The Best Water Cooler: Test Of Best 3 Water Cooler Dispensers


Best water cooler

Water Coolers Test

We are all conscious of the implications of staying hydrated, but drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day is easier said than done. The best water cooler with fresh, ice-cold water on tap may be just what you need to motivate you.

This guide holds all the details you need to identify the best water cooler for you. Our preferred choice is the Brio Self-Cleaning. Bottom-Loading Water Cooler, a sturdy and reliable water cooler with multiple remarkable features

Considerations in the Selection of Water Coolers

Type of Water Cooler

The most commonly used water coolers are top-load and bottom-load models. Both utilize standard water cooler jugs, but with top-load models, the pitcher’s rest upside down on top of the cooler, whereas with bottom-load models, the jug is stored in a compartment below the water dispenser.

Bottom-load models are significantly easier to load with new jugs because they do not require lifting and flipping.

Top-loading water coolers are typically less expensive than their bottom-loading counterparts, which is their only significant advantage. You can also purchase water coolers that do not require a jug. They are instead connected to your existing water system.

These are usually more costly to purchase and install, but they save money in the long run because tap water is less expensive than bottled water.

Water Temperature

Water coolers, as their name implies, dispense chilled water. However, many water coolers provide room temperature or cool (but not chilled) water as well as hot water for tea and other warm beverages.


Determine the water capacity of your water cooler by determining the size of the jugs it can accommodate. Water cooler jugs are typically available in capacities ranging from two to five gallons..

Point-of-use water coolers have an effectively unlimited capacity because they draw water directly from the source.



Self-cleaning water coolers are far more convenient than water coolers that require manual cleaning.

Some point-of-use water coolers are equipped with filtration systems to remove impurities from the water.

Drainage Tray

The drip tray gathers any fluid that manages to escape from the container or glass. This should be regularly emptied and sanitized, so it must be easy to remove; bonus points if dishwasher-safe.

Light-up Preference Panel

If you regularly drink from your water cooler at night, a control panel or night light will make it possible for you to do so without turning on the overhead light.


Depending on their size and features, water cooler prices can range from $100 to $400. A basic top-load model, for instance, costs approximately $150, whereas a brand-name bottom-load model costs between $250 and $300.


Should I clean the water dispenser?

A. You must always clean your water cooler according to the manual’s instructions. Alternatively, dirt and bacteria can accumulate, resulting in unsanitary water.

Additionally, mineral deposits can accumulate over time and clog the reservoir and nozzles. It’s as well a good idea to regularly clean the exterior of the water cooler, especially the buttons, which can harbor bacteria from users’ hands.

Are water coolers appropriate for residential use?

A. Although you may associate water coolers with offices and dental clinics, they can also be utilized in the home.

Mineral water models are a great way to incorporate this type of water into your routine without using an excessive amount of plastic bottles.

If you have a high preference for chilled water, a water cooler tends to produce water that is colder than water from the tap.

Water Coolers We Can Recommend

Self-Cleaning Brio Water Cooler with Bottom-Loading is the absolute best.

Brio Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

Our take: In addition to a convenient self-cleaning function, this water dispenser provides cold, room temperature, and hot water for instant coffee or any other warm beverage.

Pro: The bottom-loading design makes it easy to swap out empty water jugs. Exterior made of attractive stainless steel. The indicator indicates when it is time to replace the jug. Automatically cleans using ozone technology.

Con: A few have said it’s not silent enough.

Best value for money: PrimoTop Load Dispenser for Hot, Cold, and Cool Water

Primo Easy Top Loading Water Dispenser

This water cooler may meet your needs if you’re satisfied with a budget-friendly model devoid of extra features.

What we like: is that it takes up little space. Runs quietly. Provides hot and bottled water options. Temperature-adjustable water supply.

Con: Some customers have complained about slow dispensing.

Last is the Avalon Water Dispenser

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water DispenserIt has some quirks, such as a difficult-to-remove drip tray, but it works well overall and is reasonably priced for a bottom-loading model.

What we like: Sleek design. Provides water at cold, hot, and cool/room temperature. Easy to load. Built-in night-light.

What we dislike: leaks occasionally. As previously mentioned, drip and tray issues.