Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight: The Best-selling Palm-Sized 13000 Lumen Godzilla

Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight
Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight

When you need the maximum possible brightness with minimal weight on your everyday carry (EDC) setup, then the IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight is the way to go. This long-lasting yet lightweight pocket brightest EDC flashlight can shine up to an incredible 13000 lumens at its highest setting.

This makes it ideal for illuminating dark areas outdoors or even cave exploring! Read on for more details about why the IMALENT MS03 flashlight is one of the brightest LEDs in today’s market.

The imalent ms03 13000 is the brightest EDC flashlight on the market 

Whether you need illumination for camping trips, hunting or self-defense, The IMALENT MS03 13000 has covered you – making it the perfect tool for outdoor activities!

The light can project an intense vast flood beam distance over 800 feet (324 meters) away, and its convenient size helps to make it a reliable everyday carry item.

The impact-resistant construction means this flashlight can withstand harsh conditions such as dropping from the height of 1.5m (4.92ft) or being submerged in water up to 2 meters (6.5ft) IPX-8 standard waterproof – making The IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight the best choice and brightest EDC flashlight on the market.

Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight TOP
Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight TOP

IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight: The Palm-Sized Wonder

It is genuinely mindboggling to see how bright this miniature flashlight can be. You do not need to use the Turbo mode often; it will be beneficial in middle or high mode. Even so, it is good to know that you always have monstrous 13000 lumens at your disposal if the situation calls for it.

This palm-sized lumen Godzilla will light up your life. The Imalent packed this little light with so much power it’ll blind you if you’re not careful.

But don’t worry, the IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight has five settings plus TURBO mode that can be instantly activated with a double tap on the power switch button when in any other mode.

As we already explained, this powerful little flashlight outputs a whopping 13000 lumens! That’s enough to flood an entire room with blinding light.

Even in the lowest setting, it still puts out an impressive 300 lumens, and at this level, it can maintain constant brightness – perfect for reading or working in dark spaces without causing eye strain. Whether you need a lot of light or just enough to cover a small spot, the Imalent MS03 flashlight will brighten your day.

The MS03 is perfect for everyday carry, as it can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight is an essential tool for anyone looking for a pocket-sized device to handle any illumination task. Its lightweight yet durable construction means it will survive wear and tear while still being small enough to fit into your pocket.

Just remember, always pay attention to the position of the power switch button if you have it in a holster or the pocket. If in the holster, always set the flashlight so that the power on button is located on the left or right side. You can see how it should look in the photo below.

Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight in holster
Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight in a holster

This way, you will prevent accidental switch-on if you lean toward someone or something. If In a pocket or purse, always use lock mode; four quick taps on the power button when the flashlight is off will lock the power button and prevent activating it.

To unlock the flashlight, use the same method, four quick taps on the power button, and the flashlight will come to life.

The MS03 has multiple settings, including high, low, and strobe plus turbo output, making it versatile for different situations.

The MS03 is as versatile as it is effective. Its multiple settings offer the ability to quickly adjust to various situations, from the High setting providing maximum illumination for long-distance visibility to Low giving up close targeted light.

Added with its Turbo and Strobe capabilities, the MS03 can respond quickly and effectively when you need it most. With such unprecedented control over its power output, this reliable tool gives you greater peace of mind with every use.

The battery life is impressive, and you can also recharge the flashlight using a USB cable.

Battery & Charging

21700 batteries are relatively new to the flashlight industry, but they have quickly become the battery of choice for the new generation of super high-performance flashlights. 21700 batteries can deliver unprecedented discharge rates of up to 30 amps, allowing them to drive high-powered LEDs.

No need for a separate battery charger. The battery in the flashlight is type c usb rechargeable. The Imalent MS03 comes with a high-drain 21700 battery with a built-in USB-C charging port.

Since the battery incorporates the type c usb rechargeable circuitry it needs, all you have to do is remove the battery, connect it to the supplied USB-C cable and plug it into a power supply. An indicator light on the battery will turn red to green when it’s all charged up.

I must mention that some other flashlight vendors have battery excluded from delivery.


The Imalent MS03 Flashlight is equipped with three American-made, second Generation CREE XHP 70 LEDs to push its high-power drain 13000 lumens.

The brightest flashlights today use the XHP 70s due to their incredible performance. The high drain 21700 battery was also chosen because CREE XHP 70 LEDs are very thirsty.

Imalent MS18 uses 18 of the same LEDs to produce an outlandish 100,000 lumens and beam distance of 1350 meters in its full-size version. A perfect centering of the LEDs is achieved within the precisely polished reflector.

