How to Keep Your Front Yard Looking Stellar Year-Round


Front Yard

Front yards, back yards, gardens, and all of the other outdoor spaces surrounding our homes are welcome additions that can boost the look of our property and bring it more value. 

An outdoor area surrounding your home can become a beautiful personal oasis full of peace and tranquility. 

People instantly think of spring and summertime when thinking about stunning gardens and luscious yards. But the thing is that you can keep your yard looking stellar year-round with just a bit of research, careful planning, and a few valuable tricks up your sleeve.

So, let’s dive right in.

Winter Wonderland

During the winter months, and mainly if you live in an area that experiences a lot of snowfall during this period, it can seem a bit impossible to create a rich yard look full of beautiful plants, flowers, and greenery. However, things are quite the opposite in reality – if you know which plants to go for, that is.

You can create a whimsical atmosphere in your yard by planting Blue Spruce around the edges of your property, as this stunning evergreen tree works as a great visual, audio, and wind barrier. Moreover, such trees will work as an excellent backdrop for outdoor nativity sets once Christmas comes and it’s time to decorate. 

Additionally, you can also fill your yard with flowering plants, such as Lily of the Valley and Primrose, to add some color and a bit more visual interest. Just make sure you plant Lily of the Valley in raised planters to prevent pets from accidentally eating them, as this beautiful flower – although seemingly delicate – can be quite poisonous. 

Fall fun

In the fall time, you can replace some of your winter flowers with luscious Chrysanthemum, for instance. These come in various colors, but the most appropriate ones for the season will definitely be yellow, orange, and burgundy. You can plant Chrysanthemums in either planting beds, flower planters, or even straight into the soil, as they develop nice, strong roots quite fast. Although there will come a point where the plant will lose its flowers, it will start blooming again once the next blossoming season comes around. 

This is an excellent choice for any yard as there are early bloomer types that show off their first flowers around late June, as well as earlier and late fall bloomers that keep their blooms throughout the season.

Needless to say, these look gorgeous paired with Blue Spruce we’ve mentioned earlier and go great with any fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving decor you may want to decorate your yard.

Summer spectacle

In the summertime, your choices will be plenty, which can make choosing a bit difficult.

Luckily, you’ll have plenty of options for adding color, greenery, and even aroma to your yard.

For starters, you can consider creating fairy gardens or similar decor in your yard with intelligent landscaping. Group together a few plants of varying heights to create visual layers that add more interest to your overall design.

Plant Hydrangeas, Petunias, and Roses around your home creating an attractive frame around your house, thus bringing more focus to your house front.

What’s more, if you have an outdoor sitting area, consider surrounding it with Lavender, Rosemary, and even Basil. All of these plants look great, but the main thing about them is that they’re excellent – and, of course, natural – insect repellents.

Spring splendor

Spring is a delicate season when nature finally wakes up from winter slumber. To celebrate rebirth and encourage things to grow, consider planting flowers and plants, encouraging bees and butterflies to stop by your yard. The most popular choices include Coneflowers, Crocus, and Foxglove, but these are not your only options.

Whichever plant you choose, ensure it has plenty of pollen to attract these valuable insects and help them continue helping nature.

Bird baths and feeders are great additions that instantly transform your yard into a Disney-like scenery.

If you enjoy spending every moment you can outdoors during spring, consider setting up a pergola or installing a nice hammock that you can resort to whenever you need to relax and unwind.

Extra tips

For some added pizzazz, you can fill your yard with solar outdoor lights – either the ones that go in the ground or the hanging alternatives – and further encourage feelings of calm and peace. Use them to outline your pathways and driveways, accentuate flower arrangements, or decorate your trees. 

These work great regardless of the season and will quickly bring more interest to your already-amazing design. And finally, don’t forget to water your plants regularly, protect their roots with mulch during the cold months and trim them often, always to have them looking their best.