Lucky Bamboo: 3 Secrets To Lucky Bamboo Use


Lucky Bamboo

The Ultimate Guide To Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo does look remarkably like bamboo. The stalks are generally between one-half and three-quarters of an inch in diameter, with a tuft of strappy leaves emerging from their tips or the side of one of their upper joints.

Sometimes the leaves have yellow stripes, and the stems of some plants spiral instead of growing straight up.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky bamboo plants are usually sold as multiple stalks. What the numbers mean may vary corresponding on various authorities.

Three is the highly popular number of stalks — and produces happiness — while four is practically never permitted because four could bring negative energy, corresponding to Chinese folklore.

Two illustrate luck in emotion and marriage and eight produce luck in abundance.

Planning For Attractiveness And Happiness

The plant on my desk is a gorgeous arrangement of three stalks, one about 6 inches tall and the other two about 4 inches tall, linked together with a gold ribbon and put in a pot with an Asian-inspired design.

According to feng shui, the ancient practice of harmonizing our surroundings, my small plant has a beneficial effect on the surrounding energy, and the three-stalk arrangement attracts joy.

Simple Care

Given its purported abilities, lucky bamboo is a plant worthy of care. Fortunately, it is pretty simple to cultivate.

Light? No issue. Lucky bamboo may thrive in relatively low light levels. It is more likely that overwatering will injure the plant, resulting in water-soaked spots on the leaves.

Fertilizer? No issue. Lucky bamboo can thrive with minimal or no fertilization. As with light, too much fertilizer is more likely to cause the problems than too little, as evidenced by charred leaves.

Watering is marginally more difficult, but only slightly so. Plants can survive for extended periods with the base of their stems submerged in water or supported by pebbles and water. The water should be changed every week or every other week.

Lucky bamboo is susceptible to chlorine and fluoride, so rainwater, Well water, or at worst, tap water that has been lying out for several hours would be perfect. A plant is growing in soil demands watering comparable to other houseplants.

As Indoor Plants

Lucky bamboo is a typical houseplant species known as dracaena, corn plant, or dumbcane. The moniker “dumbcane” derives from what occurs to your mouth if you bite into this plant due to oxalate crystals, th; therefore.

Dracaena, also known as lucky bamboo, is not remotely related to bamboo.

A dracaena plant can grow to 6 feet or more if left to its own devices. However, the enormous plants lack the intimacy typical of Asian gardens and plants.

Regain this allure by cutting the plant back to its attractive height. New leaves will emerge from a joint close to the cut you made. (You can’t do this all the time; the plant will continue to grow back to its lovely height, but the stem will become unattractive as it does so.)

If you want the stem to develop in a spiral, position it to receive light from a single direction, toward which it will grow, and then rotate it as necessary.

If you prune the plant, do not discard the stem portions you remove. Simply submerging their bases in water or potting soil can be used to propagate new plants.

Group the stalks as you wish: three stalks for happiness, five stalks for money, seven stalks for health, or 21 stalks for a potent all-purpose blessing.

Final Word

  • Lucky bamboo, whose real name is Dracaena sanderana, won’t need transplanting either because the shoots don’t grow. Only roots and leaves do.
  • You can place it anywhere except in direct sun so there are lots of places people can put them.
  • They’re perfect in a bathroom or in a corner near the kitchen sink. You can put them in a shadow box or I have them in little vases as small as 2 inches across.
  • Stalks can be purchased singly or in bunches.
  • They come in numerous lengths, some more than 20 inches tall.
  • They can be purchased online on Amazon