Purple Waffle Plant Information Details

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Purple Waffle Plant

Purple Waffle Plant

Hemigraphis alternata, also called the purple waffle plant. It makes a thick ground cover 4-6 inches high with wavy leaves with purple undersides.

Scientific name: Hemigraphis Alternata “Exotica.”
High light: Produces a rich purple color in the leaves when it is grown in bright sunlight. Lower light levels will not harm plants, but the leaves will turn a uniform green.
Water: Moisten the soil until it is dry to the touch. Higher humidity is better for growth.
Fertilizer: Provide fertilizer from spring to fall. You can skip winter feeding.
Propagation: Roots quickly from 4 to 6 tip cuttings that have been stuck in vermiculite.
Extra features: The “waffled” foliage is dark green to purple at the top and always purplish beneath.

This makes it a great feature plant for your home or patio. The new growths initially stand upright but soon trail over the sides of the container. ‘

Purple Waffle Plant Use

This plant is the top choice for hanging baskets and produces small white flowers once established.

To encourage branching, pinch or cut the growths. You can use the prunings to make cuttings or start new plants.

The main pest problem is mealy bugs. Check the axils for these insects, spray malathion, or any other suitable sprays when they are present.