Ruffled fan palm

Ruffled Fan Palm Growing Plus 4 Essential Tips

How to Grow Ruffled Fan Palm If you want to grow a ruffled fan palm, you've come to the right place! This article provides information about planting, caring for, and repotting the ruffled fan palm....
Fittonia albivenis

Fittonia Albivenis: How To Grow 5 Intense Nerve Plant

How To Start Fittonia Albivenis, Nerve Plant Fittonia albivenis cultivars sneak on the ground and thrive to show that beauty isn't about height or size. They have leaves that are absolutely captivating with their cheery...
Echeveria Miranda

Echeveria Miranda: 12 Little-known Echeveria Varieties

A Low-Maintenance Houseplant The Echeveria Miranda is a beautiful houseplant. Although it prefers direct sunlight, this plant is tolerant of less water and can thrive without extra fertilizer. It is drought-tolerant and prefers well-draining soil. It...
Colorful Houseplants

10 Colorful Houseplants: Adorn Your Home This Christmas

Try These Colorful Houseplants This Christmas Whether you are old school, promote minimalist styles, or choose a storm of Colorful Houseplants in your home. This Christmas, festive houseplants will include refinement and prestige to your...
Areca Palm

Areca Palm: 2 Easy Methods Of Propagating

What Is Areca Palm While regarded primarily as an aesthetic plant, the Areca palm embellishing your home is a fantastic air humidifier and toxin extractor. The Areca Palm, one of the most prominent nursery plants, adorns...
14 Easiest Houseplants

How To Start The 14 Easiest Houseplants: You Can Buy Online With Less Than...

The 14 Easiest Houseplants Here are 14 easiest houseplants that are difficult to kill and look excellent anywhere. Nothing surpasses the natural beauty and calming atmosphere of a houseplant. But the benefits of plant ownership extend...
Ponytail Palms

The Truth About Ponytail Palm In 3 Minutes

Fascinating Ponytail Palm The plant is beaucarnia guatemalensis, commonly referred to as ponytail palm. A short-leafed beaucarnia is much more compact than its counterpart b. recurvata has long trailing leaves that can grow to 5...
Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo: 3 Secrets To Lucky Bamboo Use

The Ultimate Guide To Lucky Bamboo Lucky bamboo does look remarkably like bamboo. The stalks are generally between one-half and three-quarters of an inch in diameter, with a tuft of strappy leaves emerging from their...
Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant: 8 Great Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Ultimate Care For Your Fiddle-Leaf  The fiddle-leaf fig can rise to about 50 feet, producing a 25- to 30-foot crown and various cinnamon-brown trunks with stems that support leaves about 15 inches in length and...

Popular Houseplants: Strategies For Beginners

Look At The Popular Houseplants Popular Houseplants can be just the green object that lives in the corner of your store - oppressed and leaning pitifully toward outdoor light. Houseplants can be the skinny dust-covered desperados...