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Hole Saw Kit

Dive into our extensive collection of hole saw kits, ideal for both DIY projects and professional use. From stainless steel to softwoods, our kits deliver impeccable results with every use. Featuring easy-to-change saws and a range of sizes, our kits are the go-to choice for accurate and efficient hole cutting.

What if you could drill perfect holes in any material without breaking a sweat? Imagine the endless possibilities for your DIY projects, from custom furniture to home renovations. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality with the right tool – the hole saw.

A hole saw is a genius attachment for your drill, designed to cut precise circular holes in various materials. It’s fast, accurate, and incredibly versatile, making it a must-have in any DIY toolkit.

What Makes a Hole Saw Indispensable?

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The Anatomy of a Hole Saw

A hole saw is a cylindrical blade with serrated edges, typically attached to a drill. It operates simply: as you drill, the saw rotates, cutting a clean, round hole. The beauty of a hole saw lies in its design and efficiency.

Why Choose a Hole Saw?

The benefits are clear:

  1. Speed: Say goodbye to slow, laborious cutting.
  2. Precision: Achieve flawless, uniform holes.
  3. Versatility: Work on a multitude of materials.
  4. Convenience: Easy setup and operation.

Features to Consider When Buying a Hole Saw Kit

Before you buy a hole saw kit, you should consider several factors that affect the performance and durability of the kit, such as:

  • Blade material: The blade material determines the hole saw’s sharpness, hardness, and wear resistance. The most common blade materials are bimetal, carbide, and diamond. Bimetal blades are made of two layers of metal, usually high-speed steel (HSS) and cobalt, that are welded together. They are affordable, durable, and suitable for most materials, but they can dull quickly if used on hard or abrasive materials. Carbide blades are made of tungsten carbide particles brazed onto steel bodies. They are more expensive than bimetal blades but are sharper, harder, and longer-lasting, especially for hard or abrasive materials. Diamond blades are made of diamond particles that are electroplated or brazed onto a steel body. They are the most expensive and durable blades, suitable for cutting hard, abrasive, or brittle materials like glass, tile, or concrete.
  • Arbor type: The arbor is the part of the hole saw that connects to your drill and holds the blade. There are two main types of arbors: detachable and fixed. Detachable arbors allow you to change the blade quickly and easily without removing the arbor from the drill chuck. They are more versatile and convenient than fixed arbors but can be more expensive and less stable. Fixed arbors are permanently attached to the blade and the drill chuck. They are more straightforward, cheaper, and stable than detachable arbors, but they require more time and effort to change the blade or the size.
  • Ejection design: The ejection design determines how the plug and the waste material are removed from the hole saw after drilling. There are several ejection designs, such as slots, springs, levers, or cups. Slots are the most common and the simplest design, where the plug and the waste material are pushed out through the slots in the blade. Springs are similar to slots but have a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically ejects the plug. Levers are more complex and more efficient than slots or springs, where the plug and the waste material are pushed out by a lever that you activate manually. Cups are the most advanced and expensive design, where the plug and the waste material are collected in a cup that you detach and empty after drilling. The ejection design affects the speed, the cleanliness, and the safety of the drilling process.
  • Size range: The size range refers to the range of hole sizes the kit can drill. Most hole saw kits come in sizes from 3/4 inch to 6 inches or more. The size range should match your needs and your projects. If you only need to drill small or medium-sized holes, you can choose a kit with a smaller size range. If you need to drill large or irregular holes, you can choose a kit with a more extensive size range. Remember that the larger the size range, the more expensive the kit.

    Understanding Blade Material

    • Bimetal: Great for general use, balancing durability and affordability.
    • Carbide: Ideal for tougher materials, offering extended lifespan.
    • Diamond: The go-to for the most complex materials, though more expensive.

    The Importance of the Arbor

    • Detachable vs. Fixed Arbors: Ensure compatibility with your drill and flexibility for different jobs.

    Ejection Design Matters

    • Slots, Springs, and Levers: These features make removing waste material hassle-free.

    Size Range: A Key Consideration

    • Different projects require different sizes. A good kit offers a range covering everyday tasks like door hardware installation or piping work.

Best Hole Saw Kits for Different Needs and Budgets

Now that you know what features to consider when buying a hole saw kit, let’s review and compare some of the best hole saw kits on the market today based on the features discussed above and customer feedback, ratings, and prices. We have selected five hole saw kits that we believe are the best for different needs and budgets:

1. DEWALT D180005

DEWALT D180005

The DEWALT D180005 is a versatile and robust hole saw kit for professional contractors and dedicated DIY enthusiasts. This review aims to dissect this product’s features, performance, durability, and overall value based on various aspects.

