Christmas Lego Toys For Holidays 2021


Christmas Lego

Christmas Lego Toys

Children hoping to purchase Christmas Lego toys for the holidays could be in for a surprise.

The Danish toy manufacturer is having trouble meeting the increasing demand for its plastic blocks as toy stores pile their inventory to make room for Christmas according to company officials yesterday.

“Many of our most popular products are sold out,” Lego System AS spokeswoman Charlotte Simonsen said. “As part of efforts to restructure the company and focus on our core business, we had to make some cuts and the company has not had time to readjust its production.”

Mrs. Simonsen declined to say how many orders were rejected, but she said the restructuring changes changed the way that Duplo bricks are made. Duplo bricks and boxes that include Lego City, Star Wars, and Lego Technik sets.

It has also been cutting its workforce in the home and abroad since the start of a restructuring process about four years back. Some of its distribution and production is now in countries that have lower salaries than Denmark and Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Mexico.

Tarnutzer  Christmas Lego Tree

On the other hand, Tarnutzer recently created a garland for his Christmas tree, using over 1.400 Lego pieces. He employed a drill press to drill holes into each piece and strung them up using fishing wire. He also designed Lego decorations to make a wreath.

“We ordered the Legos straight from the company; they came in a giant refrigerator box,” 

The tree at Tarnutzer’s features more than 270 ornaments, including 25 Lego candles as well as 32 Lego candy candies, as well as 1,600 lights. In the middle of there is a train made out of Legos, which runs past an emerald dragon, more Legos, and a vibrant Lego sign.

Christmas Lego Tree

The tree’s vibrant colors dominate the lower level “Lego Room.” The room has red furniture in yellow, blue, and blue and a bathroom themed with Legos, including Lego clocks along with the Statue of Liberty; wooden cornices that resemble Legos on the windows,

Lego planes suspended over the top of the ceiling, a kid’s table designed explicitly for creating Lego creations, and a Lego train set on an upper shelf is a short distance away from a variety of Lego railway stations and police stations shipping yards, and other buildings and bins and containers made of Duplos, Quatros, and Legos.

It’s like chaos; however, it’s not: The room is well-lit and neat, much like a Lego store, even before the hours of opening. The year 1999 was when the house was newly built. It was featured on the Parade of Homes.

“People kept on saying, ‘How many kids do they have,’ and the answer, at that time, was ‘None,'” Rene stated.

In the present, Alex often sits downplaying Legos together with Dad.

“It’s such a great outlet for him,” Rene said.

Troy is already planning the next project he’s working on: An All Lego Christmas tree.