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White Jade And Other Jade Colors: Meaning, Healing Properties



From historic China to the majestic Mayan civilization,  WHITE JADE has always been a stone of great virtue. Its meaning involves love and brings positive influences. This is why people love to utilize it as a part of their jewelry and outfit.

The hardness of the stones and their prominent position in the Chinese market is one of the factors pushing up prices recently. How can we understand the meaning of these auspicious stones? Learn more below.

Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of Jade

Jade is a beautiful stone that has been cherished by many cultures for thousands of years. It is beautiful and benefits your health, happiness, and harmony. Jade comes in different colors and varieties, each with its meaning and energy. This article will explore some of the most common types of jade, their meanings, and their uses.

Jade is a symbol of gentleness, serenity, balance, and protection. It is said to bless whatever it touches and to bring good luck and friendship. Jade can help you access the spiritual world, gain insight into your dreams, and unleash your creativity. It can also heal your body and mind by balancing your fluids and organs, removing toxins, and aiding fertility and childbirth.

Jade is mainly known for its green varieties, which range from light to dark, and from opaque to translucent. Green jade is associated with the heart chakra and can help you attract love, compassion, and forgiveness.

It can also calm your emotions, relieve stress, and promote peace. Green jade is the most popular type of jade in China, where it is considered a stone of nobility and beauty.

Jade can also be found in other colors, such as white, lavender, pink, red, orange, blue, black, and brown. Each color has a different meaning and vibration.

Feeling and Emotional Healing

Jade is a beautiful and powerful stone that can help you with feeling and emotional healing. Jade has a soothing energy that can balance your emotions and release negative feelings. Jade can also enhance your love, compassion, and empathy for yourself and others.

Jade can help you heal from past traumas and wounds and restore your sense of harmony and peace. Jade can also attract abundance and prosperity into your life, as it is a symbol of good luck and fortune. Jade is a beautiful stone to work with to feel more joy, happiness, and gratitude.

Jade Uses and Purposes – Overview

Jade, an elegant and timeless gemstone, is prized for its aesthetic and metaphysical properties and is employed in various uses and purposes. With its deep historic significance in many cultures, it’s extensively used in artistic endeavors such as jewelry, sculpture, and ornamental artifacts, creating timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

This versatile gemstone is also used for making tools and weapons due to its toughness. However, jade’s relevance transcends its physical uses. On a metaphysical level, jade is regarded as a stone of serenity, balance, and purity, believed to attract good luck and friendship.

Its energy is associated with the heart chakra, promoting love, nurturing, and harmonious relationships. Moreover, in traditional Chinese medicine, jade is often used in healing practices to boost the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Whether in art, spirituality, or wellness, jade’s varied uses and purposes are a testament to its enduring value and fascination.

The Colors and Meaning of Jade

Jade, one of the most revered gemstones across different cultures, comes in various colors, each with unique symbolism and meaning.

Green Jade

The most common and well-known color symbolizes serenity and purity. It is associated with the heart chakra and promotes love and harmony, believed to attract good luck, prosperity, and longevity.

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White Jade

It is considered to be a calming and grounding stone that aids decision-making. It promotes concentration and is often used to help find or direct one’s spiritual focus.

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Lavender Jade

It symbolizes spiritual support and is believed to cleanse one from negativity. It’s often associated with spiritual realms and helps in spiritual exploration.

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Red Jade

Powerful emotional healing stone. It’s known to stimulate and release negative emotions and encourage feelings of love, courage, and justice.

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Yellow Jade

Associated with assimilation, digestion, and the happiness of community relationships. It symbolizes energy, wisdom, and practicality.

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Black Jade

Known for its protective energies. It’s believed to shield against negative energies and protect the wearer from harm.

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Blue Jade

symbolizes peace and reflection. It’s often associated with calm, inner peace, and wisdom.

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Each color of Jade carries its unique energies and meaning, offering a wide range of options for those seeking specific benefits from this remarkable stone.

Benefits And Healing Properties Of Jade

Jade is revered for its aesthetic appeal and its wide range of alleged healing properties and benefits. On a physical level, jade is said to aid in detoxification by strengthening the body’s filtration and cleansing systems.

