Choosing the Best Beach Towel: 3 Key Factors You Need To Check


Choosing the Best Beach Towel

Navigating through the myriad options in the beach towel market can be overwhelming. We distill the essential factors into critical categories: material, GSM, length, design, shape, and portability.


The material of your beach towel is paramount in determining its feel and performance.


100% cotton is the classic choice for beach towels, known for its plush texture and excellent absorbency. Long fibers of Egyptian and Turkish cotton are praised for creating a soft feel, making them popular choices among cotton..


Microfiber, made from synthetic fibers, is popular among travelers and those who want to avoid carrying a damp towel after the beach because of its lightweight and quick-drying properties. It’s a perfect option for travelers and those who wish to avoid carrying a wet towel post-beach visit.


Cotton-polyester blends balance the softness of cotton and the durability of polyester, making them a practical choice for frequent beachgoers.


GSM, or grams per square meter, denotes the density of the fabric.

Low GSM (300-400)

Towels with a lower GSM are lighter and thinner. They dry quickly but are not as plush. They’re suitable for trips where packing light is essential.

High GSM (500-600)

High GSM towels are denser and more absorbent. They have a luxurious feel but take longer to dry, making them perfect for lounging on the beach.



Standard beach towels typically measure around 30” x 60”. These are versatile and sufficient for drying off and lying on.


Oversized towels, often around 40” x 70”, offer more space and are ideal for those looking to spread out and bask in the sun without touching the sand.

Design and Shape


Rectangular beach towels are traditional and versatile. They come in various designs, from nautical stripes to tropical prints.


Round beach towels have gained popularity for their unique shape, making a stylish statement. They often feature bohemian and geometric patterns.



Beach towels that fold into a compact size are perfect for travelers. Microfiber towels usually excel in this category.

Attached Bag

Some towels come with an attached bag or pocket, transforming into a carry case. These are convenient for those who want to minimize what they bring to the beach.

We trust this guide illuminates the crucial factors in selecting the quintessential beach towel, marrying functionality with style for an unforgettable seaside escapade.

5 Best Beach Towels On Amazon in 2023

If you want the best beach towels to enjoy your summer vacation, check out Amazon has a wide selection of beach towels in different sizes, colors, patterns, and materials.

Based on the customer reviews, we have compiled a list of the five best beach towels you can buy from Amazon.

1. Kaufman – Cabana Terry Loop Towel 6-Pack

They construct the towels from 100% cotton and exhibit a cozy, absorbent terry loop texture. The pack contains six pieces, each with a distinct, lively stripe color. Their dimensions are 30 x 60 inches and we can conveniently wash them in a machine. These towels have won over customers with their quality, long-lasting durability, and affordability.


Ben Kaufman Cabana Stripe Beach & Pool Towel - Large Cotton Terry Beach Towel - Soft & Absorbant - Assorted Colors - 30' x 60' - 6 Pack

Buy on Amazon

2. Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel

The microfiber used to craft the towels is a featherweight, dries swiftly, and repels sand. Their design is exclusive, incorporating a pouch that can contain a towel or other objects. It is available in various sizes and colors and has a handy elastic hook for hanging. These towels get high praise for being practical, portable, and fashionable.

Price not available Dock & Bay Beach & Beauty Bundle - Microfiber Towel & Reusable Make-Up Pads - Super Absorbent, Quick Dry Towel - Ultra Soft, Washable Facecloth with Wash Bag - Terracotta + Unicorn Buy on Amazon

3. Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

Like the previous ones, these towels are 100% cotton and have a plush and fluffy texture. Four different colors showcase the timeless cabana stripe design. The dimensions of the fabric are 30 x 60 inches and it possess fade-resistant and machine-washable properties. Customers appreciate these towels for their softness, thickness, and comfort.

