Best AirTag Key Rings, Holders & Accessories


Best AirTag Key Rings

Apple’s Best AirTag Key Rings are the best Bluetooth trackers for iPhone or Mac users. However, one concern in our AirTag review was that it lacks a hole, which means you’ll have to acquire an accessory to insert it in most cases.

Do you want to put it on your keys? You must purchase a unique key ring. Would you like to connect it to your luggage? A unique luggage label is required.

For AirTag users, an ecosystem has quickly emerged, supplying straps, loops, pet tags, cases, and holders.

But which ones are worthwhile to purchase? We’ve been putting all the AirTags accessories we can get our hands on through rigorous testing to help you pick the most delicate AirTag holder for your needs.

Best AirTag Key Rings

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Although there are cheaper alternatives, this AirTag key ring is the best we’ve seen so far. 

Despite being light, attractive, and well-made, it is reassuringly sturdy. With the metal popper, it’s easy to put the AirTag inside. 

We like the large, chunky (but somewhat flat) ring, although we’d recommend testing it out in a shop if you’re planning to attach car keys. 

While the leather covers the AirTag’s edge, it leaves most of its chassis exposed to the elements and prone to minor scuffs. 

The pleasing look is worth it, and scuffing is inevitable and minor, but if you want total protection, look elsewhere.

Orbitkey Leather Holder for AirTag – Bulk-free keyring

The leather offering from Orbitkey is well worth your consideration. With a nice-looking design and a couple of advantages, it costs roughly the same as Apple’s Leather Key Ring.

The ring itself is slender. In contrast to Apple’s broad, flat ring, this fits into even the tiniest holes, whereas Apple’s ring is difficult to attach to narrow car keys. 

Additionally, the key is attached innovatively: an initially baffling locking system that, once mastered, is much quicker and more accessible (and less painful) to disassemble than the traditional two-layer ring.

One complaint: the leather fob is much larger than the airbag. There is a lot of space inside the pocket, and it wobbles a bit. 

As a result, the key ring takes up a lot of space in your pocket. In addition, this provides far more protection than Apple’s AirTag. 

Compared to other Keyrings we tried, this one is less likely to get scuffed.

Orbitkey also makes a cheaper Slim Case with a similar locking mechanism if the price tag puts you off.

Belkin Secure Holder with Key Ring for AirTag – Basic option

Belkin offers an affordable alternative to leather key rings. Plastic gives the Secure Holder a budget feel but is reassuringly durable.

Both faces of the AirTag are exposed, but the plastic surround sticks out more, so it’s more drop-resistant than Apple’s key ring. 

Through a clever twist-and-lock mechanism, the airbag is secured inside the holder. There are four colors to choose from: white, black, pink, and blue.

Olixar Silicone Protective Skin For Apple AirTags – Budget option

The price for a pair of Olixar’s key rings is less than that of Belkin and less than a third of Apple’s. 

The AirTag is challenging to fit into the silicone cover—there’s no clasp, so you have to stretch the edges and jam it in—but it’s secure once inside and admirably protective. 

As a result, you could say that it provides twice the protection of Apple’s key ring since only the front face is exposed.

This ring has a karabiner-style opening that makes it easier to use and more fun than a conventional ring (although it is less secure since it does not have the lock feature of a full mountaineering karabiner). 

It’s still a primary option; if you’re willing to spend a little more, consider Olixar’s ‘leather style’ version or its top-of-the-line genuine leather case.

Elevation Lab TagVault: Keychain – Ultimate protection

TagVault: Keychain from Elevation Lab features a keyring nub, scratch and mars resistance, and options for water resistance or waterproofing. 

AirTag’s rugged case has a gasket to prevent water intrusion while passing through ultrawideband and Bluetooth signals and allowing about two-thirds of its sound volume to pass through. 

With a simple but robust keychain ring, it has an integral loop for a keychain.

Caseology Vault – Rugged option

Wouldn’t it be great if your AirTag had a rugged key ring accessory? 

Featuring a grippy sandstone finish that makes it less prone to drops, the Caseology Vault is made from military-grade thermoplastic polyurethane.

It also features a karabiner attachment like the Olixar Silicone. With this removable feature, the Vault can be used in various ways. 

