candle containers and reuse them as storage, decor, or even a home for your new candles.

You might find it impractical to throw away your favorite scented candles if you burn them quickly.

There are multiple options available for you to use your used candle jars. You can make new candles with them, store them in small containers or display them as decor.

When 1/2 inch of wax is left in the jar, you’ll know that it’s time for a candle to be put out of commission.

A candle burned beyond this point could cause damage to the container and the surface it sits on.

You can get the wax out of a candle container using a few household products and our four easy-to-use methods.

You might need to eliminate any wax residue or soot that remains on your jars after cleaning them out.

Warm water, soap, and a dishtowel are all you need to clean the glass. If the candle mouth is too small for your hand, a bottle brush ($4.99 Amazon) may be helpful.

1. Use Hot Water To Remove Candle Wax

This works best for large-mouth candles. You can place your burned candle on a plate or potholder to protect it.

Boil enough water to cover the candle jar. Then pour the water into the container leaving 1-inch space around the top.

The candle wax will melt in the water, and it will float to the top of the container.

Allow the wax to cool completely before you remove it. Strain the water along with any remaining candle bits.

Let the candle jar sit for a while to get any wax left behind. Fill your sink with warm water and place a drain stopper.

The lid should be removed. Let the candle jar in the sink for 30 min. Warm water will melt the wax from the bottom of the container, making it easier to remove.

This method may cause the label to be removed from the jar.

Tip: Before you release the drain stopper, make sure all wax residues have been removed from the sink. If you fail to do it, the wax will Clog your drain.

how to get wax out of candle jar

2. Put it into a Freezer Overnight

A second method to remove candle wax is freezing. This shrinks the wax. Place a used candle jar in the freezer overnight.

The next morning, remove the container from the freezer and flip it over. The wax lump should come out. Use a butter knife or spoon to push down on the wax at one corner to lift it out.

wax removal by freezing

3. Remove Candle Wax with Your Oven

This allows you to remove the wax from multiple candles at one time. Preheat your oven to 200° Fahrenheit.

Place your used candles upside-down on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. The baking sheet should be placed in the oven.

Oversee the candles. After about 15 minutes, the wax should have gathered on the foil. The baking sheet should be taken out of the oven and placed on a heat-safe surface.

Once the foil has cooled, use an oven mitt to remove the jars. Allow each candle jar to cool down before you clean it with warm soapy water.

After the wax has dried on the baking sheets, you can either remove the wax from the aluminum foil or throw it away.

candle wax removal with oven


4. Use Your Hair Dryer

A hairdryer, 17.94 $ (Amazon), is often used to remove candle wax. You can also use them to soften wax from a burned candle. Start by holding the candle in your oven mitt. Use an oven mitt to hold the candle. When the wax feels soft, use a butter knife to lift it from the container.


Candle wax removal wit hair dryer


As promised, these are the easy ways on How to Get Wax Out Of Candle Jar

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