Best Bath Towels In 2022 With Professional Test Review


Best Bath Towels For 2022

Test Of Best Bath Towels In 2022

The best bath towels in 2022 should consume water swiftly, feel smooth, and last through numerous washes.

The plush, 800-GSM fabric of The Kassatex Atelier Bath Towel dries slowly, but it is super absorbent and soft.

In addition, we tested 13 towels of varying textures and weights to find the best one for your needs.

Your bath towel is something you use every day and probably don’t think twice about. However, you will notice if you dry off with a thin, scratchy towel.

Always keep comfort and durability in mind when shopping for a new towel.

“A towel is a profoundly intimate selection,” said Milly Folies, Nola’s head of communications and resident towel authority.

“Size, material, or type of cotton (egyptian cotton towel, Pima, and Supima cotton are all highly feathery), and GSM [a measurement of the towel’s weight] is the most significant factor to look at. Price and color are, of course, important considerations.”

Because not everyone wants a heavy, plush towel, our final selection includes a range of textures, weights, and price points. We checked out the endurance, feel, and retention of each of the 13 contestants in this guide to find the finest towels.

Here Are The Best Bath Towels In 2022

Overall winner: Kassatex Atelier Bath Towel

Best quick-dry towel: MOSOBAM 700 GSM Luxury Bamboo Hydrocotton Organic Bath Towel

Best waffle towel: Nutrl Home by Ravel Waffle Weave Bath Towel Set

Best Turkish towel: Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Towel

5/3/2022: Because JCPenney’s Quick Dri Bath classic towel has been discontinued, we’ve removed the best budget category for the time being.

We’re looking into new low-cost towels to put to the test. In addition, we recently tested fresh towels from Revival, which we recommend, and Tombo, which we do not. Our testing procedure

Here’s how we analyzed the towels over a six-month course. Given the short time frame, we’ll continue monitoring these steps and reporting any changes in the coming months.

After washing each towel three times, inspect it for shrinkage, fraying, color loss, and roughness.

After a shower, I dried my entire body.

I wrung the water from my wet hair with each towel (I have thick, medium-coarse hair).

When hung generally on a towel bar, I timed how long each towel took to dry completely.

Tenderness, fluffiness, density, and how the towel clung to or wicked water off from damp skin were all noted.

Atelier Towels from Kassatex

Overall, the best towel The Atelier Towels from Kassatex are the densest and most absorbent of all the towels we tested. They stay soft even after several washes, and the hanging loops are a thoughtful addition.

800 GSM in weight

Dimensions: 30″ x 56″

Six different colors

Customization: For $7, add a 16-character monogram.

Pros: Soft, heavyweight, soft and absorbent, and long-lasting, with a hanging loop and monogramming options.

Cons: Slow drying time, limited color selection

This dense towel made me eager to get out of a long, hot shower, which is no small feat. It’s heavy and absorbent, with an 800 GSM (weight measurement), and holds a lengthy time to dry (about five to six hours in my practice), but it’s all worth it if you wish to immerse yourself in the equivalent of a soothing hug.

The towel is soft and sumptuous because it is made of combed cotton, which is cotton that has been combed to remove shorter fibers and impurities.

While other towels I tested became rougher after multiple washes, the Kassatex towel remained as soft as when I used it the first time.

Even though it wasn’t as sumptuous as a close rival from Frontgate, I went for Kassatex’s towel for its long-term tenderness capacity.

It has a nice dobby border — the decorative weave above the towel’s edge — that isn’t too big or too small. If you don’t want to hang your towels on a bar, each has a substantial sewn-in hanging loop.

I verified the towel in the color Cream, which was slightly lighter in person than the picture on the brand’s website, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for a specific shade to match your bathroom decor.

The good news is that Kassatex offers free returns on non-monogrammed towels for 60 days.

MOSOBAM 700 GSM Luxury Bamboo Hydrocotton

The highly efficient rapid-dry towel MOSOBAM 700 GSM Luxury Bamboo Hydrocotton Organic Bath Towel has a smooth, extra fluffy, and considerable feel, and it dries remarkably swiftly despite its weight.

