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The 5 Best Kitchen Faucets In 2022: Test Of Top Kitchen Faucets


It’s All About The Best Kitchen Faucets

Best Kitchen Faucets

There are many different brands of kitchen faucets on the market. American Standard is among the best kitchen faucets by popular choice, and their range of products includes traditional and high-end faucets.

No matter what type of kitchen faucet you are looking for, American Standard has a variety of styles and features to suit your budget and personal style.

If you’re looking for an affordable brand, consider a branded faucet. You can find these faucets in any local retail store that sells popular brands.

An excellent kitchen faucet should be practical, long-lasting, effective, functional, and fashionable.

Our best option is the Delta Faucet Leland Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet because it has all the features above and emanates a casual elegance.

Until it breaks, the reliable kitchen faucet is frequently taken for granted. Think about how often you and your family use it to wash your hands, grab a drink, scrub veggies, rinse dishes, wet sponges, and other things. The ideal would be one that can withstand regular use.

I am familiar with the mechanical warning signs to watch out for (such as plastic ball valves that leak) and unreliable brands to avoid when buying everything from elaborate industrial kitchen versions to basic bathroom faucets.

I used this information and looked into each option’s installation and design requirements before visiting several appliance showrooms and hardware shops in my neighborhood to evaluate my top choices.

These are my top selections for the most excellent kitchen faucets after I had a chance to use each type and get a feel for its mechanics and performance.

There are a couple of things to consider while looking for a new kitchen faucet, even if you decide against choosing one of our recommendations. Read on for a brief explanation of the issues to bear in mind.

The Top 5 Best Kitchen Faucets For 2021 Are Shown Below

The Delta Faucet Leland Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet is the best kitchen faucet overall.

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is the best kitchen faucet for a low budget.

Moen 7864EWSRS Sleek Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless Faucet is the best touchless kitchen faucet.

Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is the best pull-out kitchen faucet.

KOHLER 596-VS Simplice, 3-Spray, Kitchen Sink Faucet is the best commercial-style kitchen faucet.

Reviewed on 6/26/2022: We’re still putting our top picks’ durability to the test. We noted the spout’s type, size, and valve control details for each faucet.

Overall, the most incredible kitchen faucet The practicality of touch activation is combined with the adaptability of a pull-down spray head in the stylish and durable.

Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch Kitchen Faucet

Delta Leland Pull Down Touch Kitchen Faucet
Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch Kitchen Faucet
  • Pull-down spray head spout type
  • Size: 9.2″ reach, 15.4″ high
  • Single handle and touch-activated valve control

Benefits: The design prevents valve wear and tear and has a lifetime warranty on parts and finishes.

Cons: Batteries must be changed every two years, and electronics only come with a five-year warranty.

Delta Leland stands out from rivals thanks to its Touch2O technology. As a result, you can turn on the water simply by touching the handle or spout anywhere.

I can rinse the meat, bread it, toss it in the pan, and then wash my hands while still being able to control the water with my elbow.

The Delta spray head has an ergonomic tulip form that is simple to hold, and its magnetic locking system securely fastens it to the spout.

The head incorporates a rocker-style switch that allows you to alternate between the standard and sprayer settings without pressing a button continuously.

The Spray Shield option, which concentrates the water into a thin, incredibly potent stream to blast off stuck-on food while generating a cone of water around the area to avoid splashing, is controlled by a separate button.

The connecting hose’s flexibility caught me off guard. The Delta hose, often stiff and rubbery, had braided nylon covering, but it did not affect my control.

It’s perfect for jobs like filling up a sizable pot of water on the counter rather than needing to put it in the sink because of the height of the hose and faucet.

Any touch-activated faucet has the disadvantage of needing a power supply, and this type requires four AAAA batteries. You can also use the provided AC converter if your sink cabinet has an outlet.

Single-handle faucets like this gradually wear down and start to leak; in my personal experience changing faucets and, according to several plumbers I spoke with. It is normal to happen.

Touch activation is an excellent technique to increase the longevity of your faucet due to this feature.

Delta does make the identical faucet in a standard form for a little less money if you don’t think you need the touch activation. The Spray Shield and other features are still part of that model.

If you have an Allen key, a pair of adjustable pliers, and the solenoid needed to power the sensor, installing the Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O Kitchen Faucet shouldn’t be too difficult.

Delta carefully wrote the user guide, and several informative videos complemented it.

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

The most cost-effective kitchen faucet The low-cost, good-quality WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet has a straightforward tulip design and is easy to use.

  • Pull-down spray head spout design
  • 15.4″ in height and 8.5″ in reach
  • Control valve: a single handle

Pros: Reasonably priced, attractive, three-way spray setting, and simple to install

Cons: Compared to stainless steel, brushed nickel requires more upkeep and zinc alloy is less enduring.

