Best Wood For Cutting Board: 3 Top Cutting Boards On Amazon


Best Wood For Cutting Board

How to chose the best wood for cutting board. Every kitchen creation starts with your cutting board. Everything you make depends on the cutting board, from chopping garlic to shaving chocolate. 

Wood cutting boards remain the most popular choice among home and professional cooks despite the wide variety of materials available. 

It is important to choose wood cutting boards that are durable and functional, so you can create delectable culinary delights.

Cutting Board Wood Selection

There are several considerations when choosing the suitable wood for your cutting board. For example, if you’re looking for durable hardwood that won’t absorb moisture, you may want to select a walnut board.

Walnut is a dense hardwood with low porosity, making it a good choice for food preparation. Although it tends to shrink over time, you should condition it monthly to ensure its durability.

Teak is an excellent choice for your cutting board, as it is naturally water-resistant. It also requires less maintenance than maple or beech.

The teak’s dark color helps hide stains and keeps it looking good. It also has large pores that can hold moisture and bacteria. Teak boards should be kept dry to reduce the chances of staining or becoming dull.

Pecan is another popular choice, a little more complex than maple. However, it works much like most other hardwood cutting boards.

Because pecan is wood with an open grain, it’s susceptible to moisture seepage and requires thorough cleaning after use. Pecan wood is also a less expensive wood choice.

Bamboo although bamboo is a great option, it is too soft for aggressive cutting. It is best for soft things like vegetables, and a maple board is for more aggressive chopping.

While a bamboo board might be a little too soft for some people, it can be sanded down to make it usable again.

Regardless of the style, choosing the best wood for your cutting board can help prepare meals much more accessible.

It can also improve your cutting ability. Wooden boards are eco-friendly and are much easier to dispose of than plastic or glass boards. Wood cutting boards will last you for many years.

Hard maple is the industry standard when it comes to cutting boards. Hard maple is resistant to bacteria and does not dull knives quickly.

It is also neutral in color, so it blends with many kitchen color schemes. However, avoid red maple, as this species is toxic and should not be used for cutting boards. Instead, choose the sugar maple variety.

When choosing a wood cutting board, you must remember to oil it regularly. Food-based oils can go rancid, so mineral oil is the best choice.

In addition, wood is naturally dense, durable, and has just the right amount of flexibility to maintain a sharp cutting edge.

What type of wood you choose for your cutting board will depend on the cutting you do on it.

The wood of some types is more expensive than others, so you should choose the type of wood you’re comfortable with. You can also look for the grain of wood.

End grain wood has more fibers that align with cuts, which helps your knives remain sharp for longer.

The Best Wood Cutting Boards

This John Boos Block R01 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board is a good choice if you are looking for classic good looks and superior performance.

Before you buy a wood cutting board, here are some things you should know

Wood Type

Your cutting board can be made from wood, including teak, cherry, walnut, and maple. Another popular wood is bamboo, which is lightweight and flexible.

Aside from classic wood, plastic and glass cutting boards are also available. 

The easy-to-clean surface of plastic makes it a good choice for preparing raw meat. 

The best use for a glass cutting board is for serving since cutting on glass can damage your knives.


The cooking style and storage space will determine the optimal size of your wood cutting board. 

If you want to prepare many ingredients at once, large wood cutting boards are perfect for cutting a mess of greens into chiffonade. Large wood cutting boards may not fit in limited storage space.

However, at 5 pounds or more, larger cutting boards can also be heavy. This is especially important if you store your wood cutting board high overhead or near the ground.

Using A Board

If you prefer to use your wood cutting board strictly for serving food (i.e., do not need a heavy-duty butcher block board. 

Alternatively, if your wood cutting board is used daily, consider purchasing the highest-quality board you can afford.

Features Of Wood Cutting Boards

Sustainable materials

The best wood cutting boards are made from sustainably harvested wood, no matter what type you choose.

The Handles

The handles on cutting boards make them easier to manipulate in the kitchen, no matter how heavy they are.

Some cutting boards have recessed handles, while others have attachments at the ends. It is easy to hang the cutting board if space is an issue if it has handles attached to it.

Edge Channels

A shallow groove runs just inside the edge of some wood cutting boards. Your wood cutting board’s channel catches liquids and holds spills in place. 

This feature is beneficial when carving and serving meat.

Cost Of Wood Cutting Boards

Various factors determine the price of a wood cutting board, including size, type of wood, and brand. 

Expect to pay around $40 for lightweight bamboo cutting boards but $100 or more for high-quality hardwood cutting boards.

FAQ On Wood Cutting Boards

How should wood cutting boards be cleaned?

A. Since wood is porous, it’s important to clean your wood cutting board properly after each use.

We can wash our cutting boards in hot, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and dry them with a towel. Each board may have slightly different care instructions. You can sanitize your cutting board by rinsing it with one part vinegar to four parts water. 

Use half a cut lemon to keep your cutting board fresh and discourage odors (you can use partially squeezed lemons, too).Ensure that your wood cutting board is not submerged in water or put it in the dishwasher.

Use mineral oil, beeswax or special wood conditioner for cutting boards once a month to keep the wood conditioned (more frequently if the board is used frequently).

Should You “Season” A Board ” before using it?

A. Many hardwood cutting boards can be used right out of the box, but they would benefit from an initial seasoning with oil.

Using a clean cloth, gently work coconut or food-safe mineral oil into the cutting board.  Before using the board, wipe off the excess oil and allow it to dry.

How Often Should You Replace A Wood Cutting Board?

A. If your wood cutting board shows signs of wear, such as splitting, cracks, separation, and splinters, replace it

What Is The Best Wood Cutting Board To Buy?

The Best Wood Cutting Board On The Market

John Boos Block Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board: available on Amazon

John Boos Block R01 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

Our Opinion: Since 1887, John Boos Block cutting boards have been crafted in Illinois from sustainably sourced maple.

A reversible wood cutting board with a thickness of 2 1/4 inches is substantial and sturdy for any type of cutting task. Maple wood provides a good cutting surface without damaging your knives. 

A one-year warranty is included with every John Boos product. Even though there are inset hand grips, they are not deep, making it difficult to handle the board. The board is also the most expensive.

The Best Wood Cutting Board For The Money

Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board: available on Amazon

Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Our opinion: Cooks who like to separate smelly aromatics from sweet fruits will love this set.

The 3-pack of boards comes with a money-back guarantee and is ideal for every size cutting and chopping job. 

There are three sizes available: extra large, medium, and small. These boards are reversible, with one side featuring a deep groove around the edge that catches juice to keep your work surface tidy.

What we dislike: After prolonged use, some users reported that the boards splintered.

Runner-up: Wood Cutting Board

TeakHaus Edge Grain Teakwood: available on Amazon

Our opinion: This teakwood board will last for a long time and looks great on a table or in the kitchen.

This board is made from end-grain teakwood for a durable finish. There is a drip channel and deep set recessed handles.

Furthermore, teakwood is known for its resistance to water and moisture.

What we dislike: Some users report warped or cracked boards for a board this expensive.