Where to buy a spacious house in Bodrum?


Where to buy a spacious house in Bodrum

Looking for Where to buy a spacious house in Bodrum? Look no further! Our expert team can guide you to the best places to buy your dream home in Bodrum. Discover your ideal property with ample space, stunning views, and a great location. Get in touch with us today to start your search!

Turkey is a country between Europe and Asia. With its ideal climate, beautiful cities by the coastline, historical sites, picturesque nature, and excellent cuisine, it is a place that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

The economic and political development over the past 20 years has given Turkey the investment potential to do business, work and live comfortably. Bodrum is one of the most appreciated locations in Turkey.

Foreign investors and ex-pats foresee the vast prospects of the destination and choose Bodrum for real estate purchases. However, to buy a house in Bodrum, it is necessary to explore the districts and choose the suitable one. 

Best places to live in Bodrum 

The city of Bodrum’s relatively compact size may appear slightly confusing. However, the resort and its surroundings have many attractive destinations for real estate purchases. A variety of lifestyles and affordable housing provide buyers with freedom of choice. 

If you want to buy property in Bodrum, we offer to choose accommodation in one of these neighborhoods:

  • Yalikavak;
  • Gumusluk;
  • Turgutreis; 
  • Ortakent; 
  • Kadikalesi.

To select the most suitable place for buying real estate in the surroundings of Bodrum, let`s have a closer look at each neighborhood. 



If you are looking for a festive lifestyle and resort atmosphere, monitor the real estate options in Yalikavak. The well-developed neighborhood offers pleasant sea views, enchanting forests, and luxurious villas. The modern infrastructure of Yalikavak allows homebuyers to feel maximum comfort. 



Not far from Yalikavak, foreigners can explore the neighborhood of Gumusluk. It suits mostly those buyers who desire to relocate and experience the unique traditional way of life. Exceptional property, friendly locals, and delicious seafood are the precise characteristics of the area. 



To enjoy the Aegean Sea fully, visit Turgutreis and its well-developed harbor. In this area, you will find a wide range of luxury apartments in Bodrum for sale in addition to the possibility of buying villas. It is conveniently located along the Aegean Sea and is suitable for families with children due to its safe beach.



The resort will appeal to fans of silence, solitude, beautiful nature, and scenic views. Nearby there is a green valley with olive and tangerine groves.

The infrastructure is well-developed: comfortable hotels, excellent restaurants, bars and cafes, stores, and travel agencies. The area is suitable for family living because of the combination of pristine beaches and modern infrastructure. 



If you are looking for a relatively quiet town in the Bodrum area, pay attention to Kadikalesi. The location is made up primarily by residential developments and hotels.

It is located in the farthest western part of the Bodrum Peninsula, between Turgutreis and Gumusluk. Kadikalesi was formerly an Ottoman fortress. It was also an essential point of trade with Kos and Greece.

Kadikalesi remains an unspoiled settlement compared to other accommodations in the Bodrum area. The crystal clear sea and citrus groves attract nature lovers.

Real estate for sale in Bodrum 

There are lots of attractive destinations to buy real estate in Bodrum. Spacious villas of various designs and prices are available on the website Turk.Estate.

Contact the specialists, and they will find the optimal housing unit for a permanent stay and an investment project. 

The average price for a villa in a comfortable location is about €200,000. A buyer obtains a housing unit with modern amenities and a stylish design for this money. 

Real estate in Bodrum provides great rental opportunities due to the constant flow of tourists and ex-pats. Therefore, a buyer can rent the house and get a passive monthly income or resell the property at a higher price. 


Q: Where is Bodrum located?

A: Bodrum is located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, in the province of Muğla.

Q: Why would someone want to buy a spacious house in Bodrum?

A: Bodrum is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, stunning views, and rich history. Many people purchase a spacious house in Bodrum for vacation, while others may be interested in making it their permanent residence.

Q: What areas in Bodrum are known for spacious houses?

A: There are several neighborhoods in Bodrum known for their spacious houses, including Yalikavak, Turkbuku, Gumusluk, and Ortakent.

Q: What types of houses are available in Bodrum?

A: Bodrum offers a variety of housing options, including villas, apartments, and houses with extensive gardens or swimming pools.

Q: Where can I find information on houses for sale in Bodrum?

A: Several real estate agencies in Bodrum specialize in buying and selling properties. Online platforms such as Zillow, Rightmove, and Property Turkey also offer listings of properties for sale in Bodrum.

Q: What is the average price of a spacious house in Bodrum?

A: The price of a spacious house in Bodrum can vary depending on the neighborhood and the size of the property. As of 2021, the average price for a spacious house in Bodrum ranges from $250,000 to $1,500,000.

Q: Are there any legal requirements for buying property in Bodrum?

A: Foreigners are allowed to buy property in Turkey, but there are certain legal requirements that must be met. It is recommended to consult with a local lawyer or real estate agent to ensure that all legal requirements are met before purchasing a property in Bodrum.

Q: Can I finance a property in Bodrum?

A: Yes, it is possible to finance a property in Bodrum through a Turkish or international bank. However, interest rates and requirements may vary depending on the lender.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with buying a property in Bodrum?

A: Additional costs are associated with buying a property in Bodrum, including real estate agency fees, title deed fees, and property tax. Budgeting for these additional costs is recommended when considering purchasing a property in Bodrum.

Q: Is it safe to buy a property in Bodrum?

A: Bodrum is generally a safe place to buy property. However, conducting thorough research and consulting with local experts is recommended before making any real estate purchases in Bodrum.

The bottom line 

As a port city on the coast of the Aegean Sea, Bodrum is a famous vacation spot with beautiful nature, a great climate, and many tourist attractions. In recent years, Bodrum and its surroundings have become home to immigrants from all over the world.

Like Antalya and other popular regions of Turkey, Bodrum is attractive to foreign property buyers. It offers a wide range of housing for every budget.