Arkansas Traveler Tomato Care & Grow Tips


Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes

Arkansas Traveler Tomato

The Arkansas Traveler tomato is an award-winning open-pollinated variety of heirloom tomato, originally bred at the University of Arkansas nearly forty years ago.

The fruit is determinate, with large round red berries weighing about 6 pounds. It has a thick shell and a white band around it. The leaves are blue-green and pungent.

The stem of this tomato is inclusive. It bears well-defined, sharp leaves with the tips being rounded and hollowed out at the base.

This variety of tomatoes is prized for its sweet, tart flesh and firm skin. This is an amazing variety for growing in the home garden because it can withstand some frosts, and it does not need much attention throughout the year.

It also has a long shelf life. The sweet flavor of the Arkansas Traveler tomatoes makes them a great choice for eating right off the vine.

These fruits will taste better if they have been left out in the cold weather as soon as they are plucked off the vine.

There are several different varieties of this tomato plant that are grown in the home state of Arkansas.

Arkansas Traveler Tomato Varieties

The Plantain, Beefsteak, Black-Eyed Susan, Belgian Pink, and the Little Drummer Hardy are some of them. Of these varieties, the Plantain tops the list in Arkansas.

This variety produces small, green shoots. The Beefsteak variety produces larger, black, purple flowers.

All these varieties of tomato plants can tolerate some dry spells and have a high tolerance for heat. This makes them good choices for home gardeners who live in areas that experience many droughts and hot summers.

These varieties are also considered fairly resistant plants. They do not really need much attention once planted, except they should be watched for spreading and be trimmed during hot summers. They are not, however, very tolerant of diseases.

Care Tips

The Arkansas Traveler tomato plants are extremely hardy and can withstand some drought conditions. This makes them some of the more desirable varieties of this tomato plant that can be grown in the home state of Arkansas.

The Plantains will grow well in various soils, although they prefer slightly moist soil with lots of nutrients in it. The Black Eyed Susan will grow well in most soils, but the Little Drummer Hardy is immune to disease and insects, making it a good choice for the garden.

These varieties all enjoy a mild flavor when eaten, although some like a bit of Tangier tomato flavor. They are perfect for the home garden, as long as they are given enough room.

The most outstanding quality of these tomatoes is their rich flavor, making them an excellent choice for several recipes. The flavorsome quality of the Arkansas Traveler tomato produces a product that is highly desired in the home garden market for its rich flavor.

The heirloom quality of this tomato product is another reason it is so hard to keep in the ground. The heirloom-quality of the plant means that they cannot be moved from one area of the vine to another. If planting is not possible, the vines will not produce fruits, therefore never leaving any seeds.

The tomatoes produced by this vine line can withstand extreme temperatures and dry heat. The sweet taste of these varieties is what makes them one of the best-tasting products available in Arkansas.




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