AirTag Luggage Tags

Apple AirTag Loop – Basic luggage tag

With two exceptionally bright and cheerful color options (Electric Orange and Sunflower), Apple’s AirTag Loop is made of polyurethane and looks and feels smart. 

Consequently, you can locate your suitcase on the conveyor belt.

Airbags attach with easy-to-use and secure metal clasps; you wrap the strap around your luggage’s handle and loop the head through the tail slit. 

Despite looking a little delicate at first glance-the strap gets relatively thin at a certain point-it, it proved to be quite durable and should be acceptable for non-military use. 

Apple’s key ring protects the edges of the AirTag, but not its center, so expect some scuffing.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Apple’s Leather Loop comes in Saddle Brown, Baltic Blue, Forest Green, California Poppy, or (Product) Red. 

The polyurethane one looks and feels much better than the AirTag Loop, even from a high starting point. 

Both appear fine, although they may be more resistant to damage in the long run.

Olixar Soft Silicone Luggage Loop For AirTags – Budget bag tag

Like Apple’s Loop, Olixar’s silicone AirTag strap has a very similar design. Still, as you might imagine (given how much less expensive it is), the materials and manufacturing quality are a little less opulent.

One difference is that it’s a little floppier and doesn’t feel as luxurious. Alternatively, suppose you wish to enjoy a taste of the finer things in life.

In that case, there’s always the choice of the leather version, which is totally acceptable, practical, and considerably more affordable.

Belkin Secure Holder with Strap for AirTag – No fuss bag tag

Belkin’s Secure Holder is furthermore offered with a sturdy string for securing it to a bag or suitcase handle.

This threads back through itself to attach to your baggage simply, just like the strap-style loops offered by other manufacturers.

It comes with a matching string and is offered in white, black, blue, and pink.

You could mix and match different holders to make a multicolored accessory because the front and rear portions, string, and key ring are all removable.

Apple AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag – Premium bag tag

MSRP: $449

Best Prices Today: $449 at Apple

Along with luggage labels, Apple’s association with Hermès offers opulent options. Saddle-stitched Barénia leather is available in any Fauve color.

Like the deluxe key ring, the Hermès luggage tag includes a specially carved AirTag.

AirTag Pet Collars

Elevation Lab TagVault: Pet

For the component of the TagVault: Pet that houses the AirTag and upholds the waterproof barrier, screws with the tiny Torx T6 star-shaped drive are used. These screws have a T10 slot and are piercing, self-tapping screws.

Although the casing may be too large for smaller collars, they are used to carry a hard plastic anchor to add additional rigidity when linked to a pet collar that you supply.

The set includes a steel Torx T6 L-shaped screwdriver with heads on both ends.

AirTag Wallet Holders

TagVault: Wallet

The AirTag holder comes in two sizes: standard, 3.25 by 1.5 inches (83 by 38 mm), and compact, two by 1.5 inches (51 by 38 mm). There is a difference of 0.05 inches (1.3 mm) in thickness between the two. 

Squarer designs work well in other wallet parts; rectangular designs work well in billfold slots.

With the airbag exposed front and back, there’s no additional blocking beyond your wallet to block wireless signals for tracking and Precision Finding.

Other types of AirTag cases and holders

Olixar Apple AirTags Anti-Scratch Protector

Preview Product Rating Price
Olixar Soft Curved Screen Protector for AirTags - Clear Olixar Soft Curved Screen Protector for AirTags - Clear No ratings yet $9.99

Because many of the holders in this roundup leave at least one of the airbag’s surfaces exposed and susceptible to damage, the airbag is a little prone to picking up scuff marks.

If you’re worried about this, consider buying a “screen” cover for your tracker. It doesn’t indeed have a screen, but the same idea still holds.

Two TPU film covers, ethanol wipes, a cleaning cloth, an application card for smoothing out air bubbles, and a cleaning cloth are all included in the bundle from Olixar.

Olixar AirTags Adhesive Silicone Pocket

The third option is stickiness if the object you want to track doesn’t have a handle, you can loop the AirTags around or a pocket you can tuck inside.

These stylish silicone pockets (sold in packs of four) give the tracker a firm and dependable adhesive surface so it may stick to a jewelry box, schoolbag, or gaming console while also shielding it from damage from the outside.

This solution isn’t the best for finding stolen property because the AirTag is still fairly noticeable and quickly slipped out (unless there is a more covert internal surface you can stick it to).