550 GSM in weight

Dimensions: 28″ x 55″

16 different colors

Customization: For $12, add a 3-character monogram.

Pros: Fluffy, made of organic cotton, dries faster, is available in a variety of colors, and monogramming is available.

Cons: Loose threads may appear after several washes.

I commonly mix quick-drying towels with poor or composed construction, but this towel from Mosobam confirms that you can have a silky, somewhat thick feel while still drying rapidly.

The towel isn’t as thick and plush as the Kassatex, but it’s heavy enough that it won’t fall apart after a few uses.

Because it is made of 100% Turkish, GOTS-certified cotton, and untwisted yarns, it maintains its softness after numerous washes.

Corresponding to Follies, “The yarns are twisted closely to make a towel, and the more the yarn is woven, the stronger and less absorbent the towel becomes.

However, if the towel is designed with very little or no twist, the result is a fluffier towel that will dry more quickly because there is simply space between the yarn to allow each strand to dry.”

Having said that, I did notice a few loose threads emerge after I removed them from the dryer. We’ll keep washing and drying tests to see if any more threads come out.

The towel stood between 3 and 3.5 hours to air dry on average. Our top picks for the best waffle and Turkish towels are listed below.

However, we’ve chosen the MOSOBAM 700 GSM Luxury Bamboo Hydrocotton Organic Bath Towel as our best quick-dry pick because it also has the commonly soft and fluffy cotton terry feel that most individuals pursue.

Corresponding to our examination, the towel was the leading all-around quick-drying towel.

Natural Home by Ravel Waffle Weave Bath Towel

The most effective waffle bath towel Nutrl Home by Ravel Waffle Weave Bath Towel Set is a lightweight and durable waffle-weave option that absorbs water well without dragging or hanging heavy like other waffle towels.

400 GSM in weight

Dimensions: 31″ x 57″

Eight different colors

Customization is not possible.

Pros: It is light, dries quickly, has a comfortable texture, and is long-lasting.

Cons: Thinner and less soft than standard towels.

Fluffy, thick terry towels can sometimes feel suffocating, especially if your body temperature is naturally high or you live in a warm climate.

Onsen’s bath towel is an excellent substitute because it is thin, light, and quick-drying while remaining highly absorbent and comfortable.

It’s 100 percent Supima cotton, a solid yet soft fiber. A relaxed waffle-weave construction that appears to stretch and adapt to how you handle the towel adds to its durability.

Even though I could see the thin, individual fibers, I was impressed that the towel never turned out of the wash with frayed or loose strands.

It also never ripped on my jewelry, which was a satisfying surprise given that I wear my earrings and nose ring in the shower, and they can catch on terry’s towels.

Meanwhile, the bonded 2-inch edges give a flexible fabric structure.

Despite having the dimensions of an average-sized bath towel, it dries quickly and takes up much less space, making it an excellent travel towel. The Nutrl Home by Ravel Waffle Weave Bath Towel does not shrink in the wash, unlike other waffle weave products we’ve tried.

The lattice texture takes some getting used to, but the material is overall pleasant and springy. The towel also absorbed water from my skin without clinging to it, which is especially useful in humid weather.

Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Towel

The most efficient Turkish towel The Coyuchi Mediterranean Biological Towel is a lightweight, closely woven towel formed from long staple Turkish cotton that looks strong and sees all of the norms for comfort, absorption, and strict manufacturing norms.

320 GSM in weight

Dimensions: 28″ x 54″

Five different colors

Customization is not possible.

Pros: lightweight, absorbent, durable, stylish, environmentally friendly, doubles as a beach towel

Cons: thin, fringed edges can tangle or unravel.

Turkish towels (also known as Hammam or Fouta) are distinguished by conventional horizontal weave and knitted edges.

Coyuchi’s Mediterranean towel is a serious and elegant interpretation, produced from Turkish-grown and woven organic cotton and applicable in five seaside-inspired colors. It has soft, thick, hand-knotted fringes.

Despite its thinness, the towel is tightly woven and sturdy. Because it isn’t as soft or fluffy as a cotton terry towel, it can also be used as a beach towel because sand falls right off the woven surface.

