Gemstone Therapy And 9 Authority Crystal Healing Guide


Gemstone Therapy

Gemstone therapy and crystal healing are non-invasive alternative healing methods derived from ancient texts and practices. 

Having precious and semi-precious stones in your possession dramatically benefits your overall well-being. 

Using crystals and gemstones in various wellness resort programs is even more fascinating.

Various colors, shapes, and features can be found in crystals and gemstones. 

Because of their unique cuts, faces, transparency, and opacity, many people view crystals and gemstones as powerful tools for driving away negative energies and improving their quality of life.

This wellness therapy guide will be helpful to you if you are interested in crystals and believe in their healing powers or if you plan to introduce crystal healing and gemstone therapy into your wellness resort programs.

Gemstones and Crystal Healing: A Philosophical Overview

In crystal healing and gemstone therapy, energy is channeled, and chakras are balanced. 

Crystals contain inherent energy that can be directed or aligned to remove energy blockages in the body and remove negative energy.

Throughout our bodies, there are seven energy systems known as chakras. Mental and physical disorders are caused by disturbances or blocks in the Chakra system. 

According to practitioners, the balance of our chakras is essential for the proper functioning of our system. Chakra balancing is the goal of crystal healing and gemstone therapy.

Vibrational Medicine

The vibrational energy of crystals can alter the human body’s vibrational energy, making it match that of the crystal, thus facilitating healing.

Chiropractors believe that crystals can sustain the high energy scale associated with love, clarity, and hope while repelling low energy activities like hate, rage, anger, jealousy, and despair.

Practitioners and adherents believe crystals and gemstones have healing powers, but no scientific evidence exists. 

Pseudoscience involves examining people’s mental orientation and beliefs toward a particular philosophy.

The placebo effect is responsible mainly for the beneficial effects of Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy.

Crystal Therapy and Gemstone Therapy Healing Modalities

  • The wear of crystals and gemstones as jewelry.
  • Using crystal powder in a variety of ways.
  • Crystal meditation
  • Applying crystals to different parts of the body.
  • Taking gemstone decoctions as a food intake
  • Keeping crystals with you as a source of mental comfort.

Why is Crystal Healing popular?

In the absence of satisfying answers to problems caused by reasons unknown, your mind tends towards metaphysical approaches. 

Therefore, crystal and gemstone healing are often accompanied by tarot reading, thought reading, numerology, and astrology.

Thus, it is not uncommon to see Crystal Healing programs bundled with Tarot readings, numerology, astrology, and other mind-body and spiritual wellness programs in India and worldwide. 

Upper-middle-class and affluent individuals generally prefer crystal healing and gemstone therapy.

  • Celebrity Endorsements

In 2018, Guardian reported a 40% increase in crystal healing searches. People are becoming more obsessed with crystals thanks to celebrities and the new age resurgence in fashion.

There were tens of millions of posts #crystals and #healingcrystals trending on Instagram. As the “great crystal boom” continues, people choose crystals for every occasion and reason.

  • Unprecedented Stress And Anxiety

The unprecedented rise in stress and anxiety has led people back to their ancient belief that gemstones and crystals bring good health, luck, and abundance. 

A philosophy says, “belief is all; you have what you believe.”.

  • Assigning An Arbitrary Meaning

For something to be attractive, it must possess some great innate qualities. There is a strong belief that crystals and gemstones have healing power. 

As human beings, we tend to ascribe some good meaning to anything appealing, and crystals are no exception.

  • Getting More Of The Feel-Good Thing

In distressing times, beliefs passed down for generations often provide comfort. 

People who cannot overcome their daily life problems that are unlikely to be medical tend to rely on crystals and gemstones for relief. 

Furthermore, being able to flaunt an attractive objective enhances your mental health.

Gemstones vs. Crystals – What’s the difference?

A crystal is a solid formation of atoms, molecules, and ions arranged in a particular order and varying in opacity and transparency. 

The formation of gemstones is organic, resulting from the chemical reactions between earth minerals and organic compounds. Specific regions produce these minerals.

Due to their rarity, gemstones are expensive. Cutting and polishing gemstones require expertise, giving them brilliant transparency and shine.

It is also possible to define crystals as objects with well-defined shapes. Colors in gems are imparted by mineral or organic bases. 

Gems are so valuable because of their rarity. It is possible to call gems crystals, but crystals are not gems.

The variety of colors, opacities, sizes, and shapes of crystals has attracted humans for centuries. 

There is a striking difference between gems and crystals in terms of their properties.

An alternative form of energy healing is crystal healing

Energy healing facilitates a balanced mind-body connection by removing blockages in the body’s energy system and redirecting the flow paths.

Energy medicine practitioners often use crystals as reinforcement because of their ionic formation, which is known to possess specific energy frequencies. 