Contents and Packaging:

  • The DEWALT D180005 kit includes 11-hole saws of varying sizes, suitable for various applications.
  • It also has a small, sizeable quick-change mandrel, a replacement parts kit, and a sturdy storage case.
  • The inclusion of replacement parts like two set screws and a hex key wrench is a thoughtful addition.

Build Quality and Design:

  • The hole saws are constructed from hardened steel, offering durability and precision.
  • Each saw features a deep-cut style with a high-speed pilot bit, ensuring efficient and faster cutting.
  • The tooth design is optimized for clean and quick cuts, reducing the strain on the user and the tool.


  • The kit creates smooth, clean holes in various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.
  • The quick-change mandrels allow for easy and quick saw changes, significantly enhancing the workflow.
  • They provide good speed and neatness in cutting, although the performance can vary slightly depending on the material hardness.

Ease of Use and Versatility:

  • The kit is user-friendly, especially with the quick-change system simplifying swapping saw sizes.
  • Versatility is a strong point, as it contains various sizes suitable for different tasks, from plumbing and electrical work to woodworking projects.
  • The kit’s compact and organized case makes it easy to transport and ensures that all components are readily accessible.


  • DEWALT’s reputation for durability is upheld in this kit. The hole saws maintain their edge even after repeated use.
  • The steel construction and the hardening process used in manufacturing contribute to the longevity of the saws.

Price Point and Value:

  • The kit is priced competitively, offering good value for a comprehensive set.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for both professional and amateur users, considering the quality and range of tools included.

Potential Limitations:

  • While the kit suits various materials, extreme thickness or unusual materials may require more specialized tools.
  • The case, though sturdy, could be improved with better internal organization features.

The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars, and the price range is around $50 to $60.

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2. Milwaukee 49-22-4185

Milwaukee 49 22 4185

As a seasoned DIY enthusiast and frequent user of various hole saw kits, I recently had the opportunity to test the Milwaukee 49-22-4185 Hole Saw Kit. Here’s my in-depth review:

Build Quality and Design: 5/5

The first thing you’ll notice about the Milwaukee 49-22-4185 kit is its robust build quality. The hole saws are made from a bi-metal construction, offering exceptional durability. This is particularly evident when tackling more complex materials; the saws retain their edge and don’t easily succumb to wear or tear.

Variety of Sizes: 5/5

One of the standout features of this kit is the variety of sizes available. With a range that covers diameters from as small as 3/4-inch to as large as 4-3/4 inches, it’s versatile enough to handle many projects. Whether you’re installing door hardware or vent piping, there’s a size in this kit for almost every common task.

Cutting Performance: 5/5

In terms of performance, the Milwaukee 49-22-4185 surpasses expectations. The teeth design cuts through wood, plastic, and metal with remarkable ease and precision. The cuts are clean and remarkably uniform, making them ideal for professional and home use.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

The kit scores high on ease of use as well. Changing out saw sizes is straightforward and doesn’t require any additional tools. However, beginners might take some time to get used to the process. The included arbors and adapters are high quality and fit the saws perfectly.

Durability: 5/5

Durability is another area where this kit shines. Even after extensive use, the hole saws showed minimal signs of wear. This longevity is a testament to Milwaukee’s commitment to quality and makes the kit a worthwhile investment for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Case and Organization: 4.5/5

The kit comes in a sturdy, well-organized case, making it convenient to carry and store. The slots for each component are marked, though fitting everything back into the case can sometimes feel like a puzzle.

Price: 4/5

While the Milwaukee 49-22-4185 is on the higher end of the price spectrum, its performance and durability justify the cost. It’s an investment for those who need reliability and a wide range of sizes.

Overall Verdict: 4.8/5

The Milwaukee 49-22-4185 Hole Saw Kit is an outstanding tool, offering top-notch performance, durability, and variety. It’s a professional-grade kit that caters to severe DIYers and trade professionals. Despite its price, the quality and range of applications it offers make it a valuable addition to any toolbox.

The average customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars, and the price range is around $150 to $200.

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3. LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit:

LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit

Build Quality and Design: 4.5/5

The LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit impresses right out of the gate with its build quality. Each saw is crafted from bi-metal, balancing flexibility and durability. The saws are tough enough to handle rigorous use without losing their sharpness quickly.

