The Best Drain Cleaners You Can Buy In 2022


Best Drain Cleaners

The best drain cleaners are beneficial when you need to quickly fix clogging problems. I rank plumbing problems near the bottom of my list of least-favorite home maintenance issues. Mess smells and costs are all things I hate.

Even though I understand plumbing, I don’t have the tools or skills to repair it. It is much better to deal with minor clogs and prevent them than a colossal disaster, so I pay attention to the flow.

It is common for us to take plumbing systems for granted until there is a problem. We should dedicate every day to drain care. Although we cannot control how fast a pipe joint disintegrates

We Can Prevent Clogs With These Simple “Rules”

  • The enemy of a drain is grease. Cooking oil, bacon grease, and other fats should never be poured down the drain. As a result, they solidify with other food particles and clog the pipes.
  • Make sure the drain is strained. By keeping strainers in the sink, tub, and shower stall, you can prevent clogs caused by hair and debris.
  • It should be flushed out. Follow up with hot water after using the garbage disposal, brushing your teeth, or pouring something down the kitchen sink.
  • You can dissolve grease, toothpaste, and soap that is building up in your drains by simply pouring hot water down them every week.
  • Give some thought to the likely cause of a slow-moving drain or a clog.
  • To get the best results, you need to use the best drain cleaner and one that will cause the most minor damage to your plumbing system.
  • Often, drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals like lye and acids that generate heat when they come into contact with organic matter.
  • Misusing the heat can soften PVC pipes and damage copper solder.
  • When opening a drain, start with the least harmful method. ‘
  • Adding a cup of baking soda to the drain and pouring in a cup of heated distilled white vinegar is often enough to open the drain (don’t pour too quickly or you risk creating a violent reaction!).
  • Try mechanical methods like a plunger or pressurized drain opener next. Last, you can use chemical drain cleaners if you’ve exhausted all other options.
  • Follow the directions carefully after reading them. Make sure it is well ventilated, your eyes and skin, and take safety precautions.
  • I should keep away splashes and spills from the surrounding areas. Using chemical drain openers can damage finishes permanently.

Here Are The Best Drain Cleaners On The Market:

  • The Best Drain Cleaner For Hair Clogs

Whink Hair Clog Blaster

  • The Best Drain Cleaner For Grease Clogs

Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver

  • The Most Effective Non-Chemical Drain Clog Remover

CLR Power Plumber

  • The Best Drain Build-up Cleaner

CLR Build-Up Remover

  • Hair Clog Preventer Without Chemicals

TubShroom Strainer and Hair Catcher

  • The Best Caustic Thrift Drain Cleaner

Thrift Marketing GIDDS-TY-0400879 Drain Cleaner

Hair Clogs Remover, This One Is The Best 

Whink Hair Clog Blaster dissolves hair clogs quickly and gets drains flowing again.

Hair clogs are the most common problem in bathroom sinks, showers, and tub drains. Soaps and shampoos coat the hair and cause it to stick together.

Try Whink Hair Clog Blaster if non-chemical methods do not work. Whink is manufactured by RPM International, which also makes Rust-Oleum and DAP Products.

Liquid drain opener Whink contains sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sodium meta silicate, and changed amine oxide that will cut through clogs.

Since this product dissolves hair, we must take safety precautions to prevent eye and skin damage.

It can be used regardless of whether standing water is in the tub or sink. To prevent damage to other surfaces, pour it down the drain slowly and directly. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

We should use the product in one cup (8 ounces). Hot water should be flushed down the drain after waiting at least 30 minutes.

When appropriately used, Whink Hair Clog Blaster won’t harm any plumbing or septic system.

Before flushing, allow it to sit in the drain for several hours or overnight if it doesn’t work the first time. Read the directions carefully, as I mentioned earlier.

Pros: Easily cuts through hair clogs in sinks and bathtubs, cheaper than other drain openers

Cons: Chemically hazardous, should not be used for grease clogs, limited distribution, but available online or in hardware stores.

Preview Product Rating Price
Whink 6217 Hair Clog Blaster! 32 Ounce Whink 6217 Hair Clog Blaster! 32 Ounce $16.45

For Grease Clogs, This Is The Best Choice

Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver 

Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver Dissolves drain blockages with non-caustic, biodegradable ingredients. Grease-related clogs are the most effective.

Despite our best efforts, many accidentally pour oil and grease down the drain or out of laziness. I recommend you try Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver before calling the plumber. It works ok for me.

Green Gobbler removes hair and soap buildup, but grease and oil are best eliminated with boiling water by liquifying them. Aside from being safer than drain openers containing caustic sodium hydroxide, these enzyme-based ingredients do not emit strong chemical odors.

