6 Steps to a Successful Garage Makeover


Garage Makeover Tips

Garage Makeover

A garage makeover may seem complicated, but it is pretty straightforward. After all, it is just a matter of investing in a few necessities, and you will see an immediate improvement in your garage’s appearance.

Some homeowners go for years without cleaning their garages and then sell valuable items for a profit. Garage makeovers are a great way to clean out cluttered spaces and make money while you’re at it!


Painting your garage for a successful makeover is an excellent way to give it a new look. Garages are often overlooked, yet they contain valuable items like vehicles, lawn and gardening tools, and camping equipment.

Despite the importance of garages, their interiors often look unloved and dreary. Choosing the right paint for garage walls will help you transform the space into a more pleasant place.

However, preparing the space correctly before you begin the makeover is essential.

Old concrete in a garage can be a huge eyesore. The floor is usually made of cement, which takes a beating from the various vehicles and other heavy equipment used.

The garage floor is also susceptible to stains, food leaks, and harsh chemicals.

Fortunately, paint is easy to clean and doesn’t have the chemical odor of oil-based paints. It will also give you a garage that you can proudly display.

Overhead Storage

Installing overhead storage can increase the overall space of your garage and help you get rid of clutter. But before installing this type of storage, you should clear the garage of unwanted items. Organize all the things that are stored in this area.

Throw away or recycle what you do not need. Clear the garage area of any Christmas decorations or arts and crafts materials. You can then recycle these items after installation. Don’t forget to toss out old clothes.

Overhead storage can give you a lot of additional space, but installing it can be challenging. To properly install overhead storage, you should measure the ceiling, determine which joists run parallel to it, and hang cross-cleats over the ceiling.

Using lag screws, attach the cross-cleats through the ceiling and to the ceiling cleat. Overhead storage racks can then be installed over the door.


A garage makeover can start with an insulation upgrade. Insulating the garage can help keep moisture out and heat in. If you have cinder block walls, spray foam insulation can help you insulate them without disturbing the current status quo.

If your garage has drywall but no insulation, you can use a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from building up around the electrical boxes.

There are two common types of insulation: fiberglass and batt. Batt insulation is the cheapest and easiest to install. However, you must remove all the items from the garage before installing batt insulation.

In addition, you should consider a vapor barrier if you like to use your garage for activities that produce a strong odor. For more efficient insulation, you can also consider spray insulation, which requires a lot of setups beforehand.

Antiskid Floor Coatings

Before applying an antiskid floor coating, you’ll want to know what is needed. For a successful garage makeover, you should first consider the type of surface you’ll be covering.

While sand is the least aggressive option, aluminum oxide can be a bit more aggressive. While this coating is more likely to stick to concrete, it’s better for areas with a high chance of spills and the elderly.

Aluminum oxide is also harder to clean, but some manufacturers offer colors that blend into a room’s decor. A professional installer will also know how to disguise the surface of a nonskid surface.

You can determine whether or not you need an antiskid floor coating by considering the climate in your area. If the environment in your area is typically wet, antiskid floor coatings may be beneficial.

In areas where it rains and snow, floors may become slippery. If you live in an area with lots of rain or snow, consider installing antiskid floors to avoid these issues.

Getting Rid Of Clutter

The first step to a successful garage makeover is getting rid of clutter. The garage is probably full of a lot of clutter, so it makes sense to start by sorting through everything in the garage.

Remove anything that you haven’t used in more than a year. Consider holding a garage sale or donating items to a thrift store. Clearing out the clutter is the first step to curbing the chaos and creating a storage place.

The second step is cleaning and organize the garage. If you have a garage filled with clutter, it will make it look smaller than it is. This step is often the most challenging part of a garage makeover.

However, keeping the garage clean and free of debris is vital. Proper cleaning will make the space feel more spacious and airy. If you do not have time to do this, consider dedicating certain zones in your garage for specific activities.

Organizing Systems

Organizing systems for a successful garage renovation start with planning. A successful garage organization makeover begins with a clear floor plan, incorporating customizable design features, and installing the right storage system. Then, the fun begins! Here are some tips to make your garage more organized:

The first step to a successful garage makeover is to find large storage bins with lids. These storage containers can store anything, including tools.

The next step is finding wall-mounted racks or shelving units. Wall-mountable units and shelving systems are great options for garage organization. They help you keep clutter off the floor, transforming the garage’s entire appearance.

You may also consider using large bins with lids to store smaller items.