Reiki practitioners, reflexologists, and massage therapists may include Crystal healing in their treatments depending on the client’s needs and demands.

Crystal healing and gemstone therapy are never recommended as an alternative to conventional treatment.

Evolution of the New Age Crystal Healing

47.3 million views were recorded on a video featuring moldavite that recently went viral among the young generation. 

This generation was hooked by the video that professed the power of this crystal. Psychic healing and astrology are parts of the more prominent New Age Movement.

According to Pew Research Center, approximately 42% of Americans believe crystals can harness spiritual energy. 

Millennials are leaving traditional religions for personal spirituality without worshiping God or believing in anything. 

Crystals have become highly sought-after as a medium of spiritual expression in the Western world.

Crystal healing has been around for thousands of years, but little attention has been paid to it. 

It is believed that spiritualism contributes significantly to the popularity of crystals and gemstones, but the aesthetic value of minerals makes them more desirable. 

A daily ritual with a crystal or participating in Crystal Therapy probably will not change your life, but it can improve your coping mechanism.

Common Crystals and Gemstones and Their Benefits

Earth is abundant with precious and semi-precious stones, but not all can be used for healing. 

You will find a list of crystals and gemstones that are commonly used and their healing potential listed below.

Through energy cleansing, crystals and gemstones can boost mood and energy, release blocked energy, and bring mental and physical stability.

Clear Quartz

  • Known as the ‘Super Healer,’ it improves memory and concentration and supports the human energy system. 
  • Combining this stone with Rose quartz and other crystals improves physical and emotional health.


During times of distress, it is known to be our nurturer. According to legend, it:

  • Strengthen our spirit
  • Prevent negative energy from affecting us.
  • Enhance confidence, courage, and thinking.
  • Help us deal with difficult situations.


In mythology, this stone is a protective shield against negative energy. As a result, it is said to:

  • Help us process our emotions and let them go.
  • Relieve emotional turmoil.
  • Enhance emotional strength, compassion, and clarity.
  • Discover your true self-worth.
  • Deal with negative emotional experiences without drowning them.


It boosts willpower, supports healing, and cleanses the body. The spiritual community holds it in high regard. Among its properties are:

  • Immune system booster
  • Enhance skin’s appearance.
  • Promote endocrine health
  • Provide digestive support


There is a reputation for the stone’s calming and grounding properties. The following benefits are said to be associated with it:

  • Motivate and increase courage
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Strengthens and builds endurance
  • Ensure goals are achieved by eliminating obstacles.

Crystals For Wealth

  • Tiger’s eye: increases motivation and confidence

  • Citrine: stimulates creativity, enthusiasm, and focus

  • Turquoise: attracts good luck.

  • Sapphire: brings prosperity to its wearer.

  • Jade: brings good fortune and prosperity as well

Crystals for Love

Rose Quartz

It is known as the stone of love because of its pink color.

According to legend, it:

  • Help relationships are more loving, trusting, and harmonious.
  • Promote connection.
  • Offer calm in times of distress and grief.
  • Promote self-esteem and self-respect.


As a master healer for women, it is believed to drive emotional stability. There are several benefits associated with it, including:

  • Relieve stress.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Promote mental peace and calm.
  • Improve intuition and inspiration.
  • Boost business and love fortune.
  • Encourage spirituality.
  • Provides relief from menstrual problems and obesity.
  • Reducing aggressiveness and impulsivity.
  • Strengthen your ability to overcome obstacles.


Known as the ‘King of Gems,’ it is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. The following are likely to be its benefits:

  • Keeps your heart healthy.
  • Improves relationships
  • Enhances professionalism and goodwill
  • Promotes marital harmony.
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Facilitates decision-making.

Crystal Healing for Mental Wellness and Rehabilitation

Scientific research has demonstrated that crystals do not affect mental health and recovery.

The user’s faith and belief and the mix of tested remedies are critical factors in the healing process.

Numerous studies in psychology show how a person’s thinking significantly impacts how well they respond to treatment.

Treatment will be successful if the patient thinks it will benefit them.

Having said that, it shouldn’t be harmful if a belief results in a pleasant psychological reaction. However, after consulting an astrologer, people choose to wear crystals and jewels.

A happy emotional response, a feel-good component that improves our well-being, is elicited by wearing crystals as jewelry or getting pampered in a crystal spa.

According to a renowned psychologist, the power of crystals is in the user’s thoughts rather than the crystals themselves.

But a word of caution: if clinical signs call for therapy, wearing crystals shouldn’t become a person’s obsessive obsession to the point where they refuse to receive it.

Powering the Crystal in Crystal Healing

You must periodically charge or power crystals to maximize their healing powers.

According to conventional wisdom, crystals shield you from negative consequences by absorbing your “bad energy” or “negative energy.”

