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pothos yellow leaves

Pothos Yellow Leaves Causes and Solution

Pothos Yellow Leaves Pothos yellow leaves often indicate rot of root. Pythium root rot is indicative, causing mature leaves to yellow and fall; the appearance of roots is blackish and soggy. The pothos plant is deemed...
Lawn Problem Solving

Solve Any Lawn Problem: Your Complete Guide to a Healthy Yard

Addressing Common Lawn Problems One of the best ways to tackle lawn problems is to identify the specific culprit behind the unsightly patches or wilting grass. Here, we'll delve into some common lawn issues and...
Organic Lawns Success

Organic Lawns Success: How to Get Lush Green Lawn

Organic Lawns Success There is no doubt about it; cultivating an organic lawn is one of the most significant challenges faced by any gardener. After all, lawns entirely devoted to grass do not exist in nature...
Summer-Flowering Bulbs

Summer-Flowering Bulbs To Plant Now

Summer-Flowering Bulbs I make no apology for repeating my favorite description of bulbs as 'firework plants.' The fact that someone else has done all the work in terms of their flowering capability means that...
Secrets of Good Soil

Secrets of Good Soil: Understanding Soil

The Secrets of Good Soil I have believed that ‘improving’ the soil was the holy grail of gardening for most of my life. Lick it into shape, and your garden will inevitably become better too. I...
Yucca Plant Indoor Care

Yucca Plant Indoor Care: Effective Guide to Growing a Thriving Yucca

The yucca plant is a genus of many perennial plants, trees, and shrubs; however, few are found as houseplants labeled "yucca plant." Important Note for Pet Owners: Yucca plants are toxic to animals and can...

Persicaria also Known As FleeceFlowers Plants

Bring vibrant color and year-round interest to your garden with Persicaria! These versatile flowering plants boast a range of shapes and sizes, offering options for borders, containers, and even rock gardens. They might be new...
How To Repot An Orchid

Revive Your Phalaenopsis Orchid: A Step-by-Step Guide to Repotting

How To Repot An Orchid This guide will help you repot your Phalaenopsis orchid, the most common type of houseplant orchid. Repotting benefits your orchid by providing a fresh potting mix, better drainage, and more...
Tomato Growing Tips

Tomato Growing Tips and Complete Growing Guide

Tomato Growing Tips No plot is complete without this summer staple. Here we explain everything you need to know to ensure delicious, bumper harvests and how to avoid common pitfalls You’re more likely to find tomatoes in...
Plant What You Eat

Plant What You Eat Right In Your Own Yard

Plant What You Eat In planting vegetables in your yard, you have to consider how much space you have and how big or small you would prefer the area to be. Here are some tips...