Absolute Vs Animal Dyson: Vital Information On Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner


Absolute Vs Animal Dyson

The main difference between absolute Vs Animal Dyson is that the Animal has an additional cleaner head. This includes a soft roller cleaner which makes it great for gently cleaning hard floors and removing more considerable debris.

There’s a good reason why James Dyson needed five years and 5,127 attempts to perfect the bagless vacuum. It completely changes the game, particularly the cordless models.

It truly changes your life to be able to attach the crevice tool and swiftly remove crumbs off the couch.

Dyson has released various cutting-edge vacuums to improve the lives of its customers over the years. However, this sophisticated technology comes at a hefty price.

Although they have drawbacks, conventional vacuums are still very effective, so I put off purchasing them for a long time.

But gradually, dog hair and food crumbs from the kids’ meals wore me out, so I bought the Dyson V8 Animal because it was less expensive than subsequent models but still had the functions I needed.

Since a few years ago, I’ve found my Dyson V8 to be my most practical cleaning device. This is a product that I regularly use for messes ranging from dog hair and dust bunnies to food and craft spills.

Conclusion: The Dyson V8 is a must-have tool for houses with limited space or where pet hair and food crumbs frequently occur. It provides customers with a portable and straightforward approach to handling messes.

Absolute Vs Animal Dyson Details

Score: 9/10


  • no cords are required
  • Lightweight and straightforward to use
  • Adaptive attachments
  • strong suction power
  • simple mounting


  • Costly price tag
  • The canister can quickly fill up
  • Battery drains in high-suction mode.
  • Battery replacement is probably necessary.

Purchase the Dyson V8 Animal at Amazon for $398.99.

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


What Sets Apart the Dyson V8 From Other Vacuums?

The Dyson V8 is a powerful vacuum with a compact body and a 40-minute runtime, various attachments, and a HEPA filter. Users may quickly transform it into a handheld vacuum for quick cleanups.

Handheld vacuums can be converted into stick vacuums in just a few seconds thanks to a fast-release system that makes it simple and quick to attach and detach tools with the push of a button. Users may easily remove and empty the. 14-gallon dustbin thanks to a release tab on the handle.

The device has a somewhat diminutive stature with dimensions of 49 inches long, 9.8 inches high, and 8.8 inches wide. In addition, it weighs only slightly more than 5.5 pounds, so users won’t get out of breath while moving it from one place to another or upstairs.

There are several models of the Dyson V8, with the Animal and Absolute being the most popular. I’ll be discussing the Dyson V8 Animal in this article.

The attachments are the only real distinction between the two types. In addition to the direct drive head, a crevice tool, combo tool, tiny motorized tool, and soft dusting brush are among the Animal attachments.

All those attachments are included with the Absolute and a soft roller head that is useful for scooping up debris on hardwood floors.

Remember that the individual merchant and the buyer’s location may have an impact on the accessories and color schemes that are provided.

Is the Dyson V8 Animal Simple to Use?

Dyson V8 is an excellent choice for homes with limited storage space due to its attractive modern appearance and small, lightweight construction.

The ergonomic grip is wide and comfy despite its small size, and the power trigger is positioned directly beneath your forefinger for easy use.

To conserve battery life, the motor does need to be held on while in use, which can be problematic for some users.

I adore how easily the Dyson V8 uses its rapid attachment shifting and easy release mechanisms for many tasks.

The Dyson V8 is straightforward to pick up and move around with, making it perfect for cleaning up anything from crumbs on the carpet or in the car to dog hair on the couch or tiny fragments of broken glass from that vase you’ve repaired three times.

The unit may swivel and lay flat to reach the heaps of dog hair or dust behind the couch while utilizing the wand attachment and direct drive head.

My preferred setup is the handheld one with the crevice tool. I use it all the time—after every meal and snack time.

The Dyson V8: Is Assembly Difficult?

With only a few components that simply click into place, the Dyson V8 is easy to build right out of the box.

The vacuum must be assembled and then charged for five hours before usage. If the device needs to be plugged in or is ultimately charged, an indicator light on the handle will let you know.

The accompanying docking station is helpful for those with wall space to place their device. Our Dyson V8 was readily installed inside a kitchen closet to be always accessible.

The vacuum can also be charged via the docking station, a massive perk for someone like me who forgets to plug things in regularly.

The charger can be plugged into the handle if you decide against using the attached dock.

Can The Dyson V8 Animal replace other Vacuums?

My canister vacuum is still in the basement, but I don’t use it. Thanks to its powerful motor, my hardwood floors, and area rugs have been easily cleaned by the Dyson V8. It is effective at removing dog hair from the couch and carpet that my dog never seems to stop shedding.

When I vacuum my shag rug, the canister does fill up very rapidly, which could be a problem for someone with a lot of carpeting. My hardwood floors also receive excellent treatment, albeit occasionally, minor debris is missed.

Considering I often only clean one house floor at a time, the battery life is enough for my purposes. We’ve had to replace the battery once in the previous two years after it stopped functioning.

When I used my Dyson V8 on MAX mode a few times, the power ran out after only 7 minutes. This setting would generally only be used for fast cleanups.

A HEPA filter is part of the vacuum filtration system, and it is simple to remove and rinse. The technology tries to remove cleaner air while capturing allergens. I cannot tell if the air is fresher, but with all the dog hair in my house, I’m thankful for this feature.

Does the Purchase Of Dyson V8 Make Sense?

It’s not cheap to buy a Dyson V8 vacuum. However, its pricing is much more acceptable than later models like the V10 and V11. The Dyson V8 Animal costs $389, while the Dyson V10 Animal costs $595 on Amazon.com.

Being the owner of a previous model, I genuinely don’t feel like I’m missing out. Although subsequent models have a little more power and sometimes have more giant dust bins, they are comparable to earlier models.

If you’d prefer a run time closer to an hour per battery charge, the V10 or V11 would be worth the extra money.

Consider the Dyson V7 if you’re searching for a less expensive device. It is comparable to the V8 but has 10 minutes less run time and a little less suction force.

(You can find the list of Dyson’s most popular Vacuums at the end of this article)

Should You Choose the V8 Absolute Over the V8 Animal?

Because the former comes with the soft roller head that makes picking up debris on hardwoods a little more efficient, I would probably choose the V8 Absolute over the V8 Animal if I could travel back in time.

Are You a Good Fit for the Dyson V8?

I think it’s clear now that I recommend the Dyson V8 to families with children and pet owners. This equipment is just unbeatable in simplicity and effectiveness for handling daily—or hourly—cleanups.

But I also believe that its tiny size and long runtime would make it the ideal primary vacuum for people who live in smaller homes and apartments.

The attractiveness of the handheld alternative for elderly people and others with physical limitations is that it is both portable and mighty.

Car owners will also appreciate how simple it is to clean the interior of their vehicles with the Dyson V8.

Although there are certain drawbacks to this cordless stick vacuum, according to this user, the convenience offsets the necessity to change the battery or empty the bin while cleaning.

If you’re searching for a cheap vacuum or know that you’ll require more than 30 to 40 minutes to do your cleaning.

I wouldn’t suggest the Dyson V8. Later models, like the V10 or V11, will have run times closer to 60 minutes and a larger dustbin to speed up emptying.