Candy Heart Grapes: Delicious And Mouth-watering Fruit


Candy Heart Grapes

Candy Heart Grapes

Candy Heart Grapes is a grape kind created by IFG Company that is also known for other varieties of specially created grape sorts.

You have probably heard of “Cotton Candy grapes” and “Moon Drop grapes,” according to Andy Higgins, CEO of IFG,

They combine the Vitis vinifera with North American grapes like Vitis labrusca, which gives a lot of that kind of concord grape juice flavor essence into the fruit.

Think of them as the red cousins of cotton candy. Crossing the two varieties eliminates the pungency of Vvinifera and reveals the underlying sweetness.

Despite the belief that grapes are red rather than green or black, our winemakers are looking for tasty, interesting, GM-free varieties that grow in their California vineyards.

I paid $11.99 Canadian for three pounds of red seedless Candy Snap grapes from the Anthonys Vineyard Candy line.

What Do Candy Hearts Grapes Taste Like?

It is ironic in the modern fruit trade that grapes once celebrated for producing rich, complex flavors in wine now appear as fresh fruit flavors in sweet and bland varieties.

Farmers have cultivated aromatic grapes since the late 19th century, which were then replaced by solid, large, aromatic grapes delivered to the shops.

But it was not when neutral, seedless grapes were growing and aromatic grapes were commonplace in California.

The fight against evaporation’s tyranny inspired today’s growers to develop table grapes with new, noble flavors such as strawberry and intense muscatel for fine wine, thus revolutionizing the fruit possibilities.

Decades later, Candy Heart Grapes began to be sold in grocery stores and farmers’ markets after crosses were tested.

Cotton candy grapes taste like cotton candy. Moon Drop grapes are shaped like tiny eggplants; some describe the taste as vanilla and caramel combined with a lot of sugar that contains slight acidity, making the grapes taste just like sweets.

Cotton candy grapes are not sticky and laden with crystal sugar; they are a fresh fruit that you can nibble on when you want to go home and hear your mother yelling at everyone to stop having them.

At the weekend, I found out that cotton candy grapes have particular goodness in them, and although they are sweeter than cotton candy, the taste is just as good.


A typical cup of grapes contains 62 calories and 15 grams of natural sugar, while a cup of Candy Heart Grapes contains 100 calories and 28 grams of sugar.

This is far too much sugar, which makes sense given the sweet taste.

Adults should eat a handful, not a bag or bowl. The packaging for my Candy Hearts mentioned a hint of raspberry flavor.




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