Blue Star Creeper Plant: Rich Lawn Solution


Blue Star Creeper

Blue Star Creeper

Although lush, green lawns are a tradition, many are choosing lawn alternatives. These options are more sustainable, require less water, and take less time than regular turf. Blue star creeper is a viable grass alternative if you are considering making the switch.

Blue Star Creeper Ground Cover

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(Isotoma fluviatilis) can be used as a lawn substitute. It is an easy-to-use plant that will not require any special care. It can also be used to fill in the gaps between stepping stones or under shrubbery.

It stands at the height of 3 inches (7.5cm). Blue star creeper lawns don’t require mowing. It can tolerate heavy foot traffic and can tolerate full sun, partial shade, or full shade.

Blue star creepers can produce small blue flowers throughout the spring and summer if conditions are right.

Blue Star Creeper Lawns

Blue star creeper is a great plant. It has a lot to offer. Although resilient to extreme weather, the plant can become raggedy and less attractive in hot summers and cold winters. The blue star creeper will be fuller and more healthy if it has a few hours of sunshine each day. Blue star creeper is not native to the United States.

Gardeners need to be aware of this fact. This plant is prone to spreading quickly, which can be a positive thing. The plant can also become an invasive plant if it is not properly cared for or fertilized. It is relatively simple to remove unwanted plants.

Blue Star Creeper Care

Blue star creeper plants require very little maintenance. The plant is extremely drought-tolerant but can benefit from extra moisture when it gets full sun or hot, dry conditions.

The plant will stay well-nourished all year long if it is fertilized with a general-purpose fertilizer.

The plant should be cut to a minimum of one inch (22.5 cm). In autumn, it is important to keep the plant tidy in the winter months.