Therefore, just as you revitalize by getting a good night’s sleep, crystals, too, require periodic energizing or charging sessions.

Crystals and gemstones can be charged in a variety of ways. The optimal charging method is only known to experienced practitioners because they are more likely to have a close relationship with crystals and gemstones.

They know which crystals have the most significant healing potential in different media.

The following is a list of typical methods for charging crystals:

  • Under the full moon, expose crystals.
  • Soaking crystals in moon water is an excellent way to cleanse them. Moon water can be created in several ways.
  • Using sound baths to charge crystals
  • Putting crystals in the ground and burying them.
  • Making crystals fragrant by burning herbs or incense.
  • Charge crystals by breathing.
  • Sprinkle sea salt on crystals.
  • Get in touch with your spiritual guides
  • A visual cleanse

Only qualified individuals should charge or cleanse crystals. Additionally, they will advise you on how frequently this operation is required.

Popular Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapies in Wellness Resorts

Given their growing popularity, Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy will be included in wellness resort programs.

In wellness resort consulting services, curating crystal healing and gemstone therapy programs is becoming increasingly important.

However, the wellness resort offerings will significantly impact the whole Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapies experience.

Ingredients, ambiance, and staff involvement all play a subtle part in giving guests a fantastic feeling.

Let’s look at what the best wellness resorts throughout the world have to offer:

Gemstone Massage

Crystal forms with high vibrations are known to exist in gemstones. When used correctly, gemstone massage treatment can aid in the recovery of several mental and physical conditions.

Gemstones of a particular type and size are applied and gently stroked over the skin on various body parts. Other than stones, other massage tools include gemstone rollers, wands, or oils.

Before the massage, your therapist may quiz you about your expectations, difficulties, and why you are interested in gemstone massage.

You might also be required to reveal any existing medical issues. The massage therapist will choose gemstones and perform the treatment based on your responses.

Gemstone Facials

Gemstone facials combine face and massage techniques. This could be used with acupressure and facial cupping.

To rebalance your face, you must lay on your back while gemstones are positioned on particular meridians or chakras.

Gemstones will be stimulated before the face using various processes, such as exposure to moonlight. Lymphatic drainage, which removes toxins from your body, is the goal of facials.

As part of the facial massage, lotions, serums, and creams may be applied to your face. For light massage, gem rollers or wands are also employed.

Gemstones can aid in treating rosacea, wrinkles, aging symptoms, and skin inflammation.

Crystal Massage

Restoring the energy balance and easing chronic tension and pain are documented benefits of massaging with crystals in a highly vibratory condition.

It might be necessary for you to lie down on a unique bed, which might be a Jade or crystal massage bed.

Depending on your condition and needs, the therapist will employ particular crystals. Since rose quartz is believed to emanate vibrations of love and compassion, massage is where it is most frequently used.

To create the mood, rituals, including sage, fragrant candles, or salt lamps, will be performed in addition to the massage. In the procedures, massage rollers and crystal wands are frequently employed.

Gemstone Scrub

To integrate energy therapy with the cosmetic treatment, exfoliating scrubs made from finely crushed gemstones are employed.

Innovative trademark scrubs that use minerals, jewels, gold dust, and other materials for a specific result are part of wellness resort programs.

Typically, the process is comparable to body washes at wellness resorts. The therapist may scrub your specific body regions with gemstone-infused scrubs or gemstones of a specific size.

The ingredients can be customized to the needs and preferences of the client to create a wide range of variations.

Crystal Facials

A collection of charged crystals (of a particular sort) or wands are typically employed during a crystal facial. Oil is first applied to the face to remove toxins and indications of stress and then gently massaged.

If necessary, steaming sessions and mud applications are also carried out.

Crystals like rose quartz, citrine, and amethyst, which have potent balancing and therapeutic properties, are applied to specific facial locations to boost vitality.

Applying a serum and performing particular deep breathing exercises to quiet the mind will probably be done at the end of the facial to maximize its effects.

Crystal Bath Therapy

The sheer relaxation you get after adding crystals to your bath water may surprise you.

Crystal baths are taken with purpose; they are frequently referred to as “Intentional Baths.” Crystal Bath Therapy is frequently offered as part of carefully crafted wellness resort programs to help you relax.

For about 30 minutes, specific crystals, particularly Rose Quartz, are submerged in the bath water.

It is thought that the energy released from the crystals after they have been submerged in water can revitalize your body and mind.

Your bathwater can be infused with essential oils to help you feel energized and improve your mood.

The healing process is enhanced by a beautiful atmosphere featuring fragrant candles and relaxing lighting. Like at home, you can unwind in the tub for 15 to 20 minutes.

If you want to energize yourself even more, you can add crystals and set your bathwater to high-frequency vibrations.

