Best Makita Impact Driver: 3 Best Models For Everyone’s Pocket


Why You Need A Makita Impact Driver

best Makita impact driver

the cordless drill for driving lag bolts or extra-long deck screws.

Makita is one of the most well-known manufacturers of power tools, and its impact drivers have impressive levels of power, whether you’re using a corded or cordless model.

The Makita XDT16Z 18V 4-Speed Impact Driver is our favorite model from this famous manufacturer, as it has 4-speed settings, so you can match the tool’s power to your job. To learn more, keep reading our guide.

Makita offers a few different shapes and designs of impact drivers, each of which has key strengths:

You can select between 12V and 18V/20V battery-powered impact drivers with Makita. (The 20V driver runs at 18V, although it has 20V available at startup.)

A 12V impact driver has less power than an 18V impact driver, so most people prefer the 18V model. However, 18V drivers are heavier than 12V models.

Manufacturers use torque to measure the ability of the impact driver to deliver the twisting power needed to drive screws and bolts. The torque rating is significant because a higher torque rating indicates more power for driving larger screws and bolts.

The best battery-powered models from Makita (usually 18V impact drivers) have around 1,500 inch-pound torque. 12V drivers typically top out at 1,200-inch pounds.

For comparison, most corded impact drivers have a slightly higher torque than battery-powered drivers.

If you’ll continuously use the impact driver above your head or for long periods, the tool’s weight is a key factor. A lightweight model means you won’t tire out as quickly as with a heavier model, but light impact drivers don’t have the torque of heavier models.

When using the tool in dark areas, having a built-in LED light at the end of the impact driver to illuminate the spot where you’re working is an important feature.

Having soft materials in the handle helps you use the impact driver more comfortably, which is handy for those times when you’re working with the tool for long periods continuously.

The least powerful Makita impact drivers are cordless models that cost between $50 and $100. Expect to pay $100 to $250 for more power in a corded or cordless impact driver.

A. It depends on the drill bits you use. Impact drivers often have so much power that they’ll break small-diameter drill bits. If you use only large-diameter bits with hex shanks, the impact driver alone should be fine.

A. Some people struggle to control impact drivers because of the power they deliver. They also run quite a bit louder than cordless drills.

Makita offers a few different shapes and designs of impact drivers, each with key strengths: the XDT131 is known for its variable speed, the XDT13Z is celebrated for its affordability, and the XLT01Z stands out for its unique angle design. The Makita impact driver is the perfect tool for specific applications like installing structural bolts into pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine.

Best Makita Impact Drivers For All Occasions

Best of the best: Makita XDT131 18V LXT 18V Variable Speed Impact Driver

Makita XDT131 18V LXT 18V

Our take: Versatile power tool that can handle a wide range of jobs you may encounter.

What we like: Automatically backs off the power it’s delivering when it senses that it may be damaging a screw you’re driving.

What we dislike: It’s pricey and may have more power than homeowners need for simple jobs.

Best bang for your buck: Makita XDT13Z 18V Impact Driver

Makita XDT13Z 18V

Our take: Delivers 1,500 inch-pounds of max torque at a low price.

What we like: Includes built-in LEDs illuminating the work area, an uncommon feature in low-priced impact drivers.

What we dislike: Doesn’t have enough power for the person who uses this tool for big jobs.

Choice 3: Makita XLT01Z 18V Angle Impact Driver

Makita XLT01Z 18V Angle Impact Driver

Our take: When you frequently need to drive screws in tight places, the angle design on this tool does the job.

What we like: Gives you a large hand grip to maintain control. Weighs less than other Makita impact drivers.

What we dislike: The manufacturer had to sacrifice a lot of driving power to allow for the angle design.

Key Points Regarding Makita Impact Drivers

An Unmatched Companion: Power Tools at Their Best

The best Makita impact driver stands tall as the foremost choice among power tools. Whether you are working overhead or on-site, this powerful driver delivers high performance with a maximum torque that outperforms most other models. Its high-speed brushless motor with an impressive top speed ensures efficient performance even under pressure.

Comparing Makita Impact Drivers: The Core Difference

While comparing Makita impact drivers, the main reason to choose the best Makita impact driver is its superior engineering. Equipped with special features like a unique assist mode, triple hammer mechanism, and a compact design, it not only meets but also sets the standards for top brands in the business.