Variety of Sizes: 4/5

This kit offers a decent range of sizes, suitable for various applications. While it may not have as many size options as competitors, the included sizes are thoughtfully selected and cover most common tasks like conduit installations or plumbing work.

Cutting Performance: 5/5

Where the LENOX kit truly excels is in its cutting performance. The saws cut through wood, metal, and plastic precisely and efficiently. The cuts are clean and accurate, minimizing the need for additional finishing work.

Ease of Use: 4/5

Switching between different saw sizes is relatively straightforward in this kit. The tools are user-friendly, though newcomers to hole saw kits might need a bit of practice. The provided arbors fit well, ensuring a stable and wobble-free operation.

Durability: 4.5/5

Durability is a strong suit of this kit. The hole saws withstand repeated use without significant wear, indicative of the high-quality materials used. This robustness makes the kit a solid choice for frequent users.

Case and Organization: 4.5/5

The kit is well-organized in a durable case, making it convenient for transport and storage. Each component has a designated spot, although getting everything to fit back into the case can sometimes be a slight challenge.

Price: 4/5

The LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit is priced competitively, offering good value for its quality. It’s an investment for those who prioritize precision and durability in their tools.

Overall Verdict: 4.4/5

Overall, the LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit is a competent and reliable option for professionals and serious DIYers. It offers excellent cutting performance, a reasonable variety of sizes, and commendable durability. While it might lack in the sheer number of sizes compared to some high-end kits, it more than makes up for this with its quality and performance.

The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars, and the price range is around $70 to $80.

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4. Greenlee 660 Kwik Change Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit:

Greenlee 660 Kwik Change Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit

Build Quality and Design: 4.5/5

The Greenlee 660 kit makes a strong impression with its robust build quality. The hole cutters are crafted from stainless steel, offering durability and resistance to wear and tear. The kit’s design focuses on longevity, making it suitable for heavy-duty use.

Variety of Sizes: 4/5

This kit includes a practical range of cutter sizes ideal for most standard tasks. While some other kits may not have a wide variety of sizes, the sizes included are well-chosen for common applications like electrical and plumbing installations.

Cutting Performance: 5/5

The cutting performance of the Greenlee 660 is where it truly shines. The cutters slice through even the most rigid materials with remarkable ease, maintaining high precision. Whether working on stainless steel, wood, or plastic, the results are consistently clean and accurate.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

The Kwik Change feature is a standout, allowing for quick and effortless changes between cutter sizes. This feature significantly enhances the user experience, especially when multiple-size cuts are required quickly.

Durability: 4.5/5

The stainless steel construction of the cutters ensures they endure through extensive use. The kit protects against frequent and intense usage, making it a reliable tool for professionals and serious DIYers.

Case and Organization: 4/5

The kit is in a compact and sturdy case, facilitating easy transport and storage. The internal organization is logical, though fitting all components into the case requires a bit of arrangement.

Price: 4/5

Considering its features and durability, the Greenlee 660 kit is reasonably priced. It represents a good investment for those who need a reliable and efficient hole-cutting solution.

Overall Verdict: 4.4/5

The Greenlee 660 Kwik Change Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit stands out for its exceptional cutting performance, ease of use, and durable construction. It’s a kit that caters well to the needs of professionals and dedicated DIY enthusiasts who require precision and reliability in their tools.

The average customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars, and the price range is around $150 to $200.

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5. Tacklife PHS01C Hole Saw Kit:

Tacklife PHS01C Hole Saw Kit

Build Quality and Design: 4/5

The Tacklife PHS01C kit makes a solid first impression with its build quality. The hole saws, made from heat-treated carbon steel, balance durability, and cutting efficiency. The design of the saws is practical, catering to regular use across various materials.

Variety of Sizes: 4.5/5

One of the strengths of this kit is its range of sizes. It includes several saw sizes, making it versatile for various tasks, from simple home DIY projects to more complex professional applications. This variety is handy for users who tackle diverse projects.

Cutting Performance: 4/5

In terms of cutting performance, the Tacklife PHS01C performs well. The saws cut through wood, plastic, and softer metals efficiently, though they might struggle slightly with harder materials. The cuts are reasonably clean, but some finishing might be needed for more precise work.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

This kit scores highly on user-friendliness. Changing saw sizes is straightforward, and the kit suits users of all skill levels. The included arbors and adapters fit well, ensuring a stable operation.