While you are still in the bath, the therapist may apply crystals or gemstones to other body parts, such as the chest, neck, or belly.

To improve absorption, he might also add a cup of Himalayan salt or Epsom salt to the water. This will help to ease your aches and pains and improve the smoothness of your skin.

Such encounters raise the standard of the services offered by spa resorts.

Gemstone Tincture Therapy

Gemstone tinctures, primarily used in Hinduism, are made by soaking gemstones in a solution of 50–100% alcohol for a predetermined amount of time, just as herbal tinctures.

Each stone has a different lifespan, stone weight, and solution strength.

These therapies must be applied with rigorous attention to the conventional procedures and principles according to wellness resort services.

Resorts should work with reputable professionals to handle the entire experience.

For instance, a stone with a specified weight (measured in Rati) is soaked for a month, ending an entire moon cycle, to create diamond or sapphire tincture.

Stones extracted naturally, such as coral and pearls, are steeped in weaker solutions for a shorter period.

It is advised for the patient to take a few drops of gemstone tincture either every day or on alternate days of the week.

Gemstone Ash Therapy

Gemstone ash is a different form of gemstone therapy popular in Hinduism.

Through unique ayurvedic processes, toxic components are removed from precious stones by burning them to ash.

Six lengthy processes of crushing and burning the jewels are used to obtain the ash. The ash is ingested either by itself or in conjunction with certain herbs.

Gem ash is more expensive than tinctures but is considered to have a speedier healing effect.

Crystal Detox

The healthy detox is a variation on crystal healing that aims to reverse the damaging effects of digital gadget usage.

A brief crystal bath with crystals that can absorb radiation from digital devices might be the first step in a crystal detox.

Free radicals are known to be removed from the body by the crystals, which also slow down their creation. It is a focused therapy rather than a full-body massage.

The most commonly exposed body parts to digital devices include the scalp, hands, shoulders, forearms, and neck.

Designing Wellness Resorts for Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy

The architecture of wellness resorts and wellness spas must consider the alleged healing power of crystals.

Remember that the goal of crystal healing is to balance the chakras or the energy. To improve visitors’ well-being, wellness resort consultants advise creating an excellent environment for multilayer sensory stimulation.

A relaxing atmosphere with appropriate lighting and sound management is essential. You will be in awe of the crystal-studded wellness resorts and spa interiors.

In addition to crystal treatment, your resort should include amenities for aromatherapy, sound therapy, sauna, baths, and mind-body programs.

The design of the room should include cozy couches, beds, mattresses, and spots for lounging and relaxing.

These are designed to provide a satisfying, relaxing experience and fill the body and mind with uplifting energy.

There are no restrictions on crystal and gemstone decoration. Crystal lamps, crystal beads, or unique crystal arrangements on high-touch surfaces can all be found in rooms.

The stunning brightness and sparkle created by properly positioned crystals evoke joyful feelings and can significantly raise the client’s well-being.

Therapists for Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy

The most qualified and knowledgeable astrologers are those who recommend gemstone therapy. Before choosing a person for gemstone therapy, you should examine their history.

Many practitioners of energy medicine provide crystal healing as a supplemental therapy. In many wellness resorts worldwide, psychic healers and tarot card readers also use crystal healing.

Invariably, a trained hand is not necessary for crystal healing. A few particular crystals will allow you to begin crystal healing at home.

However, mind-body therapists and practitioners of energy medicine can help you make the best decisions.

Spas and wellness resorts offer Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy programs.

What can you expect from these programs?

Wellness resort programs often combine crystal healing with other mind-body programs or beauty treatments. 

With a holistic approach, the goal is to enhance guests’ sense of well-being.

As a result, you can expect:

  • If you are familiar with crystal selection, you can choose your stone.
  • Your Crystal Healing Practitioner or Psychic Healer will guide you regarding the suitable crystals and mode of treatment.
  • Spa therapists and beauticians will help you choose a Crystal therapy that is right for you.
  • A relaxing atmosphere that facilitates crystal healing.
  • Crystal healing sessions require specific bathing and prayer rituals.
  • Gemstone therapy and crystal healing can take 7-14-21 days, depending on your requirements.

Expected outcome:

  • A change in attitude towards life’s events can be felt.
  • You feel more grounded.
  • Enhanced acceptance
  • Better sense of well-being
  • Enhanced love for self.
  • Mental tranquility
  • Emotional balance

In wellness resorts, guided programs given by seasoned practitioners and therapists are typical for crystal healing.

Make sure you have open discussions to have reasonable expectations if you intend to participate in Crystal Healing or Gemstone Therapy or if you plan to introduce such wellness programs at your resort.

This will eliminate any doubt regarding the effectiveness of the program and its value for money, and tourists will enjoy the experience, enhancing the credibility of wellness resorts and spas.

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