Golden Star - chrysogonum virginianum

Ground Covers Going Beyond Pachysandra – Golden Star, Chrysogonum virginianum

Golden Star, also known as Chrysogonum virginianum, if provided with enough light, this plant can produce golden-yellow flowers for the majority of the summer. The golden star is one of the cutest native American groundcovers....
Weeds That Look Like Grass

Weeds That Look Like Grass: 3 Top Weeds Deadly To Your Turf

Top Weeds That Look Like Grass Weeds that look like Grass can establish themselves before you realize it because they often blend in with your lawn. At that point, they've been stealing nutrients from your...
Mondo Grass

Mondo Grass Vs Liriope: Liriope And Mondo Grass 1 Essential Difference

Mondo Grass Vs Liriope The main difference between Mondo grass and Liriope is its size. Mondo grass is dwarfish, whereas Liriope ranges from 12 to 24 inches in height; Mondo Grass, on the other hand,...
Organic Lawns Success

Organic Lawns Success: How to Get Lush Green Lawn

Organic Lawns Success There is no doubt about it; cultivating an organic lawn is one of the most significant challenges faced by any gardener. After all, lawns entirely devoted to grass do not exist in nature...

Begonias: 10 Easy Steps To Start Begonias Indoors

Begonias The range of begonias now available is amazing. There are rich reds like 'Carnation Crimson' and 'Camellia Scarlet.' Striking two- tones like 'Calypso' and 'Petticoat.' And novel hybrids like 'Daffodil Salmon' and 'Picotee Rosebud.' So...
Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo And Bamboo Growing Information

Bamboo Information The Oriental Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys Nigra) is an extremely fashionable feature plant and must be for any prestigious garden design. The combination of black and sly green is astonishing and will help create a...
Beefmaster Tomato

Beefmaster Tomato – How To Grow Big Ones

Beefmaster Tomato It is said there are two things money can't buy: true love and homegrown beefsteak tomatoes. The love you must leave to chance, but the prized, giant tomatoes . . . well . ....
Yellow Daisies

Yellow Daisies: 9 Dazzling Daisy Varieties For Your Garden

Yellow Daisies Most "big yellow daisies" are full-sun, vigorous growing, and highly reliable gardening plants. They're not tiny plants that can be easily tucked away in the aisles of your local box store.  However, they...
Plant Stand Indoors

Plant Stand Indoors: 3 Great Indoor Plant Stands

Indoor Plants And Indoor Plants Stands Plant lovers like to use plant stand indoors for a fresh, leafy look that brings the outdoors inside and injects oxygen and color into the room. Make sure you...

Creeping Thyme – 5 Easy Creeping Plants

Facts about Creeping Thyme Creeping Thyme, also called Mother of Thyme, is the ideal plant for growing small crevices, borders, lawn substitutes, and between nooks and crannies. Thymus praecox is a low-growing perennial thrives in USDA hardiness...