Cheaper faucets typically have nice-looking exteriors but cut corners on internal parts. The WEWE Single Handle Faucet succeeds on both counts thanks to ceramic disk valves, ABS plastic aerators, and braided supply lines for longevity (think of the hard plastic used to produce Lego bricks).

The ceramic valves in this faucet prevent leaks more effectively than ball valves. They are crucial for a high-quality faucet because they don’t have rubber caps that degrade over time.

(However, be aware that they are prone to cracking if you exert too much pressure on them.)

The WEWE Faucet features a button on the spray head that allows you to pause the water in addition to the regular stream and sprayer settings.

Even though you have to keep pressing the button while pausing, it’s still a valuable function to avoid over spraying while near the sink and countertop.

The WEWE Faucet seems substantial because it is made of solid metal, but its low price is probably due to the zinc alloy and nickel finish.

Brushed nickel requires more upkeep to stay clean because it is less expensive than stainless steel and is less resistant to wet stains.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads that could scratch the finish and any chemicals that include ammonia. A soft cloth and soapy water should do the work.

Anyone prepared to spend 30 minutes underneath and climb under their sink should be able to complete the installation.

You won’t have access to the more expensive versions’ “quick-connect” technology, so you’ll have to tighten the supply lines the old-fashioned way using your fingers and a few wrenches.

Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594SRS Arbor One Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

The ideal kitchen faucet without a handle The Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

allows you to operate it even if your hands are greasy or full of things.

  • Pull-down spray head spout design
  • 15.5″ in height and 7.9″ in reach
  • Single handle with motion-activated valve control

Advantages: Easy no-touch operation; stain-resistant finish

Cons: Expensive, possibly necessitating routine sensor re-calibration

The Wave Sensor (on top) and Ready Sensor (in front) of this faucet model, which marries design and function, start and stop water flow when either one senses motion.

This faucet model allows effortless, hands-free operation with just the wave of your palm.

You can also change the water’s default temperature when the sensors turn on the faucet by altering the control box under the sink.

Although the Moen factory setting is lukewarm, you can change it if you’d rather have hotter water for washing dishes or colder water for drinking.

Additionally, it’s easy to disable either or both of the sensors at any time. Place your hand in front of the sensor for 5 seconds to stop it from registering motion until you activate it once more.

While they are disabled, you can manually switch the water on and off and change the water pressure and temperature by using the lever handle.

The Moen Arbor MotionSense Faucet’s 100-degree spinning high-arc spout is ideal for filling and cleaning large pots.

Three options are available from the pull-down spray head spout: an aerated stream, a firm “PowerClean” spray for tough cleaning and a pause that temporarily halts the water flow (1.5 gallons per minute maximum).

The hose on the spray head is 68 inches long and docks into position quickly.

You shouldn’t be deceived by the imposing control box when it comes to installation; Moen faucets are among the simplest to install.

The hoses and pipes are simple to connect to the control box because of their “Duralock Quick-Connect” installation mechanism. They are virtually impossible to install wrong, thanks to their one-way connections.

Moen Brantford Motionsense Wave Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen Brantford Motionsense Wave Touchless One Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
Moen Brantford Motionsense Wave Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

The top kitchen faucet that pulls out The Moen Brantford Single-Handle Pull-Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet is ideal for cozier environments and is simple to use and maintain.

  • Pull-out spray head spout design
  • Size: 10.2″ reach, 12.9″ height
  • Control valve: a single handle

Benefits: include a variety of coatings, ease of cleaning, and quick installation.

Cons: It can be a bit expensive and have flimsy-feeling plastic components.

Although it shouldn’t be confused with the pull-down Moen Arbor MotionSense that we previously profiled, the Moen Brantford Single-Handle Pull-Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet is the younger sibling.

This faucet may work well if your sink is small or if there isn’t much vertical clearance.

I adore pull-out style faucets because they provide you with much mobility without having a long spout. You can move more freely by drawing it “out” instead of “down,” which prevents you from wasting any hose length on the bend in the faucet spout.

Due to its exceptional flexibility, the 68-inch hose may be effortlessly manipulated around any sink. Although the spray head on this faucet is made of plastic, it is still an excellent option because of its stainless steel look and simple installation.

The Moen Arbor MotionSense and Moen Brantford Pull-Out Faucet both feature a strong “PowerClean” spray for heavy-duty cleaning and a swiveling spout that can be rotated 360 degrees.

The Moen Pull-Out Faucet installation also uses Duralock Quick Connect hoses, making it possible to connect the water lines quickly and easily.

The installation tool for this faucet, which essentially serves as a basin wrench and makes tightening those mounting bolts much more accessible (especially if you don’t have much room between the wall and your sink basin), makes things even more straightforward.

