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Best Wrapping Paper

Best Wrapping Paper Ideas

I realize you’re hectic, but have you thought about your wrapping paper? I mean, really reflected about it?

These days, there is no excuse for dirty, thin stuff wrapped in gaudy, smirking Santas. Excellent paper might sell for a bit more, but how high do you value your style credentials?

  • Presenting gifts is pleasing and packing them up in pretty paper is half the fun. We’ve collected up the leading wrapping paper, covering holiday gift wrap, and supplies you can purchase online.
  • We consider Target gets the first collection of wrapping paper for an extremely reasonable price, but we still go for the gift wrap from the Paper Source, Hallmark, The Container Store, World Market, and Brown Kraft Paper.

Gift-giving occurs throughout the entire year to commemorate both holidays and special occasions. For many people, one of the most enjoyable aspects of purchasing gifts is wrapping them in beautiful wrapping paper with ribbons, bows, and tags.

Wrapping paper adds a layer of beauty and anticipation to every gift, and let’s face it, ripping open the paper to discover the hidden treasure is simply delightful.

We truly appreciate wrapping gifts as often as we love granting them, so we have created a list of the best wrapping paper and materials for sale.

If you need the wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes, or wrapping paper items, we have a lineup for you. We’ve also included the scissors and tape you’ll need to wrap all of those gifts.

Here are the most effective wrapping paper and gift-wrapping materials:

Updated on 11/05/2022: Updated pricing, links, and formatting.

The best wrapping paper overall Target

Target Wrapping Paper

Offers a large selection of wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes, tags, and other wrapping materials with fun patterns at an affordable price.

Target carries a vast assortment of wrapping paper and wrapping materials. Target has wrapping paper for all occasions, regardless of the season.

Its holiday wrapping shop is also remarkable. You can find virtually any pattern you desire, from amusing, silly designs to classic patterns and gift wraps for children.

On Target’s Amazon Shop, you can filter search results by holiday and occasion, as well as by brand, to quickly locate the optimal products for your needs.

Target also sells wrapping paper and supplies from well-known brands such as Papyrus, Minted, American Greetings, and Hallmark.

In addition to wrapping paper, you will find an abundance of gift bags, gift boxes, tags, bows, and ribbons.

Pros: Wide and diverse range, amusing patterns, classic designs, wrapping materials of all types, and options for other holidays and occasions.

Cons: Not all are eco-friendly

Wrapping Paper WRAPAHOLIC

WRAPAHOLIC Wrapping Paper

It has everything you need to wrap a gift, including exquisite wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes, tissue paper, and an abundance of cards.

If the presentation of your gifts is important to you, you will adore Wrapaholic’s extensive selection of artistic wrapping paper and wrapping supplies. You can find everything from traditional holiday prints and playful designs to all-season gift wrap.

The company also manufactures gift boxes and gift bags, so if you dislike wrapping gifts, you don’t have to do it at all. You will also find beautiful tissue paper, cards, and other embellishment materials such as tags, bows, and ribbons.

You don’t need to worry about the paper ripping in the middle of wrapping or the tissue paper disintegrating as you remove the package from Wrapaholic, as everything is of the highest quality.

If you’re concerned about the environment and the origin of your gift wrap, shopping at Wrapaholic can make you feel pretty good.

The company uses 30 percent recycled paper in its solid color papers, collaborates with sustainable forestry mills, makes many of its greeting cards from recycled materials, avoids chlorine, recycles ink and all paper scraps, and engages in other eco-friendly practices.

You can expect to pay a premium for gift wrapping, boxes, and other supplies, as they are made from superior materials.

Pros: Extensive assortment of designs; gift wrap, bags, boxes, tags, and ribbons are sold here; high-quality construction; eco-friendly practices

Cons: Expensive

The best bargain wrapping paper bundles Hallmark

wrapping paper bundles Hallmark

A well-known card manufacturer, offers affordable wrapping paper bundles that include everything needed to wrap a gift, including paper, tags, ribbons, gift bags, and more.

If you have many gifts to wrap, you may not wish to spend a great deal of money on wrapping paper.

Hallmark offers inexpensive gift wrap bundles that contain everything you need to wrap gifts, including wrapping paper, gift bags, and gift tags. The piece is also available separately at reasonable prices.

Hallmark’s gift wrap is available in numerous hues, patterns, and designs. You can find whimsical, festive snowmen alongside traditional, dignified stripes and solid colors.

Snoopy and other characters are also featured on select Hallmark gift bags.