Turkish towels aren’t for everybody, but they dry rapidly and are lightweight and packable, making them ideal for travel. I brought this towel with me on several recent road trips, and it barely took up any room.

The main disadvantage I discovered is that the fringed edges, while appealing, can become tangled in the wash or unravel.

Compared to other towels, this one may require a little more upkeep to maintain its decorative appearance. It also appears to bleach more quickly than the other towels I tested; if I could choose a different color, I’d probably go with white to hide any potential bleach stains.

Coyuchi only uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring that the entire supply chain is free of toxic chemicals and meets social worker conditions. It also accepts products to be mended, cleaned, and resold to reduce textile waste.

The towel is more expensive because of practices like this, but you’ll know exactly where your money is going.

What else did we test? What else do we suggest, and why?

Utopia Towels: Utopia began as a rug company, but we were pleasantly surprised by its well-made, soft, and weighty towel. It’s made of long-staple organic Turkish cotton with a lovely wavy pattern. The particular issue we noticed was that the towel loops could rip on jewelry.

White Classic Luxury 8 Piece Bath Towel Set: It has essential certifications, including Fair Trade, GOTS, and Oeko-Tex. It has a higher density of 700 GSM and is available in nine versatile, earthy colors.

We also liked how fluffy it was for its size. The only issue you may encounter is loose threads after several washes and uses.

Zumi 100% Cotton Camping Travel Ultralight Towel: These 320-GSM towels come in a set of two and are made entirely of Turkish cotton. These towels furnish a strong performance for a low price, consistent with our experience with Brooklinen sheets. Unlike alternative thin and gentle towels, these are strong, enduring, and intensely soft — a welcome advance from the usual raucous, threadbare towels at the same GSM.

American Soft Linen: Made of combed, long-staple cotton, this 700-GSM towel has a hanging loop for easy drying and storage.

For an additional $10, it can be personalized. It’s heavy, thick, and long-lasting, but it’s more expensive and less dense than our top pick.

Resort Collection Soft Bath Towels: Soft, thick, lavish, with a gorgeous, practically squishy feel. It’s absorbent and doesn’t stick to the skin, and it comes in a variety of colors. It became less fluffy after a few washes, but it remained comfortable. Some people may find the dobby border too large.

Sand Cloud Towel: I’ve been using this long-lasting Turkish-style towel for a few years now, and I love how versatile it is as a regular bath towel or beach towel.

Its price and GSM are comparable to Coyuchi’s. It comes in a variety of sizes. It also has a social initiative, with 10% of profits going to marine conservation efforts.

Coyuchi’s towel and fringed edges, on the other hand, felt a little more substantial.

What we do not advise, and why

Tombo Bath Towel: Tombo’s towel is significantly smaller than the average (25 inches by 53 inches). Despite its pleasant gauzy, and cushioned feel, it is far too small for the price.

Weezie Piped Edge Bath Towel: While Weezie’s towel is soft and fluffy, it is pricey for what you get. However, Weezie offers a wide range of custom embroidery styles, a good choice for gifts or special occasions.

Wamsutta Micro Cotton Bath Towel: While the low price and wide color selection are appealing, these towels aren’t exceptionally soft or comfortable. They are, however, absorbent. Bed Bath & Beyond no longer sells this towel.

What we’re going to test next

Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels: This soft, mid-weight towel is available at Amazon for $27.99. It’s made of 100% cotton terry, has a woven trim, and comes in eight colors.

Hammam Linen Cool Grey Bath Towels: This towel is a strong contender for the best budget or quick-drying towel. It has zero-twist loops and appears to be highly absorbent. Some reviewers have expressed concern that it generates a lot of dryer lint.

Towels Frequently Asked Questions What exactly is GSM?

GSM is an abbreviation for grams per square meter, which measures towel density. The higher the GSM of the towel, the heavier and more absorbent it is, and the longer it will take to dry.