You won’t have to guess how much to pour down the drain. They contain two precise doses in the two-chambered bottle. Pour in one of the pre-measured quantities and let it sit for 30 minutes or overnight before flushing the clog away with hot water.

Amazon customers rate Green Gobbler 3.9 stars on average. According to one customer, the grease buildup results from washing greasy pots and pans even after wiping them down.

The customer found this product helpful when nothing DIY seemed to work.

Pros: Using enzymes to dissolve grease and other clogs, less caustic than other drain cleaners, 30-day hassle-free return policy

Cons: Can’t handle severe clogs

The Best Non-Chemical Remover 

CLR Power Plumber 

We need no chemicals or messy plungers to blast through hair and grease clogs.

CLR Power Plumber may be the perfect product if you prefer not to keep chemicals around and want to keep drains flowing without harming the environment.

Everyone has used a plunger to open a drain at some point. There’s a dripping, messy plunger to clean and store after it works. In addition, plunger heads eventually disintegrate and crack. Using forced air to move a clog, the Power Plumber works similarly to a plunger.

This 7-inch tall can contains compressed gas scented with deodorizer scented with lemon.

CFCs are not present in the gas. Fill the wash basin with a few inches of water, insert the nozzle into the drain, and watch as the gas expands rapidly when it comes into contact with the water.

The wave of gas and water acts as a battering ram by pushing the blockage through the pipe. There is no need for chemicals. Besides bathtubs and sinks, the Power Plumber also fixes garbage disposals and double sinks.

Ensure a tight seal by following the directions carefully.

In a 4.5-ounce can, there are 15 uses – that’s a lot of cleaning.

Pros: No chemicals, 15 applications per can, small size, easy to store

Cons: Not always available in mass markets

Drain Cleaner That Prevents Clogging 

CLR Build-Up Remover 

Once a month, pour CLR Build-Up Remover into the kitchen and bathroom drains to prevent clogs.

We’ve established that all of us dislike plumbing issues.

As a result, I follow all the rules of drain care and use CLR Build-Up Remover monthly to prevent issues like clogs and odors.

Before bedtime, I pour about one-third of a cup of baking soda into a drain so it can work and remove soap scum, toothpaste, grease, and other gunk that builds up in pipes.

I pour one-fourth cup of vinegar right before bed, five days in a row if a drain is running slowly.

We can also do treatments in the morning before leaving for work – just make sure you don’t use water while you do them.

It will not harm pipes or septic systems when using the product. CLR Build-Up Remover meets the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Choice Program.

An Amazon customer claims the product kept drains clean for five to six months with just two ounces per dose.

Pros: Prevents drain clogs, removes odors, doesn’t harm pipes, and is environmentally friendly

Cons: it does not expunge Clogs

Best Non-Chemical Hair Clog Preventer

TubShroom Strainer and Hair Catcher

When you have long-haired humans or pets in your home, use it to prevent clogs in the drains. Hair Catcher and Strainer from TubShrooms. This little rubber gadget will change your life.

Unlike typical drain filters, the TubShroom captures the hair out of sight by slipping into the drain opening. The shape created a whirlpool effect and holes on the spool, preventing long hair from going down the drain.

It fits any standard 1.5-inch to 1.75-inch bathtub drain and is available in various colors, from white to orange. Pull out the TubShroom and dispose of the hair when you notice the water slowing down as the tub drains.

To remove any residue, wipe away the hair with a microfiber cloth or tissue and rinse it under the faucet. To protect your drain, simply pop it back in.

Pros: Eliminates hair clogs in drains, is easy to install and clean, available in multiple colors and sizes

Cons: If not cleaned regularly, it can slow water drainage

The Best Caustic Thrift Drain Cleaner

Thrift Marketing’s caustic drain cleaner removes tough clogs almost instantly. Run hot water down the drain or pour hot water from a pot or kettle into the drain while simultaneously pouring the drain cleaner into the drain. 

In about a minute, the hot water dissolves the drain cleaner and creates a powerful solution. The powdered drain cleaner has no odor. The chemical breaks down in hot running water and won’t damage porcelain, chrome, plastic, or metal pipes. 

The product is ideal for cleaning grease traps and septic systems but not for clogging toilets, garbage disposals, or standing water.

Pros: Results are almost instantaneous. Mix with hot water to activate this grease trap and septic system cleaner. Odorless

Cons: Not suitable for toilets or garbage disposals

The manufacturer also manufactured other drain-related products. Simply slip on a StopShroom Drain Cover and fill the tub for a relaxing bath.

To catch debris in shower stalls and kitchen sinks, there are ShowerShrooms and SinkShrooms.

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