The Imalent MS03 is an exquisite flashlight option that offers excellent value for the price.

Those seeking a high-end product on a budget should consider the Imalent MS03. Featuring plenty of innovative and reliable features, this pocket light shines with its competitive cost-to-performance ratio.

With its impressive maximum brightness output of 13000 lumens and runtime of over 20 hours when used in low mode, it is easy to see why the Imalent MS03 is still popular amongst discerning consumers still looking for quality and maximum output without paying over the odds, even four years after its debut.

Imalent MS03 Flashlight Specs

Imalent Ms03 Specs

  • Max brightness output: 13,000 lumens
  • Beam Throw: 354yds(324 m)
  • Beam Intensity: 26,320 candela
  • Output Levels: 6
  • Length: 4.33″ (11 cm)
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Waterproof: 2 Meters (IPX-8)
  • Max Runtime: 27 hrs at 150 lumens
  • Battery: High-Drain 21700 (USB-C rechargeable)
  • Battery level indicator light led

IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight Items In Package

Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight Content
Imalent MS03 EDC Flashlight Content

Performance and Quality

If performance and quality are what you’re after, the Imalent MS03 flashlight is an unbeatable option.

The Imalent makes it from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum strength and reliability. Its six different brightness levels mean you can adjust for precisely the level of light you need in any situation and always have a ready maximum output in Turbo mode.

All this, combined with an affordable price tag, makes the Imalent MS03 flashlight a superb choice for anyone who needs a powerful light without breaking the bank.

Imalent MS03 Reflector
Imalent MS03 Reflector

Operating the MS03 Flashlight

  • On/Off: With a single click
  • Cycle Up: Press and hold, then release when the desired output is on
  • Memory: When turned on again, the flashlight will return to its last power setting.
  • Turbo: double tap to activate when on
  • Tactical Strobe: While in Turbo, double tap again
  • Safety Lock/Unlock: four quick clicks when switched off, same procedure to unlock it
  • Battery Level Indication light On/off: Hold for 2 seconds when off

CRITICAL: Use the Safety Lock each time when in a pocket or holster! This flashlight is not a joke. Please keep it away from children. It can start fires and become extremely hot in hand, especially on high or Turbo.

You will almost surely accidentally press the power button in your pocket or a holster.


We will not go into a bunch of live videos testing this IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight, as virtually hundreds of videos are already published on YouTube.

All these videos show how the camera sees the performance of the flashlight; this, however, cannot show you the actual intensity of the flashlight brightness output.

It would be best to see it with your own eyes, and once you do, you will stand in awe. However, for the sake of the test, we have attached a short video presenting all modes, with TURBO mode being the most spectacular part of the video.

It is genuinely mindboggling to see how bright this miniature flashlight can be. You do not need to use the Turbo; it will be beneficial in middle or high mode.

Read on for more details about why the IMALENT MS03 is one of the brightest EDC flashlights in today’s market.

IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight Special Use For Hunting Or Target Practice

Flashlight mount for shotgun
Flashlight mount for shotgun

The Imalent MS03 EDC flashlight is an engineered tactical flashlight to enhance your shotgun or rifle experience. It can be easily mounted to shotguns and other rifles, providing ample illumination during nighttime expeditions.

With its incredibly bright 13000 lumens capacity and quick power-on button, you can switch it on in a second, allowing you to hone in on the game or spot potential danger without fail.

Its versatility makes it an excellent tactical flashlight addition to target practice, tactical use, and recreational hunting. The reliability and intuitive design of the flashlight make your next hunt more successful and safe.

Imalent More Robust And Ultra-Powerful Models

  • IMALENT MS08 34000 lumen flashlight
  • IMALENT MS18 Brightest EDC Flashlight 100.000 lumens
  • IMALENT MS12 MINI Powerful Flashlight over 65 000 Lumens
  • IMALENT MR90 Dual Operation 50.000 Lumens Monster

These models are more inclined to professional uses.

We have partnered with the Imalent company and will have the above flashlights for an in-depth review in January of 2023.


1. The IMALENT MS03 EDC flashlight is a powerful flashlight that packs a lot of light into a small package
2. The MS03 is perfect for everyday carry, as it can easily fit into your pocket or purse
3. The MS03 has multiple settings, including high, low, and strobe plus TURBO, making it versatile for different situations
4. The battery life is impressive, and you can also recharge the flashlight using a USB cable
5. The Imalent MS03 is an affordable option that offers excellent value for the money
6. If you’re looking for a powerful flashlight that won’t break the bank, the Imalent MS03 is a great choice

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