The 3 Best Towel Warmers in 2022 for an at-Home Spa Experience


Towel Warmer

The 3 Best Towel Warmers in 2022

Although a towel warmer can be considered an extra-valued luxury, it provides something more than what’s apparent. Apart from serving warm towels, it can also warm up your bathroom, keep mildew and mold from growing on damp towels, and is an ideal place to dry delicate handwashing products.

We’ve opted for electric towel warmers, not the costly models with hydronic heating powered by central heating units. We particularly appreciate the Amba Radiant’s electric Curved Warmer which is hard-wired for its reliability and ability to heat up quickly.

Things to consider when choosing to use towel warmers

Towel warmers are typically small-sized appliances designed to fit in bathrooms. If you’re looking to place multiple bath towels on your warmer, search for “family-size” rail warmers.

A tiny four-bar warmer, as instance, is sixteen” long (side to side), 28″ high, as well, like 3″ deep, which is enough to fit into smaller walls.

A typical warmer would measure between 21″ to 23″ long (side-to-side) 36″ high, and 13″ deep.

A more oversized towel warmer could be around 64″ tall but isn’t necessarily more extensive, giving you more bars to hang towels.

If you’re handy with tools, installing most warmers should be easy. If you’d prefer a wall-mounted installation, you can contact an expert. Wall-mounted units work well in small bathrooms since it doesn’t require floor space.

If you’re looking for a basic portable warmer, look for a stand-alone unit connected. Freestanding units can require more space in your bathroom, principally due to their legs and base.


When the base and feet are removed, we can transform several freestanding rail units into wall-mounted units. If you’re involved in this preference, you must decide if the feet can be taken out.

Electric towel warmers can often warm up to a maximum temperature between 100o to 150oF. Warmer towels heat differently, and this can influence the maximum temperature.

The electric towel warmer could include heating elements made of dry material in those tubes which get heated. There could also be an element that heats water or oil inside the rails for towels.

In any case, the towel warmers have the least energy, regardless of how we heat them.

Specific wall-mounted models might have slightly curved rails. The curve will give you a bit of space behind the bar so that it is possible to hang towels over the fence.

If you are limited in space, consider how far the curve extends and choose a narrower radius.


There is no need to spend arm and leg to purchase an efficient electric towel warmer. We can buy freestanding towel warmers that are smaller at prices between $56 and $129 and come with up to five rails to hold towels.

Between $129 and $192, you can discover larger, more sleek chrome rail towel warmers that are wall-mounted or freestanding.

Above $200, you’ll discover higher, slightly larger rail towel warmers available in various styles, like stainless steel or copper.


Q. What is a cabinet or a pail towel warmer?

A. A cabinet towel warmer differs from a rail warmer. A pail or cabinet warmer is a closed vessel that connects to an outlet to warm the towels. This type of warmer comes with a significant advantage.

It can effectively and evenly warm towels more than warmers with a rail. A small-sized blanket could be tucked away in these units.

The drawback? The enclosed units can only warm your towels but cannot completely dry them.

Q. Do towel warmers pose any dangers to use?

A. Towel warmers are safety devices, but every electrical appliance must be properly installed and checked regularly. Some models have built-in timers that give you peace of assurance.

Putting a towel warmer near the bathroom door is also not advisable. The door may stop the warmer from heating and holding hot air in, which can cause extreme temperatures that can cause damage.

In any case, ensure that you connect a towel warmer to a grounded outlet or GFCI away from splashing water. Although rails heat up, they’re never sufficient to burn your skin.

So, kids are safe around towel warmers. But you must ensure you don’t stick your feet and toes on the hot rail. Don’t contact the heating elements within a cabinet that is enclosed or the pail towel warmer.

Warmer towel warmers that we recommend

The best of the top: Amba’s Radiant Hardwired Curved 

Amba RWHL CB Radiant Large Curved Hardwired Towel Warmer

Our opinion: A sturdy, well-made, high-end towel warmer with a quick heating speed that’s worth the cost. 

What we enjoy: An abundance of handsome stainless steel bars. The horizontal and vertical bars are all heated and consume only a minor power, and the slight curve of the horizontal bars provides some extra space to put soft towels. 

What we dislike. It’s not a warmer that uses hydronic. However, it’s not a straightforward rack to plug into. It’s challenging to install without the help of a professional to wire it into electrical wiring.

The most value for budget: Pursonic TW300 6-Bar Freestanding or Wall Mountable Towel Warmer

Pursonic TW300 6 Bar Freestand

 Our opinion: A well-priced, sturdy freestanding heater that requires no installation and is strong enough to heat the blanket or throw to put on your mattress.

 We like: The power button stays on whenever the unit is powered running, and it can take approximately 30 minutes to reach temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a sleek design that can fit well in smaller areas. We can also take it off to transform this into a wall unit plug-in.

 The things we don’t like: The rack is on the smaller side.

3. DAILYLIFE 2-in-1 Towel Warmer, with Built-in Timer, Heated Towel R

DAILYLIFE 2 in 1 Towel Warmer with Built in Timer Heated Towel Rack Freestanding Wall Mounted

Our view: An affordable and slightly larger freestanding unit that can hold several more things than similar towel warmers. 

What we like about it: A longer power cord seven feet long allows you to be more flexible in the place you want to put it in the bathroom. The bars feature a sparkling chrome finish. It is safe for children as it isn’t to the same degree as comparable models. 

We don’t like it: It doesn’t always heat up the same way or evenly as other heaters.