How to Clean a Wax Warmer In 4 Quick Steps


How to Clean a Wax Warmer

If You want to know How to Clean a Wax Warmer and prevent the build-up of residue, which can be challenging to remove. The following steps will help you clean your wax warmer quickly and easily.

•Wax warmers can be used for various purposes, such as in salons, craft rooms, or simply as home décor.
• They work by heating scented wax cubes with a low-wattage bulb, warming plate, or small votive.
• Wax warmers must be cleaned regularly to remove debris and prevent build-up.

How to Clean a Wax Warmer

A common question we get from customers is how often you should clean your warmer.

There isn’t an answer for this since it depends on what type of device and frequency in use, but typically, all hot-air recipients need to be cleaned after every single time they’re used, which will remove any accumulated debris or dust inside that could interfere with its normal functioning so cleaning can help prolong life as well add new fragrances if needed!

If you’ve ever used a wax warmer, then you know how convenient they are. Just pop in a wax melt, turn it on, and enjoy the fragrance! But what do you do when your wax warmer starts to get gunky?

Here Is A Quick Guide To Cleaning Wax Warmers.

Step 1:

Unplug and let it cool.

Once your wax melt has wholly melted, unplug the wax warmer and let it cool completely. This step is essential because you don’t want to risk getting burned.

Step 2:

Remove the wax.

Use a putty knife or popsicle stick to remove the wax from the warmer. If the wax is stubborn, you can briefly place the warmer in the freezer to harden and make removal easier.

Step 3:

Wipe it down.

Use a soft cloth or paper towel to clean the inside of the warmer. If any residue is left behind, you can use rubbing alcohol or soap and water to remove it. Be sure to dry the warmer entirely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4:

Melt new wax.

Add fresh wax to your warmer and enjoy your favorite fragrance!


Cleaning a wax warmer is quick and easy! Just unplug and let it cool, remove the wax, wipe it down, and add fresh wax. Now you can enjoy your favorite fragrance without worry!

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