They are, nonetheless, necessary for finding TV remote controls and for their extreme adaptability.

Elevation Lab TagVault: Bike

The TagVault: Bike is a plastic shell that holds the AirTag AirTag inside its waterproof seal. 

Screwing in longer screws if you attach the cage to a bike or shorter screws if you don’t attach the cage, it attaches to the bike’s water bottle mount. Due to its matte black finish, the case is unobtrusive. 

It would take a thief time and effort to remove a screw inserted between a cage and the frame.

AirTag Cases Should Include The Following Features.

There is only one type of airbag available. Thus, you are not required to make a choice.

Apple offers a single unit ($29) and a four-unit set ($99). Engraving is uncharged.

Regular 2.4GHz Bluetooth broadcasts from an airbag include an encrypted device ID for other Apple devices to pick up and transmit, along with the positions of those devices.

The 2.4GHz spectrum quickly penetrates solid things. However, case designers must consider materials that can interfere with the signal.

We haven’t yet discovered an AirTag case with that design issue in our survey.

Exclusive to Apple’s Find My products, AirTags also use ultrawideband (USB) technology for Precision Finding.

When it’s within around 15 to 30 feet, Precision Finding allows an iPhone with UWB to detect the direction and distance within inches (4.5 to 9 m).

When choosing the features you want for an AirTag, think about its possible uses for it:


There are enough different types of cases that you may get one that doubles as a luggage tag, one that doubles as a chic keychain, and one that can withstand a great deal of harm.

Determine the location of the AirTag and then match the case to it. 

Water resistance

Many cases have some level of water resistance, and some use the IP rating to specify just how much.

You might choose an AirTag with a high resistance level if you use it outside or on a pet’s collar. It could appear less or unimportant when attached to a bag or keychain.

Ring, clip, loop, or carabiner

Manufacturers of cases provide a wide range of attachment options. Some products have a simple hole to connect a keychain, while others come with a keychain and maybe a keyring.

Several cases with built-in carabiners are available, one of which has a three-digit combination lock.

Another option is a string or similar loop design, in which the case pulls tightly on the handle without tying a knot.

Adhesive or removable

You might want an AirTag case that is simple to connect, detach, and move around in. Adhesive for semi-permanent fixed attachment is used in other situations.

Hidden for theft recovery

An AirTag can be concealed in some circumstances, making it less noticeable and less likely to be found if stolen, while others are more evident, like a keychain or luggage tag.

Temper rideability with the awareness that crooks with smartphones can find them thanks to Apple’s anti-stalking measures incorporated into AirTag technology.

On the front side:

On the other hand, certain cases expose an AirTag, showing the surface where you might have added custom engraving from Apple with a text or emoji. To distinguish between the AirTags you own, you might wish to look at that engraving.

Cost of Airtags

A single airbag costs about the same as a case, typically from $20 to $35. Outliers below $10 and above $40 do exist, though. It all comes down to the purpose’s complexity, ruggedness, and usefulness. For style, some charge more.

How We Test AirTag Case Features

We assigned ratings to each type of case based on the features that each type was built. These consist of:

  • Simple to insert the AirTag for secure retention: To insert an AirTag, each scenario takes a somewhat different procedure.

Some casings contain intricate locking mechanisms or call for removing and replacing four tiny screws to maintain a waterproof barrier.

Others are as easy as inserting the tag into a rubber ring or slipping it into a slot.

  • Securely attaches to attachable cases: We evaluated how well samples that promote themselves as attachable performed in that job.

Depending on the case, a keyring, carabiner, wrist strip, pet collar, or glue to adhere on surfaces like the luggage interior may be included.

  • Easy access to battery replacement: When used regularly, which Apple describes as four tones played daily and one incidence of Precision Finding, an AirTag battery should last for around a year.

Every few months to a year, the battery needs to be replaced, and the case should provide access that isn’t annoying.

  • Resistant to bumps and bangs: Only a few specific types of casings are resistant to damage by rubbing up against other things.

The majority must be built with that in mind. We examine if the materials and build quality of cases exposed to other surfaces offer us confidence that they will deliver long-lasting value.

  • Prevents access to remove: Few cases offer a security measure that requires the AirTag to be destroyed to be removed, preventing access to an AirTag without using excessive force.

We grade these instances according to their apparent ability to stop or discourage everything short of a disaster.

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