Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud 1 Amazing Harbinger Of Spring

Eastern Redbud Tree While the term "eastern redbud" conjures up images of it growing across the eastern seaboard The native tree is cold-hardy in zones 4-9, covering all gardening climates across In the past the landscaping...

Recipe For French Toast – A Delicious One

RECIPE FOR FRENCH TOAST   On a morning when you and your sweetie can linger, ease into the day with this simple yet indulgent breakfast Recipe for French Toast 1 large egg ¾ cup low-fat milk 1...

AeroGarden: 4 Tips For Productive Use

AeroGarden This indoor "smart" garden requires no growing skills. It is almost entirely automated. That said, AeroGarden costs about $150. That would buy a lot of fresh herbs over the course of three or four months, the...
Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree Growing From Store Bought Coconut, 6 Easy Steps

Coconut Tree Can I grow a coconut tree from a store-bought coconut if I plant it just right? You people just never run out of things to wonder about, do you? That's OK with me. I...
Burpless Cucumbers

Burpless cucumbers: 1 Scientific Research Report

Burpless cucumbers - oriental trellis cucumber Burpless cucumbers are listed in many seed catalogs as milder in taste (or easier on digestion) than the American slicing type.   Burpless cucumbers are marketed in the United States to...

Pigweed: 1 Green You Should Not Dismiss As A Weed

Pigweed is also known as Common Purslane it might seem odd to make such a humble weed this article power plant, but you may be surprised to know how much it is valued for its...
Centipede Grass

Centipede Grass Growing And How To Make Centipede Grass Spread

What Is Centipede Grass Centipede grass is a medium raw, textured, yellow-green perennial turf. It takes full sun or high pine shade for good growth, and people should not plant them under oak trees. Centipede’s popularity...
Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn: 3 Important Facts You Need To Know

Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepsis indica) is a small, slow-growing shrub ideal for sunny locations. It’s not hard to care for. Hence it holds a neat, rounded shape naturally, without the need for pruning. The shrub looks excellent...

Mums And 9 Easy Steps To Grow Cascading Fall Mums

Mums Chrysanthemums this time of year always capture my attention. They naturally bloom in the fall, and you and I have come to associate them with autumn. The popularity of garden mums has continued to rise...
Banana Tree

Banana Tree And 1 Essential Tip For Growing Indoors

Banana Tree Often wrongly depicted as a banana tree, the banana is in fact a giant herb with a trunk (or more than one), springing from an underground stem (corm) that forms a false trunk...