$54.99 Utopia Towels [4 Pack Cabana Stripe Beach Towel, (30x60 Inches) Oversized 100% RingSpun Cotton Pool Towels, Highly Absorbent Bath Towels for Bathroom Buy on Amazon

4. Elite Trend Microfiber Beach Towel

Here are sand-free towels, fast-drying, super absorbent, and another microfiber option. What sets it apart is the colorful and artistic print. You can choose from two sizes and get a travel bag and a carabiner clip. Customers rave about these towels for their beauty, quality, and versatility.

$27.99 Elite Trend Microfiber Beach Towel - Extra Large 78x35 Inch Sand Free Quick Dry Towel for Travel, Swimming, Pool, Yoga, Hiking, Camping – Lightweight Fast Drying Microfiber Towel Compact for Adults Buy on Amazon

5. Ricdecor Mandala Microfiber Large Round Beach Blanket

Not only are those towels suitable for drying off, but we can also use them as blankets that are versatile enough to be used as picnic mats, yoga mats, tablecloths, or wall hangings. A magnificent mandala pattern embellishes the microfiber material, forming them into a circular shape. With a 60-inch diameter, these measures can be effortlessly folded and carried around. Customers adore these towels for their multipurpose use, uniqueness, and elegance.

$20.95 Retreez Large & Thick Microfiber Mandala Round Beach Towel Throw Blanket with fringed 62'x 62' Soft Absorbent Quick Dry Multi-Purpose Picnic Yoga Meditation Mat Roundie for Women Men Boy Girl Kids Buy on Amazon

Care Instructions: Maintaining Your Pristine Towels

Ensuring that your beach towels remain immaculate requires adherence to proper care practices. Here, we outline a set of guidelines to prolong the life and performance of your towels.

Pre-Wash Ritual

Before utilizing your new towel, it is advisable to wash it. This initial wash augments absorbency and sets the color, preventing future fading. Use cold water for this maiden wash to keep the fabric soft.

Detergent Dosage

Excessive detergent can leave residue, reducing absorbency and softness. It’s paramount to measure the detergent precisely. Employing a mild liquid detergent is a prudent choice. Furthermore, eschew fabric softeners as they impede the towel’s absorbency.

Bleach Beware

Bleach can wreak havoc on your towels, causing degradation of the fabric and fading of colors. For white towels, use an oxygen-based bleach sparingly. For colored towels, bypass bleach entirely.

Load Limits

Overloading the washing machine can be detrimental, resulting in less effective cleaning and excessive friction between towels. This can lead to wear and tear. It is judicious to leave ample space in the washing machine for the towels to move freely.

Wash Cycle Selection

Opt for a gentle wash cycle with cold water to maintain the integrity of the fabric. Cold water mitigates shrinkage and color fading. The delicate process ensures you do not subject the towel fibers to undue stress.

Tumble Dry Tricks

For drying, opt for tumble drying on low heat. This facilitates the fluffiness of the towel while preventing excessive shrinkage. Avoid using dryer sheets as they can reduce absorbency.

Line Drying Option

Line drying is an alternative that’s gentle on the fabric and environmentally friendly. To prevent a stiff feeling, shake out the towels vigorously before hanging them and again after drying them.

Regular Rotation

Rotate your towels regularly, alternating between different sets. This ensures that no single towel is subjected to excessive wear, extending the longevity of your entire collection.

Adhering to these care instructions ensures that your beach towels remain sumptuous, absorbent, and vibrant through countless seaside excursions.

To preserve the eminence of your towel, it’s imperative to adhere to care instructions. We recommend washing in cold water with a gentle detergent and tumble dry on low heat.


Whether for sunbathing, drying off after a refreshing swim or as a stylish accessory, the right beach towel is an indispensable part of any beach or poolside excursion.

When you select a towel, please consider its size, material, GSM, design, and portability. Proper care and maintenance are imperative for preserving the vibrant colors and plush feel.

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Immerse yourself in the euphoria of the waves, the golden sands, and the azure skies with the perfect beach towel complementing your splendid seaside sojourn.


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