“The higher the GSM (900 is considered extremely high), the more luxurious and plush the towel. A lower GSM (300 or less) indicates a lighter weight and faster drying towel, “Milly Folies, a towel expert at Nola’s wedding registry site, agreed. “A towel with a GSM of 400-600 is a safe bet for a towel that isn’t on either end of the sumptuous to slim spectrum.”

What is the source of the odor in my towels?

Mildew grows on wet towels that are left bunched up in the hamper or on the ground, and no one wants a germy, musty-smelling towel.

To avoid mildew:

  1. Hang your towel immediately after use to give it enough space and time to dry completely.
  2. If it still stinks, run it through a hot cycle with a cup of white vinegar, followed by a second wash cycle with half a cup of baking soda.
  3. Dry it in the washing machine or line-dry it.

Why are my towels staining or discoloring?

Several factors, including: can cause stains and discoloration

Benzoyl peroxide-containing skincare products. People who frequently use benzoyl peroxide products should use white or light-colored towels.

In the washing machine, use fabric softener or bleach. Even if you don’t actively supplement bleach, leftover bleach in the dispenser can occasionally leak into the current load, so make sure your dispenser is operational.

Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets

The main difference between Towel and Bath Sheets is size, and obviously, the price is higher for bath sheets due to more material required to produce.

We test and review bath towels that typically measure 28 to 31 inches wide and 54 to 58 inches long.

Bath towels are constructed to enclose around your shoulders or fold around your body snugly, but if you find you require even more coverage, the much larger bath sheet is the way to go.

Bath sheets are typically 35 to 40 inches wide and 68 to 72 inches long. As bath sheets become more extensive, they become more expensive and take longer to dry than bath towels.


Cotton: with longer-staple fibers yields a smoother and firmer yarn. On the other hand, short-staple cotton has protruding thread ends that make the towel rougher and less abrasion-resistant.

Egyptian cotton: refers to cotton grown in Egypt. It’s common to assume that Egyptian cotton is long-staple, but it could also be lower-quality, short-staple cotton from Egypt, so be wary of this labeling and look for “long-staple cotton.”

Pima cotton: is also known as Supima cotton, which is a trademark. Cotton with a fiber length of at least 1.5 inches is grown exclusively in the United States. Long-staple cotton is smoother, more flexible, and less prone to pilling than extra-long-staple cotton.

Turkish cotton: extra-long-staple cotton grown in Turkey, primarily in the Aegean region.

Cotton is combed through to remove impurities, and shorter fibers are known as combed cotton. The longest fibers are left over, resulting in an ultra-soft yarn once woven.

Ringspun cotton: Unlike regular cotton fibers twisted into yarn and then woven, ringspun cotton is continuously rotated and thinned to produce a smoother yarn.

Cotton is made with yarns that are not twisted together and are instead held together by a wrapping thread, allowing it to be woven without breaking. After weaving, the thread is removed, and the resulting cotton is softer than twisted cotton.

Microfiber: is a thin, synthetic fiber that is typically made of polyester. It is gentle and absorbent.

Dobby border: The decorative weave that runs along the edge of a towel.

Towel standards and safety

Some of our top picks have Oeko Tex certification, which you may have noticed. This label indicates that the finished product has been independently tested for over 100 harmful chemical substances and is safe for human consumption.

While not the only certification available, it is widely used and recognized in the textile industry.

Our experts recommend looking for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for basic safety, but if you care about manufacturing, look for STeP by Oeko Tex.

It monitors environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and safe practices throughout the manufacturing process.

Another certification for organic textiles is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

GOTS-certified sheets contain at least 95% certified organic fibers and meet environmental and social standards throughout the manufacturing process.

How to Take Care of Your Towels

Before you use your towels for the first time, wash them. Manufacturers frequently add finishes or softeners are commonly added to towels by manufacturers, and this buildup can make the towel less effective and absorbent.

“Take it easy on the detergent,” Follies advised. “Because using too much can result in residue buildup, which reduces the fluff factor.”

Towels should be washed frequently. “Consider how you dry yourself with a towel — you are collecting oils and skin, so you should wash your towels every few uses. [This is also why] a well-stocked linen closet is essential, “said Follies.


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