Durability: 3.5/5

While the hole saws are pretty durable, they might show signs of wear after extensive use on more rigid materials. However, they offer sufficient durability for regular home use and lighter professional tasks.

Case and Organization: 4/5

The kit comes in a neatly organized, compact case, making it convenient for storage and transport. The case design is intuitive, allowing for easy access and storage of the components.

Price: 4.5/5

The Tacklife PHS01C Hole Saw Kit is very competitively priced, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers who still seek quality and variety in their tools.

Overall Verdict: 4.1/5

Overall, the Tacklife PHS01C Hole Saw Kit is a commendable option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals needing a reliable, versatile, and affordable hole-cutting solution. It offers a good balance of performance, ease of use, and affordability.

The average customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the price range is around $30 to $40.

Tips and Tricks for Using a Hole Saw Effectively

Now that you have chosen the best hole saw kit for your needs and budget, let’s explore some tips and tricks for using a hole saw effectively:

  • Mark the center of the hole and drill a pilot hole with a regular drill bit before attaching the hole saw. This will help you align the hole saw and prevent it from wandering or slipping.
  • Adjust the speed and pressure of the drill according to the material and the hole saw size, and avoid overheating the blade by applying lubricant or cooling spray. This will help you cut smoothly and cleanly without damaging the blade or the material.
  • Use a clamp or a guide to secure the workpiece and prevent it from moving or spinning while drilling. This will help you drill straight and accurate holes without wobbling or tilting.
  • Clean the hole saw after each use and store it in a protective case to prevent rust and damage. This will help you prolong the blade’s and the arbor’s life and ensure the quality of your future projects.

FAQs About Hole Saw Kits

What’s the Best Hole Saw Kit?

The best hole saw kit meets your needs and fits your budget. Look for kits that provide high-quality construction, a solid variety of hole widths, practical features, and strong reviews.

Who Makes the Best Hole Saw Kit?

No single brand can be considered the best for everyone since different brands cater to different needs. Some reputable brands include Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, DEWALT, SUNGATOR, HYCHIKA, and LENOX.

What is a Hole Saw Kit?

A hole saw kit is an all-in-one solution that includes several bit pieces in different sizes, along with other accessories, typically housed in a protective case. Kits are ideal for those purchasing their first hole saw, containing nearly everything needed to get started​.

What Size Do Hole Saws Come In?

Hole saws vary in size, measured by diameter and depth. Diameters range from 14mm to 210mm, and depths from 22mm to 350mm. The sizes you need will depend on your intended use​.

What Type of Drill is Best for Use with Hole Saws?

Use reasonably powerful drills of at least 14 volts for clean, consistent cuts. For cordless drills, an upgrade to 18 volts is often recommended for sufficient power​.

Why is a Hole Saw’s Pilot Bit Important?

The pilot bit guides the hole saw to the precise location and keeps it on course. Without a pilot bit, the hole saw would wobble and potentially gouge the surface instead of making a clean cut​.

How Can I Use a Hole Saw to Enlarge an Existing Hole?

To enlarge an existing hole, clamp a piece of plywood over the existing hole, mark the new center point, and align the saw’s pilot bit with this mark. This method provides stability for the hole saw when there’s no solid material for the pilot bit to sink into​​.

How Can I Prevent My Hole Saw from Becoming Clogged with Sawdust?

To prevent clogging when cutting wood, periodically withdraw the hole saw to allow debris to spin-off. For more drastic dust removal, score the surface lightly with the hole saw, drill several 1/4″ holes along the score line, and then complete the hole cut​.

Can You Use a Hole Saw Without a Pilot Bit?

It’s challenging to center a hole saw without using a pilot bit. However, you can use a hole saw without a pilot bit for drilling fragile or brittle materials, as it might crack or split the surface​.

What is the Best Hole Saw for Steel?

The best hole saw for steel features vital drill bits made from cobalt blended into the base material, making it suitable for hardened steel or stainless-steel grades.

What Bit to Use to Drill Metal?

For metal, use a diamond-coated drill bit to prevent overheating. Diamond-coated bits can cut through metal sheets and rods effectively; for softer metals like copper pipes, aluminum panels, or thin sheetrock, a High-Speed Steel (HSS) drill is recommended.


Congratulations! You have learned how to choose the best hole saw kit for your needs and budget and how to use a hole saw effectively. We hope this article has been informative and helpful and that you will enjoy using your new hole saw kit to create unique projects quickly and precisely.

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