KOHLER 596-VS Simplice, 3-Spray, Kitchen Sink Faucet

KOHLER 596 VS Simplice 3 Spray Kitchen Sink Faucet
KOHLER 596-VS Simplice, 3-Spray, Kitchen Sink Faucet

The ideal kitchen faucet in the commercial style, The Kohler Sous Pro-Style Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet offers all the functions of a standard model while having the strength and size of a commercial faucet.

  • Pull-down spray head spout design
  • 22″ in height and 9″ in reach
  • Control valve: a single handle

Pros: Strong, magnetic locking arm and superior quality

Cons: Spring requires routine cleaning, and installation may be challenging depending on your surface.

The Kohler Sous Pro-Style Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet combines a contemporary design that fits in perfectly with a residential kitchen with the robust construction of a commercial kitchen-style faucet.

It works well in a busy kitchen and is the best faucet for handling heavy loads of dishes.

The spray head of the Kohler Sous Pro-Style Faucet is securely attached to a magnetic docking arm when not in use. The docking arm of this faucet swivels out of the way while you’re working, unlike other commercial-style faucets.

I’ve seen that the height of commercial-style faucets in some kitchens can make them appear out of place. With Kohler, that is not the case. It still looks nice on most counters because it is short enough.

Even on a kitchen island, which is typically off-limits for taller faucets, I’ve seen this, and it looks terrific.

The pull-down spray head’s spring-loaded construction has the ideal amount of tension—not too tight that it hinders mobility but robust enough to feel in control when using it.

The drawback of any tension system that uses a spring is that debris can get stuck in the gaps of the spring.

The Kohler Sous Pro-Style has the advantage that the entire spring can be easily removed and sprayed off on the sink.

The faucet has a conventional stream option in addition to “Sweep Spray” technology, which transforms the stream into a straight broom-like pattern.

This is excellent for “sweeping” away food from dishes rather than simply spraying it with a regular sprayer. The sink can be cleaned thoroughly in this environment as well.

If you are mounting this faucet to a stainless steel sink, you may need to add a small 1/2-inch plywood support piece under the counter. It’s not crazy, but most other faucets don’t have this extra step.

What To Think About When Buying A Kitchen Faucet

Even though selecting a kitchen faucet could seem simple, it’s crucial. You want the best kind to meet your requirements and the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Therefore, consider the available space, existing hardware, and the intended usage of the faucet before you go shopping for a new kitchen faucet. Examine the features of each model:

The device that turns your faucet on and off and modifies the water’s temperature is known as the valve control. Temperature and flow are controlled by one lever in single-handle designs, while two in double-handle versions (each handle containing either the hot or cold water supply).

Although touch and motion-activated designs are practical in many ways, their sensor has to be powered.

Note: We don’t have double handle types here because they are less prevalent and typically purchased for their looks rather than their functionality.

However, I appreciate its longevity because, compared to single handles, dual handles are typically more robust and challenging to pull off.

Choose from types with a rotating or fixed spout, a regular (steady stream), a two-mode (regular and spray), a low arc (between 3 and 8 inches over the top of the sink), or a high arc (also known as a gooseneck, and located above 8 inches).

Spray head: The sprayer may be attached to or separate from the faucet, next to it, or at the spout’s end. Pull-down faucets (typically found on taller faucets) or pull-out faucets are the latter types (which sometimes include much of the spout itself).

Finish: The faucet’s look, cleanability, resistance to spotting and corrosion, and pricing are all influenced by the material that makes up the finish, which can be chrome, stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, nickel, etc.

Arc and spout height and reach: Does your kitchen have enough space for a high-arc faucet, or is it more comfortable with a low-arc model? Will you have to move the pots and pans to wash them under the faucet? Do you care how high or far the spout reaches from the sink?

Do you want changeable water pressure? Flow rate Do you need only a stream (for filling pots or washing veggies), or do you also need a spray (to give dishes a little extra oomph when scrubbing off sticky or burnt-on food)?

How many holes does your sink have so that a faucet may be installed?

Some sinks only have one hole, making it impossible to utilize faucets that need more than one hole (unless you plan to drill more holes, which may be inconvenient, costly, or structurally impossible).

If there are additional holes in your sink that the faucet does not require, you can conceal them with an escutcheon or deck plate or use them to install accessories like a side sprayer or soap dispenser.

To guarantee your handle can spin as far as it needs to, ensure enough space between the faucet and the wall behind it.

Choose a water-saving model for your kitchen faucet, no matter what. A faucet aerator effectively lowers the flow rate while maintaining water pressure, saving you money and water.

When you observe any leakage from the faucet, you should also fix it (or replace it, if necessary).

The Alliance for Water Efficiency claims, “A monthly waste of 192 gallons (726.8 liters) is caused by a faucet that leaks 60 drops per minute.

Annually, 2,304 gallons (8.7 m3).” Visit the Drip Calculator on the U.S. Geological Survey’s website to estimate how much water your home could potentially waste from a leaking kitchen faucet.

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