Spanish Lavender

Spanish Lavender: 5 Simple Steps To Grow It From Seeds

Easy To Grow - Spanish Lavender Lavandula stoechas, commonly known as Spanish lavender is a member of about 40 different varieties of lavender. It grows as a low shrub, similar to its relatives, but with...
Verbena Bonariensis

Verbena Bonariensis: The Purple Top Verbena

The Purple Top Verbena In late years, the Verbena Bonariensis otherwise known as purple-top verbena, one of the must-have patio plants, gets its popular name from the little cushions of purple flowers displayed at the...
Dendrobium Orchids

Growing Dendrobium Orchids

Information on Dendrobium Orchids Dendrobium plants are members of the orchid family and it's a bit of unnecessary repetition to refer to them as dendrobium orchids: but it's usually done this way. They are commonly...
Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Rose History, Top 3 Great Varieties

Trying New Rose Varieties Floribunda roses are small, compact-growing shrubs that produce multiple clusters of single to fully-double flowers during spring and autumn. It is not unusual for a floribunda rose to produce clusters of...
Red Button Ginger

Red Button Ginger A Versatile Plant: Full Plant Profile

Grow and Care Tips for Red Button Ginger Red button ginger is an eye-catching addition to the garden, with its glossy green, oval-shaped foliage, and ruby red spiky cones producing vibrant orange flowers. Hummingbirds are...
Bee Balm

Bee Balm Plant: Growing Monarda Didyma

Bee Balm Monarda didyma, commonly known as Bee Balm is a showy and fragrant group of plants indigenous to northeastern North America. Monardas have long been prized for their medicinal and culinary properties and showy flowers,...
Joseph's Coat plant

Joseph’s Coat Plant: Joseph’s coat Pleases Those Who Love Color

Joseph's Coat Joseph's coat, which includes several Alternanthera species, is one of those resurgent old garden plants. These are landscape plants with foliage. As Joseph's "coat of many colors" is referred to in the Bible, this...
Parrot Tulip

Parrot Tulip Information And Growing Tips

Parrot Tulip Bulbs Yes, parrot tulips are unusual, and they may turn traditional gardeners away. They are, nevertheless, the most prized of all for those who enjoy fresh and interesting forms. Tulips with extremely colorful blossoms...
Dragon Wing Begonia

Dragon Wing Begonia Care And Growing Tips

Dragon Wing Begonia The Dragon Wing Begonia is not your average begonia. There's more. When it comes to heat tolerance, the Dragon Wing begonia, named after the mythological beast of literature and movies, is a...
protea flower

Protea Flower Growing And Soil Information

Protease Cultivation For growing protea flower in your garden, here are some dos and don'ts: It's preferable to emulate a protea's natural growing circumstances, such as providing slightly acidic, nutrient-poor, well-drained soil, especially on a slope,...