When compared to other models, the best Makita impact driver stands out. Whether it’s the standard cordless drill or the high torque hammer drills, none beat this driver’s power, compactness, and convenience.

The Makita Advantage: Maximum Torque and High Performance

One of the significant differences between the best Makita impact driver and others is the maximum torque it delivers. Its brushless impact driver gives superior twisting power, making it the ideal tool for driving fasteners into wood and metal.

The robust, compact design makes it the best impact driver for tight spaces. It is engineered to be efficient, quick, and capable of performing under the toughest conditions. This tool turns even the most demanding projects into achievable tasks.

No Load Speed and Battery Life

The best Makita impact driver also boasts a high no-load speed, meaning it can reach its maximum RPM without any load. Additionally, it typically comes in a combo kit with high-capacity LXT batteries, providing longer battery life.

The driver is compatible with various chargers, including fast and efficient DeWalt batteries. This is a bonus feature worth noting for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Superior Value and Affordability

Despite being a top-of-the-line unit, this driver comes at an affordable price. This makes it the best value for your money. The impact driver saves your money, time, and energy, making your work more efficient and convenient.

Other Key Features

The best Makita impact driver also includes other notable features like a quick-change chuck for convenience, a light for illuminating your work area, and a minimum noise level, a great relief for users who spend long hours on the job.

Competing with Other Brands

While the best Makita impact driver is a stand-out choice, it’s worth noting how it competes with other brands. Tests have shown it consistently outperforms competitors, including DeWalt, Ryobi, and Metabo. The Makita driver beats them in terms of power, performance, value, variety, and durability.

The Final Word

As we wrap up this comprehensive article on the best Makita impact driver, we want to share some final tips and considerations. Makita tools are well-respected within the construction industry. As a Japanese company with a reputation for quality and performance, they consistently produce power tools that stand up to tough tests in the field.

Regarding impact drivers, the new Makita impact driver has a lot going for it. It’s a bare tool, meaning you can add it to your existing lineup of Makita tools without needing to buy a new battery and charger. However, it’s essential to check whether your existing charger is compatible with the new impact driver.

The Makita impact driver we’ve tested here comes equipped with a brushless motor, which leads to better performance, more torque, and increased speed. Its speed increases depending on the trigger pressure, which is a huge plus. You have more control, making precision work like driving screws and drilling into metal or wood a breeze.

This Makita impact driver outperforms many other impact drivers on the market. It delivers a max torque that’s higher than competitors like Ryobi and Hitachi. The testing data we’ve reviewed and our own hands-on test determine this.

The tool’s compact size, smaller and lighter than most of its competition, is also worth noting. This makes it an excellent option for working in tight spaces or for longer periods without straining your wrist. You might even switch from your trusty hammer drill to this impact driver due to its convenience and power.

Despite being smaller, there is no sacrifice when it comes to power. This Makita delivers tons of torque and a top speed that puts other cordless drills to shame. Plus, its cordless nature means it’s perfect for moving around a job site without the hassle of cords.

Perhaps one of the things we love most about this Makita impact driver is its assist mode. This handy feature helps avoid damaging screws and fasteners by starting at a lower speed before quickly increasing. It’s a mode that you’ll find incredibly useful when you need a bit more precision and control.

In terms of features, Makita doesn’t skimp. This impact driver has a belt clip for easy transportation, and its LED light adds to its convenience. The one key thing it lacks is a bit holder, but this is a small price to pay for such a high-performing tool.

In terms of cost, Makita offers excellent value. While not the cheapest option on the market, it’s reasonably priced considering the power and special features it offers. Plus, there are options to buy it as part of a combo kit with other Makita tools or as a bare tool if you already have Makita batteries and chargers.

In conclusion, after a week of hands-on testing, reading user reviews, and analyzing video reviews from reputable sources on YouTube, we can confidently say the Makita impact driver is the top pick for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It offers high torque, and user-friendly features and is engineered to last.

Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide to the best Makita impact driver. We hope you found this information helpful. As always, we encourage you to leave comments or email us if you have any further questions or thoughts. Enjoy your power tool shopping and, most importantly, your upcoming projects!