It is believed to help treat kidney and adrenal gland-related problems. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, jade stones cool down the body and prevent ailments associated with heat and inflammation.

Jade’s metaphysical properties are equally potent. It is associated with the heart chakra, and as such, it is believed to promote emotional healing and stability. Jade is often used as a stone of protection, believed to ward off negative energies and bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity to its wearer. It also fosters harmonious relationships and enhances one’s ability to express love and kindness.

On a mental level, jade is known as a “dream stone,” believed to stimulate ideas and bring issues to the surface for resolution. It’s thought to encourage creativity, insight, and excellent problem-solving abilities. It aids in balancing one’s energies, leading to a calm, composed mind and a positive outlook on life.

While scientific support for these properties is limited, jade remains cherished in many cultures for its purported healing benefits, spanning physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

How To Use Jade?

Jade is a green stone used for centuries in various cultures for its beauty and healing properties. Jade can be used differently, depending on your intention and preference. Here are some common ways to use jade:

  • Wear jade as jewelry

Jade can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, ring, or pendant to enhance your appearance and attract positive energy. Jade promotes harmony, balance, and prosperity in your life. You can choose a jade piece that resonates with you or matches your outfit.

  • Place jade in your home or office

Jade can be used as a decorative element or a Feng Shui tool to improve your space’s flow of chi (life force). Jade can bring peace, calmness, and protection to your environment. You can place jade near your bed, desk, or entrance to benefit from its energy.

  • Meditate with jade

Jade can be a meditation aid to help you relax and connect with your inner wisdom. Jade can also help you open your heart chakra and enhance your compassion and love. You can hold a jade stone in your hand, place it on your chest, or use it as a focal point for your meditation.

  • Use jade for massage or skincare

Jade can be used as a massage or skincare device to improve your physical well-being and appearance. Jade can help relieve tension, stimulate blood circulation, and reduce inflammation.

You can use a jade roller, a jade gua sha scraper, or a facial mask to massage your face and body with gentle pressure and strokes.

Jade Emotional Healing Energy

Jade has a soothing effect on the mind and emotions, releasing negative thoughts and feelings. It can also help you cope with stress and anxiety, bringing peace and tranquility. Jade primarily benefits the heart chakra, promoting love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Jade can also heal various physical ailments, depending on its color. Green jade is the most common and versatile type, balancing the whole body and supporting the immune system.

It can also help with kidney and bladder problems, fertility issues, and skeletal disorders. Other colors of jade have their specific benefits, such as lemon jade for detoxification, lilac jade for spiritual growth, and red jade for vitality.

Jade is a beautiful crystal to wear or carry with you, as it enhances your magnetism and protects you from harm. It can also be placed in your home or office to attract prosperity and harmony. Jade is a dream stone that can help you access the spiritual realm and gain insight into your life purpose.

What Color of Jade Is Best?

Jade is a precious stone that comes in various colors, each with its meaning and symbolism. Jade is valued for its beauty, durability, and spiritual significance.

Some of the most common colors of jade are:

  • Green jade: This is the most popular and traditional color of jade. It represents abundance, prosperity, wealth, and harmony. Green jade is also associated with nature, healing, and balance. It is said to attract good luck and money flows.
  • Lavender jade: This is a rare and delicate color of jade. It represents spiritual support, strength, and emotional balance. Lavender jade is said to vibrate at the highest ethereal level and enhance intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Black jade: This is a protective and powerful color of jade. It represents warding off negative energies, evil influences, and bad luck. Black jade is said to help with overcoming fear and taking action.
  • White jade: This is a pure and serene color of jade. It represents focus, clarity, and wisdom. White jade is said to clear the mind of distractions and help with decision-making.
  • Yellow jade: This is a cheerful and joyful color of jade. It represents happiness, optimism, and friendship. Yellow jade is said to heighten assimilation and comprehension.
  • Orange jade: This is a warm and vibrant color of jade. It represents creativity, enthusiasm, and social connection. Orange jade is said to nourish joy and stimulate the mind.
  • Red jade: This is an intense and energetic color of jade. It represents courage, vitality, and love. Red jade is said to strengthen the spiritual life force and reduce fear.
  • Brown jade: This is a grounded and stable color of jade. It represents comfort, reliability, and security. Brown jade is said to help with grounding the mind and connecting with the earth.
  • Blue jade: This is a calming and soothing color of jade. It represents inner peace, self-reflection, and truth. Blue jade is said to calm the mind and encourage dreams and visions.
  • Jade of three colors (Fu Lou Shou): This is a lucky combination of three colors of jade in one piece, such as white, purple, and green or purple, yellow, and green. It represents growth, longevity, and happiness in life. Fu Lou Shou jade color is a pattern cherished by the Chinese for centuries.
  • Jade of two colors: This is a prosperous combination of two colors of jade in one piece, such as white green, black green, or white purple. It represents wealth, never to lack, and prosperity in life.