A bundle containing three rolls of wrapping paper, ten gift bags, and thirty-two gift tag stickers costs between twenty and thirty dollars.

A single roll of wrapping paper costs less than ten dollars. The bundle is a great deal for those on a tight budget who have a lot of wrapping to do.

Hallmark states that its “gifting supplies are made with paper from well-managed forests” and that its “wrapping paper is made in the United States using European paper.”

Even though it is not recycled paper, it comes from a relatively responsible source.

Pros: Affordability, great deals on bundles, amusing prints, classic styles, variety, quality construction, and availability of accessories.

Cons: Not as eco-friendly as some options

The top classic wrapping paper The Container Store

wrapping paper The Container Store

It has a nice range of traditional wrapping paper designs for a reasonable price that is not exorbitant.

Wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes, and tags sold by The Container Store feature classic, simple designs. Although the costs are not dirt cheap, they are reasonable, and the quality is indisputable.

If you’re looking for a good deal, you can purchase three rolls of wrapping paper for $10. There are also gift bag sets, ribbon sets, tag sets, and other wrapping materials available.

Additionally, The Container Store makes it simple to coordinate wrapping paper with gift bags, boxes, tags, ribbons, and bows. When you click on a particular wrapping paper, the store displays additional gift wrapping supplies that match its patterns and color palettes.

Pros: Classic designs, nice selection of wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes, nice tags and bows

Cons: Can be pricey, not as eco-friendly as some

The Best Wrapping paper – American greetings wrapping paper

American Greetings Wrapping Paper

They got you covered if you’re searching for unique wrapping paper and supplies with a global flavor.

You may eventually tire of reindeer, snowmen, Santas, candy cane stripes, and other common patterns.

If you’ve reached that point and want to try something new, American greetings wrapping paper offers a variety of wrapping papers with unique designs, such as Scandinavian gnomes, cactus plants, llamas, and paisley patterns.

Santa, reindeer, gingerbread men, and other classic holiday-themed designs are available, and even they have a distinct appearance.

In addition to wrapping paper, there are gift bags, tags, and other wrapping materials available.

Moreover, everything is reasonably priced.

Pros: Fun patterns, international flair, decent prices, unique selection, lots of choices

Cons: Not as eco-friendly as some

Brown Kraft Paper

Brown Kraft Paper
Brown Kraft Paper




Brown Kraft Paper is the most environmentally friendly option for wrapping paper because it is made entirely from recycled paper.

Consider an eco-friendly alternative if the thought of thousands upon thousands of trees being cut down to produce wrapping paper that most people throw away and do not recycle breaks your heart. Brown Kraft Paper that is 100 percent recycled.

Yes, it is brown and plain, but this Kraft paper is sturdy, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and not at all see-through, unlike most inexpensive gift wrap, making it ideal for wrapping presents.

It is also durable and serves multiple purposes. Need to pack a box so that its contents don’t move around? Brown paper is the solution.

If you’re the creative type, you can also personalize the brown paper by drawing on it, layering it with other colored papers, or attaching ribbons and string.

Pros: 100 percent recycled paper, a lot of paper for the price, the sturdy paper that won’t tear, and the ability to personalize it.

Cons: It’s only brown and hence plain

The scissors by Fiskars

Fiskars Scissors

The finest shears and utility knife for present wrapping The scissors by Fiskars and the utility knife by Stanley are the best cutting tools available for gift wrapping.

When wrapping gifts, you must have access to quality scissors and a sharp utility knife. Fiskars manufactures the finest shears available, and their everyday shears are highly recommended.

With their soft-grip handles and sharp blades, you can easily cut wrapping paper with these scissors.

The Stanley Utility Knife produces precise, clean cuts along straight lines. The blade retracts for safety, but it is sharp, so keep young children away from it.

Pros: Both cut well, the utility knife is great for clean cuts, high quality, affordable, multiple uses

Cons: None

Scotch Magic Tape

Scotch Magic Tape

The finest tape for present wrapping Scotch Magic Tape is durable, cuts well, and blends seamlessly into wrapping paper when flattened.

Without Scotch Magic Tape, no gift-wrapping station is complete. The tape is transparent and matte, so it blends seamlessly with the wrapping paper. It is a durable tape that cuts well.

If you’ve ever purchased inexpensive tape from another brand and been disappointed, you’ll understand why we recommend Scotch tape. It is simply the best for gift wrapping.

In addition, this six-pack of Scotch tape is very inexpensive and will last you for multiple gift-wrapping seasons.

Pros: 6-pack, fair price, clear tape, matte finish, blends in, cuts well, strong tape

Cons: None

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