There is no definitive answer to what color of jade is best, as different colors may suit different people’s preferences, personalities, and purposes.

However, some general guidelines are:

  • Choose a color that resonates with you or matches your mood or style.
  • Choose a color that aligns with your intention or goal for wearing or using the jade.
  • Choose a color that complements your skin tone or outfit.


In the realm of precious stones, jade holds a position of high esteem. This is evident in the reverence for white nephrite jade, often called mutton fat jade, which is highly prized for its creamy white hue and smooth texture.

Similarly, jadeite, especially the imperial green shade, commands higher prices owing to its rarity, vibrant color, and translucent quality. Tremolite jade and other varieties of jade are also highly valued, not just for their beauty but for their hardness on the Mohs scale, rivaling even diamonds in terms of durability.

From the intricately carved jade ornaments adorning collectors’ showcases to the simple yet elegant jade beads worn around the neck, jade carvings have become synonymous with artistry and sophistication.

Each piece, be it from the rugged mountains of Myanmar or the metamorphic rocks of other regions, carries a unique story of origin. Such intricate artifacts, whether statues, symbols, or even practical items like knives, have a rich history, treasured and highly sought after for their cultural significance, quality, and luster.

Interestingly, jade’s appeal extends beyond aesthetics. For example, fat mutton and white jade stones are associated with spiritual awakening and self-love. It’s believed that wearing jade can lead to greater peace, confidence, and positivity, helping the wearer stay focused on their goals and move forward with patience.

People born under certain zodiac signs, like Gemini, may find jade particularly beneficial, as it’s recommended to boost emotional balance and promote self-love.

From a health perspective, jade is believed to offer various benefits, including bolstering the immune system and promoting emotional balance. It’s also widely used in Feng Shui to invite good fortune and peace. Jade’s beneficial properties are even said to extend to pregnancy, with certain forms of jade believed to foster a peaceful and comfortable gestation period.

Jade’s clarity, color, and translucency are crucial regarding quality and value. Deep, vivid shades, particularly of green jade, typically sell at higher prices, with collectors ready to pay premium prices for rare pieces.

While jade is often adorned in its natural hues, some is dyed to achieve a more desirable color. The jade’s origin, whether from Burma (now Myanmar) or other countries, can also affect its desirability and price.

Finally, while jade’s journey from the earth to the jewelry box may involve a variety of treatments and techniques to enhance its color and clarity, the stone’s natural beauty and intrinsic qualities remain its main allure.

Whether worn close to the chest or displayed in the center of a room, jade’s ability to offer peace, protection, and prosperity while adding a touch of earthy elegance makes it a treasured addition to any collection.

So, whether you’re a Gemini, a lover of unique gems, a scholar interested in cultural significance, a collector drawn to rarity, or simply someone seeking a tangible form of emotional balance, jade offers something for everyone.

As we grow more aware of our emotional health and spiritual awakening, the appeal of jade is set to increase. Jade is not merely a gemstone but a guide, helping us navigate life’s situations and offering a comforting presence in our journey toward self-discovery and fulfillment.

Whether in light or dark times, jade remains a beacon of hope, healing, and harmony, a testament to the enduring power of nature and the resilience of the human spirit.

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